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D-Link DCS-1000 Installation Manual page 4

D-link dcs-1000: install guide
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Select Specify an IP
address and type
"192.168.0.x" (the
number "x" can be
replaced with any
number that will not
conflict with other
devices on your
network). If your
network does not already
use the 192.168.0.x IP
address scheme, then
using the number "5" as
shown below will work.
Click the "OK" button.
Windows may copy files
needed to complete your
When asked, resta rt the
PC. If you are not asked,
restart your PC manually.
Configuring the DCS-1000
Using your favorite web browser, type "" in the address
box (the default IP address is Press Enter.
The Welcome screen of the DCS-1000 will appear. Click "System
Administration" to access and change system settings.
In the "Computer Name " field, type a name of your choosing that relates to
the camera or its location.