Installation; Appropriate Installation Location; Removing The Transportation Safety Assembly; Under Counter Installation - Beko DCU 6130W Installation & Operating Instructions And Drying Guidance

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Prior to installation, visually check if the
product has any defects on it. If so, do not have
it installed. Damaged products will cause risks
for your safety.

Appropriate installation location

Install the product in an environment which
has no risk of freezing and is in a stable
and level position.
Operate your product in a well ventilated,
dust-free environment.
Do not block the air ducts in front of and
under the product with materials such as
long pile rugs and wooden plinths.
Do not place your product on a long pile
rug or on similar surfaces.
Do not install the product behind a door
with a lock, sliding door or a hinged door
which can strike the product.
Once the product is installed, it should stay
at the same place where its connections
have been made. When installing the
product, make sure that the rear wall of it
does not touch anywhere (tap, socket, etc.)
and also pay attention to install the product
at a place where it will stay permanently.
Do not place the product on top of the
power cable.
Keep at least 1.5 cm distance to walls of
other furniture.
Removing the transportation
safety assembly
Remove the transportation safety assembly
before using the product for the first time.
1. Open the loading door.
2. There is a nylon bag inside the drum that
contains a piece of styrofoam. Hold it from
its section marked with XX.
3. Pull the nylon towards yourself and remove
the transportation safety assembly.
Make sure that you have removed
the transportation safety assembly
(nylon+styrofoam pieces) before using the
product for the first time. Do not leave any
items inside the drum.

Under counter installation

The product should never be operated
without the top trim.
Leave at least 3 cm of space between
the side and rear walls of the product and
the walls of the counter/cupboard when
installing your product under a counter or
in a cupboard.
Mounting over a washing
A fitting device should be used between
the two machines when installing above
a washing machine. The bracket must be
installed by the Authorised Service Agent.
Place the product on a firm floor. If it will be
placed on top of a washing machine, the
approximate weight of both machines may
reach 180 kg when they are full. Therefore,
the floor must be capable of carrying the
load on it!

Connection to water drain;

In products equipped with a condenser unit the
water accumulated during the drying cycle is
collected in the water tank. You should drain the
accumulated water after each drying cycle.
You can directly send the accumulated water
out through the water drain hose supplied with
the machine instead of periodically draining the
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Table of Contents

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