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Precautions Before Use; Getting Started - Haier KJF400KBAA Abridged User Manual


Precautions before use

1. If the air purifier does not start when you press the On button,
please check if the filter and the front panel have been installed
properly. If the filter and the front panel are not properly installed,
the air purifier with the safety design will not work normally. .
2. Do not use this product in a humid environment, such as a toilet,
because use of the product in a humid environment may accelerate
filter loss and cause damage to components.
3. If the product is used in an environment with smoke or oil fumes,
the filter of the product will be covered by the tar of the cigarette or
oil fumes. Clean the filter often with a vacuum cleaner so as not to
affect the filtering effect.
4. When using the remote controller for the first time, install two
AAA batteries before use.

Getting Started

1. Remove the front panel: a. Use both hands to gently press the
upper snap-fastened position; b. Pull the front panel outwards; c.
Lift the front panel upwards.
2. Replacement and maintenance of filter: a. Drag the slide
switch to the left to release the filter lock; b. Remove the filter
(Note: For the first time use, remove the filter packaging plastic
bag); c. d. Drag the slide switch to the right to lock the filter;
3. Installation of front panel: a. Insert the front panel into the
bottom slot; b. Gently push it inwards; c. Align with the snap hole
and gently press it into the bayonet lock.