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Cleaning / Hygiene Requirements; Disposal - Silvercrest NKZ 2 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Electric toothbrush for kids
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7. Cleaning / Hygiene requirements

• To ensure the hygienic functionality of the toothbrush heads 4,
they must be rinsed thoroughly after every use. Rinse the kid's
toothbrush as well and wipe it dry.
• The kid's toothbrush and toothbrush heads 4 must be dry
when placed in the transport box 10.

8. Disposal

The symbol showing a wheelie bin crossed
through indicates that the product requires sepa-
rate refuse collection in the European Union. This
applies to the product and all accessories marked
with this symbol. Products identified with this sym-
bol may not be discarded with normal household
waste, but must be taken to a collection point for
recycling electric and electronic appliances. Recy-
cling helps to reduce the consumption of raw ma-
terials and protect the environment.
Batteries must not be discarded with your house-
hold waste. Spent batteries must be disposed of
properly. Special containers are available for this
purpose in shops selling batteries and at munici-
pal collection points.
(Rechargeable) batteries marked with the follow-
ing letters contain harmful substances such as:
Cd (cadmium), Hg (mercury), Pb (lead).
When disposing of the packaging, make sure you comply with
the environmental regulations applicable in your country.


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