Pioneer AVH-X5890BT Owner's Manual

Pioneer AVH-X5890BT Owner's Manual

Monitor rds av receiver
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Monitor RDS AV Receiver
Owner's Manual


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 AVH-X5890BT AVH-X4890DVD AVH-X2890BT AVH-X1890DVD Monitor RDS AV Receiver Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Displaying the “Bluetooth” screen ....11 Starting procedure .........21 Displaying the “System” setting screen ..31 Thank you for buying this Pioneer product. Registering your Bluetooth devices ....11 Selecting files from the file name list ....21 Setting the steering wheel control ....31...
  • Page 3 Contents ■ Setting parental lock ........40 Appendix ......49 Displaying your DivX VOD registration code ............40 Troubleshooting ..........49 Displaying your DivX VOD deregistration Error messages ..........50 code ............40 Handling and care of discs ......51 Automatic playback of DVDs ......40 Playable discs ..........52 Setting the video signal for the rear view Detailed information for playable media ..52 camera ............40...
  • Page 4: Precaution

  • Page 5: When Using A Display Connected To V Out

    Resetting the microprocessor “Viewing of front seat video source while driving is strictly  Pioneer cannot guarantee compatibility with all USB mass prohibited.” will appear on the screen. To watch video image storage devices and assumes no responsibility for any loss...
  • Page 6: Use And Care Of The Remote Control

    Precaution Basic operation  “Perchlorate Material – special handling may apply. See Use and care of the remote Checking part names and (Applicable control functions to California, U.S.A.)” Using the remote control X5890BT X4890DVD Installing the battery Point the remote control in the direction of the front panel to Slide the tray on the back of the remote control out and insert the operate.
  • Page 7: Remote Control

    Basic operation injury in the event of an accident. LCD screen Volume (+/–) Volume (+/–) button MODE Press to switch between the Application screen CAUTION and the AV operation screen. DISP On the AV operation screen, press to turn the ...
  • Page 8: On First-Time Startup

    Basic operation Inserting a disc 3-way system with a high range speaker, middle range speaker and subwoofer (low range speaker) for reproduction X2890BT X1890DVD of high, middle and low frequencies (bands). WARNING 1 Insert a disc into the disc-loading slot. Do not use the unit in standard mode when a speaker system Ejecting a disc for 3-way network mode is connected to this unit.
  • Page 9: How To Use The Screens

    Basic operation How to use the screens Application menu screen Time and date setting screen 2016 Setting menu screen Abcdefg Abcdefg Abcdefg Abcdefg Abcdefg System Month/Date d / m / y m / d / y y / m / d Time Format 12hour 24hour...
  • Page 10: Supported Av Source

     Refer to Displaying the AV operation screen on page 10 an auxiliary device.  iPod 2 Touch the source key. Songs  Bluetooth audio (AVH-X5890BT) (AVH-X2890BT) p When you select “Source OFF”, the AV source is turned off.  AV input (AV) abcdefghi Playlist ...
  • Page 11: Registration And

    Basic operation Registration and connection of Bluetooth device ® 2 Appears when all characters are not displayed on the display area. If you touch the key, the rest are scrolled for display. p If you try to connect an unconnected mobile phone while two 3 Appears when items cannot be displayed on a single page.
  • Page 12: Switching Visibility

    Registration and connection of Bluetooth device ® 2 Display the “Bluetooth” screen. In such cases, perform the following procedure to check the Clearing the Bluetooth memory software version on this unit.  Refer to Displaying the “Bluetooth” screen on page 11 1 Display the “Bluetooth”...
  • Page 13: Hands-Free Phoning

    Hands-free phoning p You may hear a noise when you hang up the phone. Switches to the voice recognition function (for X5890BT X2890BT iPhone). Calling a number in the phone book  Refer to Using the voice recognition function (for Synchronizes the contacts on this iPhone) on page 14 product's phone book with the...
  • Page 14: Receiving A Phone Call

    Hands-free phoning The default setting is “Off”. Adjusting the other party’s listening 2 Touch p Even if an incoming call is received on the other connected On the “Phone Book” screen, touch the desired name to display volume phone while you are talking on the phone, the incoming call the contact’s phone number.
  • Page 15: Notes For Hands-Free Phoning

    Hands-free phoning Setup for iPod / iPhone or 2 Touch [Phone Book Auto Synchronize] to  If the phone book in the phone contains image data, the smartphone phone book may not be transferred correctly. switch “On” or “Off”.  Depending on the mobile phone, phone book transfer may not be available.
  • Page 16: Ipod Compatibility

    Setup for iPod / iPhone or smartphone — AppRadioMode is exited. — The smartphone connection (USB and Bluetooth) is disconnected. iPod compatibility This product supports only the following iPod models and iPod software versions. Others may not work correctly.  iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus: iOS 7.0 or later.
  • Page 17: Information On The Connections And Functions For Each Device

    The settings and cables required for connecting each device, and the available sources are as follows. iPod / iPhone with a 30-pin connector Device connection method When connecting via Bluetooth When connecting via CD-IU201V (sold When connecting via CD-IU51 (sold (AVH-X5890BT) (AVH-X2890BT) separately) separately) Smartphone Setup Device iPhone / iPod...
  • Page 18: Radio

    Radio Starting procedure Displaying the “Radio settings” Displays the preset channel list. Select an item on the list ("1" to "6") screen 1 Display the “AV source selection” screen. to switch to the preset channel. 1 Display the “System” setting screen. Selects the FM1, FM2, FM3 or AM band.
  • Page 19: Setting The Alternative Frequency Search

    Radio Disc FM Step Receiving traffic announce- Track number indicator  100kHz(default)  ments (TA) Audio source screen 1 50kHz AM Step 6/10  9kHz (default) The traffic announcement can be received from the last selected  10kHz frequency, interrupting the other sources. The default setting is “Off”.
  • Page 20 Disc Video source screen 2 Video source screen 2 Hides the touch panel keys. To display again the keys, 6/10 6/10 touch anywhere on the screen. Performs frame-by-frame playback. Performs slow-motion playback. Stop Stop HOLD Each time you touch it changes the speed in four steps in the following order: 1/16 →1/8 →...
  • Page 21: Starting Procedure

    Disc Switches the media file type to CD (audio data (CD-DA)). Switches the subtitle/audio language. 3 Touch  Refer to Switching the subtitle/audio language on p The way to display the menu differs depending on the disc. Searching for the part you page 21 ...
  • Page 22: Compressed Files

    Compressed files Audio source screen 1 (Example: USB) Hides the touch panel keys. Plays files in random order. To display again the keys, 6/10 : Does not play files in random order. touch anywhere on the screen. : Plays all files within the repeat Abcdefghi Video source screen (Example: Disc) range in random order.
  • Page 23 Compressed files Video source screen (Example: Disc) Still image screen Hides the touch panel keys. To display again the keys, 6/10 6/10 touch anywhere on the screen. Rotates the displayed picture 90° clockwise. Stop Selects the previous Abcdefghi Abcdefghi Abcdefghi Abcdefghi or next folder.
  • Page 24: Starting Procedure (For Disc)

    Compressed files You can play compressed audio, compressed video or still image 5 Touch the desired song title or file name to Operations common to all file files stored in a disc or a USB storage device. play back.  Refer to Media compatibility chart on page 53 types p By pressing , you can also skip files forwards or...
  • Page 25: Ipod

    Compressed files iPod p This setting is available during playback of the JPEG files. Audio source screen 1 Changes the audiobook speed. 1 Display the “Video Setup” screen. iPod 6/10 : Normal playback : Fast playback Abcdefghi : Slow-motion playback Abcdefghi 2 Touch [Time Per Photo Slide].
  • Page 26: Connecting Your Ipod

    1 Touch song information to open the list of devices are connected to this product via Bluetooth. songs. 1 Touch (AVH-X5890BT) (AVH-X2890BT) 2 Touch the song to play back.  Refer to Switching the connected Bluetooth device 2 Touch to switch the music or video on page 12 category list.
  • Page 27: Appradiomode

     Refer to Using app-based connected content on page 56 screen (Application menu screen) appears.  Pioneer is not liable for any issues that may arise from Common operation of all device incorrect or flawed app-based content. p If you connect your device while an AppRadioMode- ...
  • Page 28: Bluetooth Audio Player

    AppRadioMode Bluetooth audio player 1 Start up the AppRadioMode. Selects a file from the list. X5890BT X2890BT  Refer to Selecting files from the file name list on 2 Press the Volume (+/–) button. page 29 Playback screen 1 The audio mix menu will be displayed on the screen. Switches among the Bluetooth devices when the Bluetooth 6/10...
  • Page 29: Selecting Files From The File Name List

    Bluetooth audio AUX source player Setting the video signal 6/10 When you connect this product to an AUX equipment, select the suitable video signal setting. The default setting is “Auto”. p You can operate this function only for the video signal input into the AUX input.
  • Page 30: Av Input

    AV input MIXTRAX You can display the video image output by the device connected 4 Touch the item. Activates the MIXTRAX mode. to this product. The following items are available:  Refer to External video component and the display on page Auto, PAL, NTSC, PAL-M, PAL-N, SECAM.
  • Page 31: Displaying The "Mixtrax Settings" Screen

     Sound1 (default) to Sound6: The flash pattern changes according to the sound level. or an authorised Pioneer Service Station. You can set the effect display for MIXTRAX. Select a desired mode. p When you start to set, all the default key settings is automati- The default setting is “On”.
  • Page 32: Setting Bluetooth Audio Source Activation

    The default setting is “Off”. CAUTION 1 Display the “System” setting screen. Pioneer recommends the use of a camera which outputs 2 Touch [Demo Mode] to switch “On” or “Off”.  Refer to Displaying the “System” setting screen on page mirror reversed images, otherwise the screen image may appear reversed.
  • Page 33: Adjusting The Response Positions Of The Touch Panel (Touch Panel Calibration)

    System settings 3 Touch the language. p You can use this function when “Dimmer Trigger” is set to Setting the dimmer “Time”. After the language is selected, the previous screen returns. p This setting is available only when you stop your vehicle in a safe place and apply the handbrake.
  • Page 34: Displaying The Firmware Version

    System settings Audio adjustments   Refer to Displaying the “System” setting screen on page Contrast: Adjusts the contrast. (–24 to +24)  Colour: 2 Touch [System Information]. Displaying the “Audio” setting Adjusts the colour saturation. (–24 to +24)  Hue: 3 Touch [Licence].
  • Page 35: Adjusting Source Levels

    Audio adjustments p This function is not available while you make or receive a call p This function is not available when adjusting the High Adjusting source levels using the hands-free function. speaker. 1 Display the “Audio” setting screen. SLA (source level adjustment) lets you adjust the volume level of Switching the rear speaker each source to prevent radical changes in volume when switch- ...
  • Page 36: Adjusting The Speaker Output Levels Finely

    Audio adjustments The following items are available: Adjusting the speaker output Using the equaliser Off, Front-L, Front-R, Front, All. levels finely p The default setting is “Off”. p “All” is not available when “Network Mode” is selected as Recalling equaliser curves the speaker mode.
  • Page 37: Adjusting The Equaliser Curve Automatically (Auto Eq)

    Audio adjustments p If you trail a finger across the bars of multiple equaliser 1 Stop the vehicle in a quiet place, close all the Before operating the Auto EQ bands, the equaliser curve settings will be set to the value of doors, windows and sun roof, and then turn the function the touched point on each bar.
  • Page 38: Saving The Sound Settings

    Audio Theme menu adjustments 3 Touch the colour you want. Selecting the background  Coloured keys: Selects the desired preset colour. display  (custom): Displays the screen to customise the illumina- 13 Store the microphone carefully in the glove box tion colour.
  • Page 39: Selecting The Theme Colour

    Theme menu Setting up the video player Selecting the theme colour Setting the top-priority languages A theme colour can be selected from 5 different colours. 1 Display the “Theme” screen. You can assign the top-priority language to the top-priority subti- tle, audio and menu in initial playback.
  • Page 40: Setting Parental Lock

    Setting up the video player p The TV aspect ratio cannot be changed for some discs. For p This setting is available when the selected source is “Disc”, Sets the parental lock level. details, refer to the disc’s instructions. “CD”, “Video CD” or “DVD”. 1 Display the “Video Setup”...
  • Page 41: Favourite Menu

    Setting up the Favourite menu Common video player operations Registering your favourite menu items in shortcuts allows you to quickly jump to the registered menu screen by a simple touch on the “Favourites” screen. 1 Display the “Video Setup” screen. p Up to 12 menu items can be registered in the favourite menu.
  • Page 42: Setting The "Sound Retriever" Function

    Common operations Other functions p You can change the order of date display format: Day-month- p You cannot operate this function while driving. Restoring this product to the year, Month-day-year, Year-month-date. p Different settings can be stored for each video source. default settings p When a video is viewed in a wide screen mode that does not match its original aspect ratio, it may appear different.
  • Page 43: Connection

    (fuse holder, fuse resistor or filter, etc.) may  This product cannot be installed in a vehicle without ACC Pioneer does not recommend that you install this fail to work properly. (accessory) position on the ignition switch. product yourself. This product is designed for ...
  • Page 44: Notice For The Blue/White Lead

    2 Power cord 3 Yellow To terminal supplied with power regardless of ignition switch 1 Microphone 4 m position. (AVH-X5890BT) (AVH-X2890BT) 4 Red 2 This product To electric terminal controlled by ignition switch (12 V DC) 3 Wired remote input ON/OFF.
  • Page 45: Power Amp (Sold Separately)

    Connection 6 To Front output (STD) Power amp (sold separately) To high range output (NW) 7 Front speaker (STD) High range speaker (NW) Without internal amp 8 To subwoofer output (STD) To low range output (NW) 9 Subwoofer (STD) Important Low range speaker (NW) The speaker leads are not used when this connection is in Please select the appropriate speaker mode between stand-...
  • Page 46: Iphone With 30-Pin Connector

    Connection iPhone with 30-pin connector Android device Connecting via the AUX input Connecting via the USB port 1 Rear view camera (ND-BC8) (sold separately) 1 USB port 1 USB port 2 To video output 2 USB cable (supplied with CD-MU200 (sold separately)) 2 AUX input 3 RCA cable (supplied with ND-BC8) 3 USB - micro USB cable (Type USB A - micro USB B) (sup-...
  • Page 47: External Video Component And The Display

    Connection Installation External video component and Precautions before installation The appropriate setting is required to use the external video component. the display  Refer to AV input on page 30 CAUTION WARNING Never install this product in places where, or in a manner NEVER install the rear display in a location that enables that: the driver to watch the video source while driving.
  • Page 48: Installation Using The Screw Holes On The Side Of This Product

    Installation  Install this product horizontally on a surface within 0 to 1 Microphone lead 30 degrees tolerance (within 5 degrees to the left or right). 2 Groove Improper installation of the unit with the surface tilted more 2 Attach the microphone clip to the sun visor. than these tolerances increases the potential for errors in the vehicle’s location display, and might otherwise cause reduced display performance.
  • Page 49: Adjusting The Microphone Angle

    — There is no sound during still, slow motion, or frame-by- be found here, contact your dealer or the nearest authorised frame playback with DVD-Video. Pioneer service facility.  The system is paused or performing, fast reverse or forwards during the disc playback.
  • Page 50: Appendix

    This DivX rental has expired. your dealer or an authorised Pioneer Service Station for second phone and then dial.  The inserted disc contains expired DivX VOD content.
  • Page 51: Handling And Care Of Discs

    — Disconnect the USB storage device and do not use it. Turn Pioneer Service Station. the ignition switch to OFF, then to ACC or ON and then connect a compliant USB storage device.
  • Page 52: Playable Discs

    Appendix  DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD-R SL (Single Frequent loading and ejecting of a DualDisc may result in Playable discs scratches to the disc. Layer)/DVD-R DL (Dual Layer) discs  Serious scratches can lead to playback problems on this  product. In some cases, a DualDisc may become stuck Unfinalised discs which have been recorded with the Video DVD-Video in the disc-loading slot and will not eject.
  • Page 53 Appendix exactly the same. However, if there is only one DivX file and MP3 compatibility USB storage device compatibility one subtitle file in a single folder, the files are associated  For details about USB storage device compatibility with this Ver.
  • Page 54: Copyright And Trademark Notice

    Appendix Sampling frequency: 16 kHz to 48 kHz Maximum file size: 4 GB Maximum playback time: 150 minutes Quantization bits: 8 bits and 16 bits Files may not be able to be played back depending on the bit DVD-R/-R SL/-R DL/ DVD-RW rate.
  • Page 55: Bluetooth

    Bluetooth WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A  Pioneer accepts no responsibility for data lost from an PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE DISCLAIMED. IN NO EVENT iPod, even if that data is lost while using this product. SHALL THE FOUNDATION OR CONTRIBUTORS BE LIABLE FOR Please back up your iPod data regularly.
  • Page 56: Using App-Based Connected Content

    Please note that the use of this accessory with iPod or iPhone systems, such as pay-audio or audio-on-demand applications.  Optional Pioneer adapter cable connecting your iPhone to may affect wireless performance. An independent license for such use is required. For details, this product.
  • Page 57 Slope .....–6 dB /oct, –12 dB /oct, –18 dB /oct, –24 dB /oct, OFF DivX decoding format Home Theater Ver. 3, 4, 5.2, 6 (Except ultra Gain ..........+10 dB to –24 dB (1 dB /step) nearest authorised Pioneer Service Station. and HD) : .avi, .divx Phase ..............Normal/Reverse MPEG video decoding format MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 (part2), Time alignment ........0 to 140 step (2.5 cm/step)
  • Page 58 Decode Size ..MAX: 8 192 (H) x 7 680 (W), MIN: 32 (H) x 32 (W) H.264 video decoding format ....... Base Line Profile MPEG4 video decoding format ......... Simple Profile Bluetooth (AVH-X5890BT/AVH-X2890BT) Version ............Bluetooth 3.0 certified Output power.............. +4 dB m Max. (Power class 2) Frequency band ........2 400 MHz to 2 483.5 MHz...
  • Page 64 TEL: 65-6472-7555 PIONEER ELECTRONICS AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD. 5 Arco Lane, Heatherton, Victoria, 3202, Australia TEL: (03) 9586-6300 PIONEER ELECTRONICS DE MEXICO S.A. DE C.V. Blvd. Manuel Avila Camacho 138, 10 piso Col.Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico, D.F. 11000 Tel: 52-55-9178-4270, Fax: 52-55-5202-3714 先鋒股份有限公司...

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