Adjustment For Video Playback - Kenwood DDX635WBT Instruction Manual

Monitor with dvd receiver
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Adjusting the Digital Time Alignment (DTA)
Make fine adjustment of the delay time of the
speaker output to have a more suitable environment
for your vehicle.
Display the <Position> screen. (Page 39)
Display the <Position DTA> screen.
Select the speaker you want to adjust (1),
and then adjust each item (2).
<Distance> Adjusts the Digital Time
Alignment (DTA) value.
Adjusts the output volume of
the selected speaker.
• To determine the adjustment value, see the
right column.
• To initialize the setting value, press
Determining the value for <Position DTA>
If you specify the distance from the center of the
currently set listening position to every speaker,
the delay time will be automatically computed
and set.
1 Determine the center of the currently set 
listening position as the reference point.
2 Measure the distances from the reference point
to the speakers.
3 Calculate the differences between the distance
of the furthest speaker and other speakers.
4 Set the DTA value calculated in step 3 for
individual speakers.
5 Adjust gain for individual speakers. A sound
image will be shifted to the speaker with
increased gain.
Example: When [Front All] is selected as the
listening position
60 c m
80 c m
150 c m
+ 0 c m

Adjustment for video playback

❏ Adjusting the picture
You can adjust the picture quality.
Display the adjustment menu.
Select [DIM ON] (dimmer on) or [DIM OFF]
(dimmer off).
+ 90 c m
+ 70 c m

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