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Monitor with dvd receiver
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❏ Caution on cleaning the unit
Do not use any solvent (for example, thinner,
benzine, etc.), detergent, or insecticide. This may
damage the monitor or the unit.
Recommended cleaning method:
Gently wipe the panel with a soft, dry cloth.
❏ Moisture condensation
Moisture may condense on the lens inside the unit in
the following cases:
• After starting the heater in the car.
• If it becomes very humid inside the car.
Should this occur, the unit may malfunction. In this
case, eject the disc and leave the unit turned on for a
few hours until the moisture evaporates.
❏ How to handle discs
• When removing a disc from its case, press down
the center holder of the case and lift the disc out,
holding it by the edges.
– Always hold the disc by the edges. Do not touch
its recording surface.
• When storing a disc in its case, gently insert the
disc around the center holder (with the printed
surface facing up).
– Make sure to store discs in their cases after use.
❏ To keep discs clean
Dirty discs may not play correctly.
If a disc does become dirty, wipe it with a soft cloth
in a straight line from the center to the edge.
• Do not use any solvents (for example,
conventional record cleaner, spray, thinner,
benzine, etc.) to clean discs.
❏ To play new discs
New discs may have some rough spots around the
inner and outer edges. If such a disc is used, this unit
may reject the disc.
• To remove these rough spots, rub the edges with
a pencil or ball-point pen, etc.

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❏ File playback
Playing DivX les (for discs only)
• This unit can play back DivX les with the
extension code <.divx>, <.div>, or <.avi>
(regardless of the letter case—upper/lower).
• Audio streams should conform to MP3 or Dolby
• Files encoded in the interlaced scanning mode
may not be played back correctly.
• The maximum bit rate for video signals (average)
is 8 Mbps.
Playing MPEG1/MPEG2 les
• This unit can play back MPEG1/MPEG2 les with
the extension code <.mpg> or <.mpeg>.
• The stream format should conform to MPEG
system/program stream.
The le format should be MP@ML (Main Pro le at
Main Level)/SP@ML (Simple Pro le at Main Level)/
MP@LL (Main Pro le at Low Level).
• Audio streams should conform to MPEG1 Audio
Layer-2 or Dolby Digital.
Playing JPEG/BMP/PNG les (for USB only)
• This unit can play back picture les with the
extension code <.jpg>, <.jpeg>, <.bmp> or
• This unit can play back les that are at 32 x 32 to
(PNG: 800 x 480)
It may take time to display the le depending on
its resolution.
• This unit can play back baseline JPEG les.
Progressive JPEG les or lossless JPEG les cannot
be played.

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