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Silvercrest NKZ 2 A1 Operating Instructions Manual page 49

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Warranty period and statutory claims for defects
The warranty period is not extended when the warranty has been
claimed. This also applies to replaced and repaired parts. Any
damages and defects already existing at the time of purchase
must be reported immediately upon unpacking. Repairs arising
after the expiration of the warranty period are
subject to a
Warranty coverage
The device was produced carefully according to strict quality
guidelines and tested diligently prior to delivery.
The warranty applies to material or factory defects. This warranty
does not include product parts that are subject to standard wear
and therefore can be considered wear parts; the same applies to
damages at fragile parts, e.g. switches, rechargeable batteries
or parts made of glass.
This warranty expires if the product is damaged, not used as in-
tended or not serviced. For the proper operation of the product,
all instructions listed in the operating instructions must be ob-
served carefully. Any form of use and handling that is advised
against in the operating instructions or warned against must al-
ways be avoided.
The product is only intended for private and not for commercial
use. In the case of incorrect and improper treatment, use of force
and interventions not performed by our authorised Service Cen-
tre, the warranty shall cease.
Handling in case of a warranty claim
In order to ensure prompt processing of your matter, please ob-
serve the following notes:
• Please keep the article number IAN: 104108 and the pur-
chase receipt as a purchase verification for all inquiries.


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