Adjusting The Feet; First Use; Disposing Of Packaging Material; Transportation Of The Machine - Beko DCU 6130W Installation & Operating Instructions And Drying Guidance

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water collected in the water tank.
Connecting the water drain hose;
1. Remove the hose on the machine by
pulling it out from its end. Do not use any
tools to take out the hose.
2. Connect the special drain hose supplied
with the machine to the pipe fitting.
3. The other end of the drain hose can be
directly connected to the wastewater
drain or to the washbasin. The fitting
must always be secured in all types of
connections. Your house may be flooded
if the hose gets out of its housing during
water discharge.
The hose should be attached to a height of
maximum 80 cm.
You must be careful not the pinch or bend
the hose.
The end of the hose should not be bent,
it should not be stepped on and it must
not be folded between the drain and the

Adjusting the feet

In order to ensure that your machine operates
more silently and vibration-free, it must stand
level and balanced on its feet. Balance the
machine by adjusting the feet.
Rotate the feet to adjust until the machine
stands level and firmly.
Never unscrew the adjustable feet from
their housings.

First use

To have the product ready for operation
before calling the authorised service agent,
make sure that its location and power
supply installations are appropriate. If they
are not, call a qualified electrician to have
any necessary arrangements carried out.
Make sure that the power connections of
the product are in accordance with the
instructions given in relevant chapters of
this manual.

Disposing of packaging material

Packaging materials are dangerous to children.
Keep packaging materials in a safe place out
of reach of children. Packaging materials of
your product are manufactured from recyclable
materials. Sort and dispose of them in
accordance with recycled waste instructions.
Do not dispose of them with normal domestic

Transportation of the machine

1. Unplug the machine from the mains.
2. Remove the water drain and vent
connections (if any).
3. Drain water remaining in the machine
completely before transportation.

Disposing of the old machine

Dispose of your old machine in an
environmentally friendly manner.
Refer to your local dealer or solid waste
collection centre in your area to learn how to
dispose of your machine.
Before disposing of your old machine, cut off
the power cable plug and make the loading
door lock unusable to avoid dangerous
conditions to children.
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Table of Contents

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