Intended Use; Children's Safety - Beko DCU 6130W Installation & Operating Instructions And Drying Guidance

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procedures on the product even if you
know or have the ability to perform unless
it is clearly suggested in the operating
instructions or the published service
• Inside and exhaust duct of the product
must be cleaned by the qualified service
personnel periodically.
• Wrong connection of grounding conductor
of the product can cause electric shock. If
you have any suspect about the grounding
connection, have it checked by a qualified
electrician, service representative or service
• Do not reach into the machine when the
drum is spinning.
• Unplug the machine when it is not in use.
• Never wash down the appliance with water!
There is the risk of electric shock! Always
disconnect by unplugging from the mains
before cleaning.
• Never touch the plug with wet hands.
Never unplug by pulling on the cable,
always pull out by grabbing the plug only.
Do not operate the machine if the power
cable or plug is damaged!
• Never attempt to repair the machine
yourself, otherwise, you will be putting your
life and others' lives in danger.
• For malfunctions that cannot be solved by
following the information given in the safety
Turn off the machine and contact an
authorised service agent.
• Do not stop the dryer before the drying
cycle comes to an end unless you will
remove all laundry from the dryer quickly in
order to hang them and dissipate the heat.
• Remove the door of the drying
compartment before decommissioning or
disposing of the product.
• The final step of the drying cycle (cool-
down cycle) occurs without applying
heat to ensure that the items are left at a
temperature that will not damage them.
• Fabric softeners or similar products should
be used as specified by the fabric softener
• Underwear that contains metal
reinforcements should not be placed in
a dryer. Damage to the dryer can result if
metal reinforcements come loose during
• Check all garments for forgotten lighters,
coins, metal pieces, needles, etc. before
At times when your dryer is not in use or
after the laundry is taken out following the
completion of drying process, turn off by
using the On/Off button. In cases when
the On/Off button is on (while the dryer
is energized), keep the door of the dryer

Intended use

• This product has been designed for
domestic use. It should not be used for
other purposes.
• Use the product only for drying laundry that
are marked accordingly.
• Dry only those articles in your product that
are stated in this manual.
• This product is not intended to be used by
persons with physical, sensory or mental
disorders or unlearned or inexperienced
people (including children) unless they
are attended by a person who will be
responsible for their safety or who will
instruct them accordingly for use of the

Children's safety

• Electrical appliances are dangerous for
the children. Keep children away from the
machine when it is operating. Do not let
them tamper with the machine.
• Packaging materials are dangerous to
children. Keep the packaging materials out
of reach of children or dispose them by
classifying according to waste directives.
• Do not allow children sit/climb on or enter
in the product.
• Children should be supervised to ensure
that they do not play with the product.
• Close the loading door when you leave the
area where the product is located.
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents