Chamberlain 9602 Owner's Manual

1/2hp gold model.
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Garage Door Opener
Please read this manual and the enclosed safety materials carefully!
Fasten the manual near the garage door after installation.
The door WILL NOT CLOSE unless the Protector System
properly aligned.
Periodic checks of the opener are required to ensure safe operation.
The model number label is located on the front end panel of your opener as
Gold Model
For Residential Use Only
The Chamberlain Group, Inc.
845 Larch Avenue
Elmhurst, Illlinois 60126-1196
Complies with UL 325
Regulations effective
January 1, 1993.
is connected and

   Summary of Contents for Chamberlain 9602

  • Page 1

    The model number label is located on the front end panel of your opener as shown. ® Gold Model (9602) 1/2HP For Residential Use Only The Chamberlain Group, Inc. A DUCHOSSOIS ENTERPRISE 845 Larch Avenue Elmhurst, Illlinois 60126-1196 Complies with UL 325 Regulations effective ®...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents A review of safety alert symbols...2 You'll need tools...3 Safety information regarding garage door locks and ropes...3 Testing your garage door for sticking, binding and balance...3 Illustration of sectional door installation ...4 Illustration of one-piece door installation...5 Carton inventory...6 Hardware inventory...7 Assembly section –...

  • Page 3: You'll Need Tools

    During assembly, installation and adjustment of the opener, instructions will call for hand tools shown below. Carpenter's Level The Chamberlain Group, Inc. Testing Force Setting Stepladder New GDO Manual 2/1/92 WARNING An unbalanced garage door might not reverse when required and someone under the door could be seriously injured or killed.

  • Page 4

    Horizontal and vertical reinforcement is needed for lightweight garage doors (fiberglass, steel, aluminum, door Before you begin, survey your garage area to see whether any of the conditions below apply to your installation. Horizontal and vertical reinforcement is needed for lightweight garage doors (fiberglass, steel, aluminum, door with glass panels, etc.).

  • Page 5

    1/4". Otherwise, the safety reverse system may not work properly. See page 30. The floor or the door should be repaired. The Chamberlain Group, Inc. One-Piece Door with Track Installation (Cable - Canada) 3/3/93 Access Door The Chamberlain Group, Inc.

  • Page 6: Carton Inventory

    Your garage door opener is packaged in one carton which contains all parts illustrated below. If anything is missing, carefully check the packing material. Parts may be "stuck" in the foam. Hardware for assembly and installation is shown on page 7. Multi-Function Door Control Panel Remote Control Transmitter (2)

  • Page 7

    Group all hardware found in all packages contained in the rail and opener cartons into the three kits illustrated below. Assembly Hardware Kit 41A2848 Hex Screw Washered Screw 5/16"-18x7/8" (3) 5/16"-18x1/2" (2) (mounted in opener) Trolley Threaded Shaft (1) Installation Hardware Kit 41A3475 Hex Screw 5/16"-18x7/8"...

  • Page 8: Assembly Section, Attach Cable Pulley Bracket

    Assembly Section: Pages 8 – 11 5/16"-18x7/8" To avoid installation difficulties, do not run the garage door opener until instructed to do so. Assembly Step 1 Cable Pulley Bracket Assemble the T-rail & Attach the Cable Pulley Bracket • Align the 4 T-rail sections on a flat surface exactly as shown.

  • Page 9: Install Trolley

    Assembly Step 2 Install the Trolley on the T-rail Chamberlain 92 8/22/90 - 3/6/92 • Attach the threaded shaft to the trolley with the lock washer and nuts as shown. Lock Washer 5/16" Outer Nut 5/16" Trolley Temporary Stop Screwdriver...

  • Page 10: Install Chain/cable, Attach Sprocket Cover

    In This Direction Inside Dispensing Carton to Prevent Kinking Leave Chain and Cable Carton to Prevent Kinking Install Chain & Cable Chamberlain '92 Keep Chain and Cable Dispensing Carton 8/22/90 - 3/6/92 Taut When Dispensing Keep Chain and Cable Taut When Dispensing •...

  • Page 11: Tighten The Chain And Cable, Installation Section

    Assembly Step 5 Tighten the Chain & Cable • Spin the inner nut and lock washer down the threaded shaft, away from the trolley. • To tighten the chain, turn outer nut in the direction shown. As you turn the nut, keep the chain from twisting.

  • Page 12

    Installation Section: Pages 12 – 27 Installation Step 1 Determine Header Bracket Location Installation procedures vary according to garage door types. Follow the instructions which apply to Header Header Wall your door. Wall SECTIONAL Door and ONE-PIECE DOOR WITH TRACK ONE-PIECE Door With Track Vertical Guideline...

  • Page 13: One-piece Door

    Read the Safety Instructions on page 12. They also apply to doors without tracks. • Close the door and mark the inside vertical centerline of your garage door. Extend the line onto the header wall above door. If headroom clearance is minimal, you can install the header bracket on the ceiling.

  • Page 14: Install The Header Bracket

    Installation Step 2 Install the Header Bracket Mounting New Header Bracket Mounting New Header Bracket 10/16/91 - 10/26/91 - 4/5/92 10/16/91 - 10/26/91 - 4/5/92 Mounting New Header Bracket • Center the bracket on the vertical guideline with 10/16/91 - 10/26/91 - 4/5/92 the bottom edge of the bracket on the horizontal line as shown (with the arrow pointing toward the ceiling).

  • Page 15

    Installation Step 3 Attach the T-rail to the Header Bracket Header Wall Header Bracket Cable Pulley Bracket Garage Door • Position the opener on the garage floor below the header bracket. Use packing material as a protective base. If the door spring is in the way you'll need help. Have someone hold the opener securely on a temporary support to allow the T-rail to clear the spring.

  • Page 16: Position The Opener

    2x4. Trolley Release Arm ONE-PIECE Door without Track CAUTION Position the Opener Chamberlain '92 8/22/90 - 3/6/92 Position the Opener Chamberlain '92 8/22/90 - 3/6/92 T-rail 2x4 Laid Flat...

  • Page 17: Hang The Opener

    5/16" Lock Washer 5/16"-18 Nut 5/16"-18x7/8" Screw 5/16" Lock Washer 5/16"-18 Nut Lock Washer 5/16" Hang Opener Chassis WARNING Liftmaster Synchro Drive (Belt) The Chamberlain Group, Inc. 3/13/92 Hang Opener Chassis Liftmaster Synchro Drive (Belt) 3/13/92 CAUTION Structural Supports Structural...

  • Page 18: Install The Door Control

    Installation Step 6 Install the Multi-Function Door Control Panel • Locate the door control within sight of the door at a minimum height of 5 feet where small children cannot reach, and away from all moving parts of the door and door hardware. The multi-function door control panel is typically attached directly to the wall (Figure 1).

  • Page 19

    Installation Step 7 Install the Lights & the Lenses • Install a 75 watt maximum light bulb in (each) socket. The light(s) will turn ON and remain lit for approximately 4-1/2 minutes when power is connected. Then the light(s) will turn OFF. •...

  • Page 20: Electrical Requirements

    Installation Step 9 Electrical Requirements To reduce the risk of electric shock, your garage door opener has a grounding type plug with a third grounding pin. This plug will only fit into a grounding type outlet. If the plug doesn't fit into the outlet you have, contact a qualified electrician to install the proper type outlet.

  • Page 21: The Protector System

    The units can be installed on either side of the garage door as long as the sun never shines directly into the receiving eye lens. The Chamberlain Group, Inc. Look at the label on the connector end of each case Safety Sensor to identify the sensors.

  • Page 22: Install The Safety Reversing Sensor

    Installation Step 10 Install the Safety Reversing Sensor Figures 2 and 3 show assembly of brackets and "C" wrap based on the recommended installation of the sensors on each side of the garage door as shown on page 21. However, Figures 4 and 5 are variations which may fit your installation requirements better.

  • Page 23

    • Loosen the receiving eye wing nut to allow slight The Chamberlain Group, Inc. rotation of unit. Adjust sensor vertically and Attaching Sensor to "C" Wrap and Wires to Operator horizontally until the green indicator light glows with a steady light .

  • Page 24: Fasten Door Bracket

    Installation Step 11 Fasten Door Bracket Follow instructions which apply to your door type as illustrated below or on page 25. A horizontal brace should be long enough to be secured to 2 vertical supports. A vertical brace should cover the height of the top panel. The illustration shows one piece of angle iron as the horizontal brace.

  • Page 25

    All ONE-PIECE Door Installation Procedure Please read and comply with the warnings and reinforcement instructions on page 24. They apply to one-piece doors also. Header Wall 2x4 Support Header Bracket Door Bracket • Center the bracket on the top of the door, in line with the header bracket as shown.

  • Page 26: Connect Door Arm To Trolley

    Installation Step 12 Connect Door Arm to Trolley Follow instructions which apply to your door type as illustrated below and on page 27. Make sure garage door is fully closed. Pull the manual release handle to disconnect the outer trolley from the inner trolley.

  • Page 27

    Bracket Ring Fastener Assemble the Door Arm: • Fasten the straight and curved door arm sections Clevis Pin Straight together to the longest possible length (with a 2 or 3 hole overlap). Screws • With the door closed, connect the straight door 5/16"-18x7/8 arm section to the door bracket with a clevis pin.

  • Page 28: Adjustment Section, Travel Limit Adjustments

    Adjustment Section: Pages 28 – 30 The Chamberlain Group, Inc. Liftmaster Belt Drive The Chamberlain Group, Inc. Adjustment Step 1 Limit Adjustment Liftmaster Belt Drive Adjust the UP and DOWN Limits 3/6/92 Limit Adjustment Do not make any limit adjustments until the...

  • Page 29: Force Adjustments

    Adjustment Step 2 Adjust the Force Force adjustment controls are located on the right panel of the opener. Force adjustment settings regulate the amount of power required to open and close the door. The door will stop in the up direction if anything interferes with its travel.

  • Page 30: Test The Protector System, Test The Safety Reverse System

    Adjustment Step 3 Test the Protector System • Press the remote control push button to open the door. • Place the opener carton in the path of the door. • Press the remote control push button to close the door. The door will not move more than an inch, and the opener light(s) will flash for 5 seconds.

  • Page 31: Care Of Your Opener, Maintenance Schedule

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS WARNING To reduce the risk of severe injury or death to persons: 1. READ AND FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS. 2. Do not permit children either to operate or to play with the opener. Keep remote control in a location inaccessible to children.

  • Page 32: Operation Of Your Opener

    Activate the opener with any of the following: • The Remote Control. Hold push button down until the door starts to move. • The Door Control. Hold push bar down until the door starts to move. • The Outside Keylock or Keyless Entry. (See Accessories) When the opener is activated with the safety reversing sensor installed and correctly aligned:...

  • Page 33: Receiver And Remote Control Programming

    Models having multi-function remote controls will activate when the large button on remote(s) is pressed. The multi-function remote(s) can also activate additional garage door openers and/or light control models 874CB and 872CB. Below are instructions for programming your opener...

  • Page 34: Having A Problem

    Situation Probable Cause & Solution 1. Does the opener have electric power? Plug a lamp into the outlet. If it doesn't light, The opener doesn't check the fuse box or the circuit breaker. (Some outlets are controlled by a wall switch.) operate from either the door control or 2.

  • Page 35

    Having a Problem? Situation Probable Cause & Solution The door opens but 1. If the opener lights blink, check the safety reversing sensor. See page 23. won't close: 2. If the opener lights do not blink and it is a new installation, check the down force. See Adjustment Step 2, page 29.

  • Page 36: Repair Parts, Rail Assembly Parts, Installation Parts

    Rail Assembly Parts Installation Parts KEY PART NO. NO. DESCRIPTION 41A4880 Multi-function door control panel 10A14 12V battery 29C128 Transmitter visor clip 41A3888-3 Multi-function remote control housing & screw only (no circuit board) 41A2828 Manual release rope & handle assembly 217A238 2-conductor bell wire –...

  • Page 37: Opener Assembly Parts

    Opener Assembly Parts KEY PART DESCRIPTION 31D380 Sprocket cover 41C4220A Gear and sprocket assembly Complete with: Spring washer, Thrust washer, Retaining ring, Bearing plate, Roll pins (2), Drive gear and worm gear, Helical gear w/retainer and grease 41A2817 Drive/worm gear kit w/grease Roll pins (2) 41B4245 Line cord...

  • Page 38: Accessories

    Accessories Available for your Opener 7702CB Outside Quick Release: Required for a garage with NO access door. 760CB Outside Keylock: Opens the garage door automatically from outside when remote control is not handy. 7704CB 8 foot Rail Extension Kit: To allow an 8 foot door to open fully.

  • Page 39: Index

    Access Door/Outside Quick Release Accessory...4, 5 Chain Tension ...4, 5, 11 Electrical Safety Warnings...2, 20, 31 Garage Door Testing for balance, binding and sticking...3, 28, 31 Determining high point of travel: Sectional door...12 One-piece door ...13 Disabling existing locks...3, 11 Force Controls Adjustment procedures...29 Problems that might require force adjustments ...34, 35...

  • Page 40: How To Order Repair Parts, Warranty

    CHAMBERLAIN GARAGE DOOR OPENER ONE-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY The Chamberlain Group, Inc. (“Seller”) warrants to the first retail purchaser of this product that it is free from defect in materials and/or workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. The proper operation of this product is dependent on your compliance with the Owner’s Manual instructions regarding installation, operation, maintenance and testing.

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