Tuner - Kenwood DDX635WBT Instruction Manual

Monitor with dvd receiver
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Listening to the radio
❏ Indications and buttons on the source
control screen
1 2
7 8 9
Tuner reception information
1 Band
2 Preset no.
3 The station frequency currently tuned in
4 ST/MONO indicator
• The ST indicator lights up when receiving an
FM stereo broadcast with sufficient signal
5 AF indicator
6 Seek mode
7 LO.S indicator (Page 23)
8 RDS indicator
9 EON indicator: Lights up when a Radio Data
System station is sending EON signals.
p Text information
• Pressing [<] scrolls the text if not all of the text
is shown.
• Pressing [Radio Text] switches the information
between Radio Text, Radio Text Plus, and PTY
q Standby reception indicators
Operation buttons
[P1] – [P6]
• Selects a stored station. (Press)
• Stores the current station. (Hold)
Changes the settings for tuner
reception on the <Tuner Mode>
screen. (Page 23)
Activates/deactivates TI standby
reception mode. (Page 24)
Presets stations automatically.
(Page 23)
Activates/deactivates monaural
mode for better FM reception.
(Stereo effect will be lost.)
• The MONO indicator lights up
while monaural mode is activated.
Changes the display information.
(See the right column.)
Displays the easy control screen.
(Page 8)
Enters PTY search mode. (Page 24)
Selects the AM band.
Selects the FM band.
Changes the seek mode.
• AUTO1: Auto Search
• AUTO2: Tunes in the stations in
the memory one after another.
• MANU: Manual Search
Searches for a station.
[S] [T]
• The search method differs
according to the selected seek
mode. (See above.)
Displays the <TOP MENU> screen.
* Appears only when FM is selected as the source.
❏ Changing the display information
The preset list and the station name for FM Radio
Data System (when PS signal is coming in) are
• Pressing [
] again displays the text information
for the station currently being received.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents