Auxiliary Function; Warning Indicators; Time Delay; Starting The Programme - Beko DCU 6130W Installation & Operating Instructions And Drying Guidance

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Auxiliary function

Cancel audio warning
Your dryer will give an audio warning when the
programme comes to an end. If you do not
want to hear the audio warning, press "Cancel
Audio Warning" button. The relevant light
will turn on when this button is pressed and
an audio warning will not be given when the
programme comes to an end.
You can select this function either before or
after the programme starts.

Warning indicators

Warning indicators may differ according to
the model of your dryer.
Filter cleaning
A warning light will turn on to remind filter
cleaning after the programme finishes.
If the filter cleaning warning light lights up
continuously, please refer to, "Suggested
solutions for problems".
Water tank
Warning light starts flashing when the tank is
filled with water. The dryer stops operating if
the warning light turns on when a programme
is running. Drain the water in the water tank to
restart the dryer. Press "Start/Pause/Cancel"
button to start the programme after you have
emptied the water tank. The warning light turns
off and the programme resumes operating.

Starting the programme

1. Press "Start/Pause/Cancel" button to start
the programme.
2. Light of the "Start/Pause/Cancel" button
will turn on to indicate that the programme
has started.

Progress of programme

Progress of a running programme is shown
through the programme follow-up indicator.
At the beginning of every programme step, the
relevant indicator LED will light up and light of
the completed step will turn off.
- Drying level will be illuminated during the whole
drying process until the drying degree reaches
"iron dry".
"Iron Dry":
- Starts to illuminate when the drying degree
reaches "iron dry" step and remains illuminated
until the next step.
"Cupboard dry":
Starts to illuminate when the drying degree
reaches "Ready to wear" step and remains
illuminated until the next step.
"Final / Anti-creasing":
- Illuminates when the programme comes to an
end and anti-creasing function is activated.
If more than one LED light up or
flash concurrently, it means there is
malfunctioning or a failure (please see,
Solution suggestions for problems).
Changing the programme after it
has started
You can use this feature to dry your clothes
under higher or lower temperatures after your
dryer has started.
For example;
1. Press and hold the "Start/Pause/Cancel"
button for about 3 seconds to "Cancel"
the programme in order to select "Extra
Dry" programme instead of "Iron Dry"
2. Select the "Extra Dry" programme by
rotating the programme selection button.
3. Press "Start/Pause/Cancel" button to start
the programme.
Press "Start/Pause/Cancel" button for
3 seconds to cancel the programme or
turn the programme selection knob in any
direction to end the programme while the
machine is running. Water tank and filter
cleaning warning lights turn on to warn the
user when the programme is cancelled by
pressing the "Start/Pause/Cancel" button
for 3 seconds. However, the warning
lights do not turn on when the programme
is cancelled by turning the programme
selection knob. Only the drying light turns
on and the machine remains in hold until
a new programme is selected and the
"Start/Pause/Cancel" button is pressed.
Child-proof lock of the machine should
not be active in order to perform these
two operations. If the child-proof lock is
active, deactivate it before performing these
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Table of Contents

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