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D-Link DCS-1000 Installation Manual page 5

D-link dcs-1000: install guide
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In the "Location" field, type a description of your choosing.
In the "Admin" field, type a username that will be used as the Administrator
account. We highly recommend that you change this setting now to enable
the highest security for the camera.
Type a unique Admin Password into the "Admin Password" and "Confirm
Password" fields.
In the Manually Assign section, input the correct settings for this camera into
the "IP Address", "Subnet Mask" and "Default Gateway" fields. If you
are not sure what these settings should be, please contact your network
adminstrator to determine the correct settings.
The Default Gateway is the IP address of your Router. This settings allows
the DCS-1000 to be seen from the public Internet.
Next, type in the "DNS IP Address" of your Domain Name System servers
into the cooresponding fields. These settings will be detirmined by your ISP.
In the LED Control Settings section, choosing one of the following:
Normal: Lights operate normally.
OFF: Lights will stay off.
Dummy: Lights will operate randomly.
Refer to the Manaul for instructions on how to use the "Loading Active X
From" setting.
The Open Second Port section is reqired to be used when installing a DCS-
1000 on a network with a public web server. Please refer to the Manual for
detailed information regarding this feature.
Press the Save button to save the settings.
The camera is now configured to work on your network. If you were
required to change the IP address of a computer on your network to make
these changes to the camera, you may now change the settings back to their
original settings.
For instructions and details related to other settings related to System
Administration settings, please refer to the Manual.