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Technical Specifications; Warranty Of Hoyer Handel Gmbh - Silvercrest NKZ 2 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

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9. Technical specifications

Type of protection:
Subject to technical modification.

10. Warranty of HOYER Handel GmbH

Dear Customer,
your device is provided with a 3 year warranty starting with the
purchase date. In the event of product defects, you are entitled to
statutory rights against the vendor. These statutory rights are not
restricted by our warranty presented in the following.
Warranty conditions
The warranty period starts with the purchase date. Please keep
the original purchase receipt in a safe place. This document is re-
quired to verify the purchase.
If within three years from the purchase date of this product a ma-
terial or factory defect occurs, the product will be repaired or re-
placed by us – at our discretion – free of charge to you. This
warranty implies that within the period of three years the defec-
tive device and the purchase receipt are presented, including a
brief written description of the defect and the time it occurred.
If the defect is covered by our warranty, the repaired or a new
product will be returned to you. No new warranty period starts
with a repair or replacement of the product.
NKZ 2 A1
IPX4 (splash water protection)
2x LR03, AAA, 1.5 V


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