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  • Page 1 Condenser Sensor Dryer DCU 6130W DCU 6130S DCU 6130B...
  • Page 2 Read this manual prior to initial operation of the product! Dear Customer, We hope that your product, which has been manufactured in modern facilities and passed through a strict quality control procedure, will give you very good results. We advise you to read through this manual carefully before using your product and keep it for future reference.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Your Dryer Auxiliary function ........17 Warning indicators ......17 Overview ..........4 Time delay .........17 Technical Specifications .......5 Starting the programme .....17 Progress of programme .....17 2 Important safety information 6 Changing the programme after it has General safety ........6 started ..........17 Intended use ........7 Child-proof lock .........18...
  • Page 4: Your Dryer

    Overview 1- Control panel 5- Rating plate 2- Kick plate opening tab 6- Fluff filter 3-Adjustable feet 7- Power cord 4-Kick plate 4 EN...
  • Page 5: Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications Height (adjustable) 84.6 cm Width 59.5 cm Depth 53 cm Capacity (max.) 6 kg Weight (net) 36 kg Voltage Rated power input See type label Model code Type label is located behind the loading door. Specifications of this appliance may change without notice to improve the quality of the product. Figures in this manual are schematic and may not match your product exactly.
  • Page 6: General Safety

    Important safety instructions This section includes safety information that will • Do not make any changes on the plug help protection from risks of personal injuries supplied with the product. If it is not or damages. Failure to follow these instructions compatible with the socket, have a shall cause any warranty to become void.
  • Page 7: Intended Use

    procedures on the product even if you a dryer. Damage to the dryer can result if know or have the ability to perform unless metal reinforcements come loose during it is clearly suggested in the operating drying. instructions or the published service •...
  • Page 8: Installation

    Installation Prior to installation, visually check if the product has any defects on it. If so, do not have it installed. Damaged products will cause risks for your safety. Appropriate installation location • Install the product in an environment which has no risk of freezing and is in a stable and level position.
  • Page 9: Adjusting The Feet

    water collected in the water tank. Connecting the water drain hose; Never unscrew the adjustable feet from their housings. First use • To have the product ready for operation before calling the authorised service agent, make sure that its location and power supply installations are appropriate.
  • Page 10: Electrical Connection

    Electrical Connection Undercounter installation without the Make sure that you have an earthed power top cover must only be carried out by an outlet socket rated at 13 amps (minimum). Attention! authorised agent.Risk of electric shock. Important If you use your dryer as built-in, the socket Fitting a different plug must be reachable after installation, or a As the colours of the wires in the mains lead...
  • Page 11: Initial Preparations For Drying

    Initial preparations for drying Things to be done for energy A B C saving: • Make sure that you operate the product at its full capacity but pay attention to not exceeding it. • Spin your laundry at the highest speed possible when washing them.
  • Page 12: Preparing Laundry For Drying

    • Do not dry items cleaned with industrial Consider the information in the chemicals in the dryer. “Programme Selection Table”. Always start • Do not dry your unwashed laundry in the the programme in accordance with the dryer. maximum load capacity. •...
  • Page 13: Selecting A Programme And Operating Your Machine Control Panel

    Selecting a Programme and Operating Your Machine Control panel 1. Filter cleaning warning light 5. Programme selection knob Warning light turns on when the filter is full. Used to select a programme. 2. Programme follow-up indicator 6. Start/Pause/Cancel button Used to follow-up the progress of the Used to start, pause or cancel the current programme.
  • Page 14: Preparing The Machine

    Preparing the machine compared to the cottons programme. It is recommended for your synthetic laundry (such 1. Plug in your machine. as shirts, blouses, synthetic/cotton blended 2. Place the laundry in the machine. laundry, etc.). 3. Press the “On/Off” button. Do not dry curtains and lace in your Pressing the “On/Off”...
  • Page 15 • Freshen Up Only ventilation is performed for 10 minutes without blowing hot air. You can air your clothes that have been kept at closed environments for a long time thanks to this programme to deodorize unpleasant odours. •Timer programmes You can select one of the 10 min., 20 min., 40 min.
  • Page 16: Programme Selection

    Programme selection and consumption table Product Fiche Electric drier label Directive 95/13/EC Type of appliance Condensing Energy efficiency class Scale from A (Highest Efficiency) to G (Lowest Efficiency) Approximate Spin speed in amount of Drying time Programmes Capacity (kg) washing machine remaining (minutes) (rpm)
  • Page 17: Auxiliary Function

    Auxiliary function “Cupboard dry”: Cancel audio warning Starts to illuminate when the drying degree Your dryer will give an audio warning when the reaches “Ready to wear” step and remains programme comes to an end. If you do not illuminated until the next step. “Final / Anti-creasing”: want to hear the audio warning, press “Cancel Audio Warning”...
  • Page 18: Child-Proof Lock

    Adding/removing laundry in standby mode In order to add or remove laundry after the programme starts: 1. Press the “Start/Pause/Cancel” button to switch the dryer to “Pause” mode. Drying process will stop. 2. Open the door at “Pause” position and close it again after adding or taking out laundry.
  • Page 19: End Of Programme

    End of programme The “End/Anti-creasing”, “Filter cleaning” and “Water tank” warning lights on the programme follow up indicator will turn on when the programme comes to an end. The door can be opened and the machine becomes ready for a second cycle.
  • Page 20: Maintenance And Cleaning

    Maintenance and cleaning Filter Cartridge / Door Inner Surface Lint and fibres released from the laundry to the air during the drying cycle are collected in the “Filter Cartridge”. Such fibre and lint are generally formed Sensor during wearing and washing. Always clean the filter and the inner surfaces of the cover after each drying process.
  • Page 21: For The Condenser

    For the condenser Condensed water is not drinkable! Hot and humid air in the condenser is cooled Never take out the water tank when the with the cold air from the room. Thus, the humid programme is running! air circulating in your dryer is condensed and If you forget to drain the water tank, your then pumped into the tank.
  • Page 22 4. Clean the condenser by applying pressurized water with a shower head and wait until the water drains. 5. Place the condenser in its housing. Fasten the 2 locks and make sure that they are seated securely. 6. Close the kick plate cover. 22 EN...
  • Page 23: Suggested Solutions For Problems

    Suggested solutions for problems Drying process takes too much time • Meshes of the filter may be clogged. Wash with water Laundry comes out wet at the end of drying. • Meshes of the filter may be clogged. Wash with water. •...
  • Page 24: Guarantee

    Guarantee Your new product is guaranteed against the Important notes cost of breakdown repairs for twelve months • Your product is designed and built for from the date of the original purchase. domestic household use only. What is covered? • The guarantee will be void if the product •...
  • Page 25: Service

    Service Please keep your purchase receipt or other Service once the manufacturers guarantee has expired. proof of purchase in a safe place; you will need to have it should the product require If you have purchased an extended guarantee attention under guarantee. please refer to the instructions contained You should also complete the details below;...

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