Panasonic Sound Slayer SC-HTB01 Owner's Manual

Panasonic Sound Slayer SC-HTB01 Owner's Manual

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Owner's Manual
Speaker System
Model No. SC-HTB01
Thank you for purchasing this product.
Please read these instructions carefully before using this product, and save this manual for future use.
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Summary of Contents for Panasonic Sound Slayer SC-HTB01

  • Page 1 Thank you for purchasing this product. Please read these instructions carefully before using this product, and save this manual for future use. If you have any questions, visit : U.S.A.: Canada: Register online at (U.S. customers only) TQBS0411...
  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    Safety precautions WARNING CAUTION Unit Unit • To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or product damage, • Do not place sources of naked flames, such as lighted – Do not expose this unit to rain, moisture, dripping or splashing. candles, on this unit.
  • Page 3: Accessories

    Unit care Trade Name: Panasonic Model No.: SC-HTB01 Responsible Party: Panasonic Corporation of North America ∫ Clean this system with a soft, dry cloth Two Riverfront Plaza, Newark, NJ 07102-5490 • When dirt is heavy, wring a cloth moistened in water tightly Support Contact:
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Safety precautions ............................2 Accessories ..............................3 Unit care..............................3 Before use Control reference guide..........................5 • This system (Front / Sides)........................5 • This system (Rear) ..........................5 • Remote control ............................. 6 Preparation Connections ..............................7 •...
  • Page 5: Before Use

    Use the firmware update terminal to update the version of this system through a USB memory device. (Not used for normal operations.) For more details about version updates, refer to the support site below. (This site is in English only.)
  • Page 6: Remote Control

    Before use Remote control ∫ Before using for the first time Remove the insulation sheet A. ∫ To replace a button-type battery Battery type: CR2025 (Lithium battery)  Turn this system on or off (  Select the input source ( “TV”...
  • Page 7: Preparation

    Preparation Connections • Turn off all equipment before connection and read the appropriate operating instructions. Do not connect the AC power supply cord for this system to the socket outlet until all connections have been completed. • Purchase an HDMI cable rated as “High-Speed HDMI Cable”. Operation is not possible with a cable that does not meet the HDMI standards.
  • Page 8: Basic Connection

    Preparation Basic connection • When connecting with a PC monitor that has a resolution other than Full HD or 4K (WQHD, etc.), connect directly to the PC using a DP cable (A) (optional). HDMI IN PC monitor HDMI IN (ARC) HDMI cable (not supplied) This system (rear)
  • Page 9: Connection With The Tv

    To connect this system and the TV with an HDMI cable, you need to change the TV settings to output sound correctly from this system. The instructions below use a Panasonic TV (VIERA) as an example. • The operating procedure and the names of on-screen displays differ depending on the TV (VIERA). Refer to the Owner’s Manual or electronic Owner’s Manual for the TV (VIERA) for details.
  • Page 10 B HDMI cable (not supplied) C Optical digital audio cable (not supplied) D HDMI cable (not supplied) E Player, etc., supporting HDR10+ For more details about other connection methods, refer to the support site below. (This site is in English only.)
  • Page 11: Operation

    Operation Using this system ∫ When “ ” is selected as the source On the Bluetooth device: ® Preparation Select this system as the output source of the • Turn on the TV and/or connected device. connected Bluetooth device and start the playback. ®...
  • Page 12: Bluetooth ® Connection

    Operation Bluetooth connection ® By using the Bluetooth connection, you can listen to ® Connecting a paired Bluetooth ® the sound from the Bluetooth audio device from this ® device system wirelessly. • Refer to the operating instructions of the Bluetooth device for ®...
  • Page 13: Linked Operations With The Tv (Viera Link "Hdavi Control Tm ")

    • This unit supports “HDAVI Control 5” function. You can select whether audio output is from this “HDAVI Control 5” is the standard for Panasonic’s HDAVI Control system or the TV speakers by using the TV menu compatible equipment. This standard is compatible with settings.
  • Page 14: Sound Menu

    • When the 3D SRND indicator does not light green even when playing back object-based audio format content with Dolby Atmos or DTS:X , check whether the digital audio output setting ® ® of the connected device is “Auto” or “Bitstream”. (When using a Panasonic Blu-ray Disc recorder/player)
  • Page 15: Sound Mode

    Operation SOUND MODE Audio format Select the sound mode to suit the TV program or You can view the current audio format. connected equipment. Press and hold [VOL j] on this system and [CLR ∫ To select a sound mode DIALOG] on the remote control at the same time You can change the sound mode by pressing the for 4 or more seconds.
  • Page 16: Other Settings That May Be Needed

    [i SUBWOOFER] on the remote control at the same time for 4 or more seconds. (Factory default: Remote control code 1) (The LED indicators indicate the current mode) If other Panasonic audio products are operated Enabled Disabled inadvertently by the remote control of this system, set this system and the remote control to “Remote control...
  • Page 17: Bluetooth ® Standby

    Operation Bluetooth Standby Switching dual audio broadcasts ® (Factory default: Enabled) Use the following procedure to switch dual audio broadcasts between the primary audio channel and When this function is enabled, this system the secondary audio channel. automatically turns on when a Bluetooth connection ®...
  • Page 18: Adjusting The Difference Between Images And Audio (Audio Delay Function)

    “Auto”. Press and hold [CLR DIALOG] on the remote • When set to “Auto”, if a Panasonic TV (VIERA) that control for 4 or more seconds. (The LED supports VIERA Link (HDMI) Ver.3 or later is connected, indicators indicate the current mode.)
  • Page 19: Dynamic Range Compression

    Operation Dynamic range compression Dialogue control (Factory default: On) (Factory default: Off) This function compresses the differences in volume When playing back content compatible with DTS:X ® between the lowest sound that is not lost to noise and you can adjust the dialogue in films and the vocals in the highest sound where there is no distortion, music to a level of your liking.
  • Page 20: Other

    While this system is on, press and hold [Í/I] on this supplied). system for more than 4 sec. (All the indicators will blink • If this system is connected to a Panasonic TV (VIERA), twice when this system is reset.) when you turn on this system by operating it directly, •...
  • Page 21 • This may occur when the HDMI connections are changed, after a power failure or after the AC power (This site is in English only.) supply cord has been removed. Try the following: –...
  • Page 22: License

    (Including protrusion) Approx. 431 mm (17″) k 52 mm (2 ″) k 132 mm (5 ″) SOUNDSLAYER Logo is a trademark of Panasonic Corporation. Other system names and product names appearing in this document Mass (Weight) Approx. 1.8 kg (4.0 lbs)
  • Page 23 Other SPEAKER SECTION FORMAT SECTION FRONT SPEAKER(L/R) Built in HDMI Full range 4 cm (1 ″) cone type k1/ch [GAME/AV] Tweeter 1.4 cm ( ″) dome type k1/ch LPCM (Max 7.1 ch) Total Impedance 6 ≠ Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHD, ®...
  • Page 24: About Bluetooth

    Other About Bluetooth ® Panasonic bears no responsibility for data and/or information that is compromised during a wireless transmission. ∫ Frequency band used This system uses the 2.4 GHz frequency band. ∫ Certification of this device • This system conforms to frequency restrictions and has received certification based on frequency laws.
  • Page 25 Panasonic Corporation of Panasonic Canada Inc. 5770 Ambler Drive, North America Mississauga, Ontario, Two Riverfront Plaza, Newark, NJ 07102-5490 L4W 2T3 TQBS0411 F0720MH0 Panasonic Corporation 2020...

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