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Brother NC-100h Network User's Manual

Multi-protocol print/fax server
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Multi-Protocol Print/Fax Server
Network User's Guide
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Version 1920A



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  Summary of Contents for Brother NC-100h

  • Page 1 The Brother Solutions Center ( is your one stop resource for all your machine needs. Download the latest drivers and utilities for your Brother machine, read the FAQs and troubleshooting tips or learn about special printing solutions in the 'Solutions' and 'Customer Education' sections.
  • Page 2 Compilation and Publication Under the supervision of Brother Industries Ltd., this manual has been compiled and published, covering the latest product descriptions and specifications. The contents of this manual and the specifications of this product are subject to change without notice.
  • Page 3 Dollard-des-Ormeaux, PQ, Canada H9B 3H6 Brother fax-back system (USA) Brother Customer Service has set up an easy-to-use fax-back system so you can get instant answers to common technical questions and information about all our products. This is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can use the system to send the information to any fax machine.
  • Page 4 - Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help. Important Changes or modifications not expressly approved by Brother Industries, Ltd. could void the user's authority to operate the equipment. Industry Canada Compliance Statement (For Canada only) This Class B digital apparatus complies with Canadian ICES-003.
  • Page 5 Declaration of Conformity (Europe) Brother Industries, Ltd., 15-1, Naeshiro-cho, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya 467-8561, Japan declare that this product is in conformity with the following normative documents. Safety: EN 60950, EMC: EN 55022 Class B, following the provisions of the Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC and the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 89/336/EEC (as amended by 91/ 263/EEC and 92/31/EEC).
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Introduction... 1-1 Computer Network Basics ... 1-1 Overview... 1-1 ... 1-1 Protocols ... 1-1 Protocol Configuration Items ... 1-2 TCP/IP Configuration ... 1-2 Network Connection ... 1-4 Types of Network... 1-4 Peer-to-Peer Printing... 1-4 Network Example ... 1-5 Example : Peer-to-Peer (TCP/IP) ...
  • Page 7 Front Panel Setup ... 3-1 LAN Main Setup Menu... 3-1 Setup TCP/IP... 3-2 BOOT Method ... 3-2 IP Address ... 3-5 Subnet Mask... 3-5 Gateway ... 3-6 Host Name... 3-6 WINS Config... 3-6 WINS Server... 3-7 DNS Server ... 3-8 APIPA ...
  • Page 8 (Printer Driver already installed) ... 4-3 For Windows Overview... 4-4 TCP/IP Printing... 4-5 Installing the Brother Peer to Peer Software ... 4-5 Associating to the printer ... 4-6 Adding a Second Brother LPR Port... 4-7 Other Sources of Information ... 4-7...
  • Page 9 Configure the Print Server ... 7-4 Brother Internet Print Installing the BIP software on Windows Setup the Software ... 7-5 Adding a Second Brother Internet Port... 7-8 Other Sources of Information... 7-8 Troubleshooting... 8-1 Overview... 8-1 Installation problems... 8-1 Intermittent Problems...
  • Page 10 Appendix ... A-1 Appendix A ...A-1 General Information...A-1 BRAdmin Professional utility (Recommended) ...A-1 Web BRAdmin ...A-1 Using Services...A-2 General...A-2 Appendix B ...A-3 Updating other machines through the Network ...A-3 Appendix C ...A-6 Specifications ...A-6 Operating System Support ...A-6 Protocol Support...A-6 Network ...A-6 Network Printing ...A-6 Network PC Fax send ...A-6...
  • Page 11: Introduction

    The network-connected Brother machine allows multiple computers to carry out several independent print jobs on one machine. To use the Brother machine through a network, you need to select a protocol, configure the Print / Fax Server, and set up the computers you use.
  • Page 12: Protocol Configuration Items

    Protocol Configuration Items TCP/IP Configuration • IP Address • Gateway (when routers exist on your network) IP Address An IP address is a series of numbers that identifies each computer connected to the Internet. An IP address consists of four numbers separated by dots.
  • Page 13 Gateway (and Router) A Gateway is the transfer device that passes data between networks. A gateway is a network point that acts as an entrance to another network and sends data transmitted via the network to an exact destination. The router knows where to direct data that arrives at the gateway.
  • Page 14: Network Connection

    We recommend to use this product in a Peer to Peer environment in which each computer directly sends and receives data to and from the Brother machine. Peer-to-Peer Printing Each computer requires configuration of the printer port.
  • Page 15: Network Example

    Router TCP/IP • Each computer needs the TCP/IP and Print Protocol configured. • The Brother machine needs to have an IP address configured. • If a TCP/IP environment has been already established, we recommend using Peer-to-Peer. • If a routers exist, then computers can access the Brother machine through the routers.
  • Page 16: Features

    QuickDraw over TCP/IP or Rendezvous. (See chapter 5 for details) Network PC-FAX Your Brother machine can be used as a simple network fax server, allowing users to send documents directly from their PC as faxes. (See chapter 6 of the Software User’s Guide for complete...
  • Page 17: Internet Fax

    Internet Fax The Brother machine can be assigned an E-mail address allowing you to send, receive and forward documents on a Local Area Network and the Internet to PC's or other Internet Fax machines. Before using this function, you have to configure the necessary machine settings, such as Setup TCP/IP and Setup Internet of the LAN Main Setup menu by using the machine’s control panel as...
  • Page 18: Tcp/Ip Configuration

    APIPA to Off using control panel. For more information see page 2- 8. If the APIPA protocol is disabled, the default IP address of a Brother Print/Fax server is However, you can easily change this IP address number to match with the IP address details of your network.
  • Page 19: Using The Machine's Control Panel To Allocate An Ip Address

    Windows Start the BRAdmin Professional utility (from Windows ® Windows 2000/XP), by clicking Start / Programs / Brother Administrator Utilities / Brother BRAdmin Professional Utilities / BRAdmin Professional. The BRAdmin Professional utility can use the TCP/IP protocols to communicate with the Brother Print/Fax server.
  • Page 20: Using Bradmin Professional Utility And The Tcp/Ip Protocol To Set The Ip Address

    Enter the IP address, Subnet mask and Gateway (if needed) of your Print/Fax server. Click OK then select Close. With the correctly programmed IP address, you will see the Brother Print/Fax server in the device list. TCP/IP CONFIGURATION 2 - 3...
  • Page 21: Assigning Tcp/Ip Information Automatically (Advanced)

    Assigning TCP/IP Information Automatically (Advanced) Using DHCP to Configure the IP address The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is one of several automated mechanisms for IP address allocation. If you have DHCP Server in your network (typically a Unix/Linux or Windows network) the Print/Fax server will automatically obtains its IP address from DHCP server and register its name with any RFC 1001 and 1002-compliant dynamic name services.
  • Page 22: Using Rarp To Configure The Ip Address

    For AT&T UNIX-based systems, type: ps -ef | grep -v grep | grep rarpd The Brother Print/Fax server will get the IP address from the rarp daemon when the printer is powered on. Using BOOTP to Configure the IP Address BOOTP is an alternative to rarp that has the advantage of allowing configuration of the subnet mask and gateway.
  • Page 23: Other Sources Of Information

    As with rarp, the Print/Fax server will load its IP address from the BOOTP server when the machine is powered on. Other Sources of Information Visit for more information on TCP/IP protocol. 2 - 6 TCP/IP CONFIGURATION 00:80:77:31:01:07
  • Page 24: Front Panel Setup

    You can also set up the LAN settings using BRAdmin Professional utility. (See chapter 2 or visit at: http:// The LAN menu selections allow you to setup the Brother machine for your network and Internet Fax configuration. Press press the appropriate number, menu, there are seven main selections: Setup TCP/IP, Setup Internet, Setup Mail RX, Setup Mail TX, Setup Relay, Setup Misc.
  • Page 25: Setup Tcp/Ip

    Setup TCP/IP This menu has nine sections: BOOT Method, IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway, Host Name, WINS Config, WINS Server, DNS Server and APIPA. BOOT Method Menu/Set Press Press DHCP. Menu/Set Press Stop/Exit Press Static mode In this mode the machine’s IP address must be manually assigned. Once entered the IP address is locked to the assigned address.
  • Page 26 -ax | grep -v grep | grep rarpd For AT&T UNIX-based systems, type: ps -ef | grep -v grep | grep rarpd The Brother Print / Fax server will get the IP address from the rarp daemon when it is powered on. BOOTP mode BOOTP is an alternative to rarp that has the advantage of allowing configuration of the subnet mask and gateway.
  • Page 27 In order to enable BOOTP, simply use an editor to delete the “#” (if there is no “#”, then BOOTP is already enabled). Then edit the BOOTP configuration file (usually /etc/bootptab) and enter the name, network type (1 for Ethernet), Ethernet address and the IP address, subnet mask and gateway of the Print / Fax server.
  • Page 28: Ip Address

    IP Address This field displays the current IP address of the machine. If you have selected a BOOT Method of Static, enter the IP address that you wish to assign to the machine (check with your network manager for the IP address to use). If you have selected a method other than Static, the machine will attempt to determine its IP address using the DHCP or BOOTP protocols.
  • Page 29: Gateway

    You can register the machine name on the Network. This name is often referred to as a NetBIOS name; it will be the name that is registered by the WINS server on your network. Brother recommends the name BRN_XXXXXX (where XXXXXX is the last six digits of the Ethernet address) (up to 15 characters).
  • Page 30: Wins Server

    Auto Automatically uses a DHCP request to determine the IP addresses for the primary and secondary WINS servers. You must set the BOOT Method to Auto for this feature to work. Static Uses a specified IP address for the primary and secondary WINS servers.
  • Page 31: Dns Server

    DNS Server Menu/Set Press Press Menu/Set Press Enter the DNS Server address. Menu/Set Press Stop/Exit Press Primary DNS Server IP Address This field specifies the IP address of the primary DNS (Domain Name Service) server. Secondary DNS Server IP Address This field specifies the IP address of the secondary DNS server.
  • Page 32: Setup Internet

    Setup Internet This menu has five selections: Mail Address, SMTP Server, POP3 Server, Mailbox Name and Mailbox Pwd. Mail Address Menu/Set Press Select to change. Enter the mail address. Press Stop/Exit Press Entering text You can access the character you want by pressing the appropriate number key repeatedly.
  • Page 33: Smtp Server

    Press POP3 Server This field displays the Host Name (up to 30 characters) or IP address of the POP3 server (incoming E-mail server) used by the Brother machine. This address is necessary for the Internet Fax features to function correctly.
  • Page 34: Mailbox Name

    Press Enter the user account name (up to 20 characters) assigned to the Brother machine to login to the POP3 Server. This is the portion of e-mail address before the @. For example: If the e-mail address is, the mailbox name is jsmith.
  • Page 35: Auto Polling

    Auto Polling When set to On the machine automatically will check the POP3 server for new messages (default is On). “No Mail” will be displayed if there are no E-mail messages when the POP3 server is polled. Menu/Set Press Press Menu/Set Press Stop/Exit...
  • Page 36: Del Error Mail

    Del Error Mail When set to On, the machine automatically deletes error mails that the machine cannot receive from the POP server (default is On). Menu/Set Press Press Menu/Set Press Stop/Exit Press Notification Notification feature allows a receive notification message to be transmitted to the sending station to indicate successful reception of the I-Fax.
  • Page 37: Setup Mail Tx

    This menu has three selections: Sender Subject, Size Limit and Notification. Sender Subject This field displays the subject that is attached to the Internet Fax data being sent from the Brother machine to a PC (default is “Internet Fax Job”). Menu/Set Press Select to change the Sender Subject—OR—...
  • Page 38: Notification

    Notification Notification feature when switched to On sends two fields of data in addition to the image data which requests a notification from the receiving station for successful reception. The receiving I-Fax station must support the MDN standard in order to be able to understand the request and consequently submit a notification message confirming successful receipt of the I-Fax (default is Off).
  • Page 39: Relay Domain

    A Relay Broadcast Report can be printed by the machine used as the Relay Station for all Relay Broadcasts. Also, when the machine is used with the Brother Internet Fax Printing Software (BFP), the machine is acting as a Relay Station for fax transmissions from the network so a Relay Report can also be printed for confirmation of sent network faxes.
  • Page 40: Setup Misc

    Setup Misc. Ethernet Ethernet link mode. Auto allows the print server to operate in 100BaseTX full or half duplex, or in 10BaseT half duplex mode by auto negotiation. 100BaseTX Full Duplex (100B-FD) or Half Duplex (100B-HD) and 10BaseT Full Duplex (10B-FD) or Half Duplex (10B-HD) fix the print server link mode.
  • Page 41: Setup I-Fax

    ® Windows Time Zone Setting You can determine the time difference for you location by using the Time Zone setting in Windows Click on Start. Select Settings / Control Panel. Double click on Date/Time. Select Time Zone. Verify your time zone setting from the pull-down menu (this menu displays the time difference from GMT).
  • Page 42: Network Configuration List

    Network Configuration List This feature prints a report listing all the current network Print / Fax Server Settings. Menu/Set Press Black Start Press Stop/Exit Press Restoring the Network Settings to Factory Default Follow the steps below to restore all network settings of the internal Print/Fax server to factory default.
  • Page 43: Network Printing From Windows (Peer To Peer)

    APIPA protocol, set APIPA to Off using control panel. For more information see page 2-8. If the APIPA protocol is disabled, the default IP address of a Brother Print/Fax server is To change it, use the machine’s control panel, the BRAdmin Professional utility software or let your DHCP server allocate an IP address to the printer.
  • Page 44: Windows 2000/Xp (Tcp/Ip) Configuration

    ® Windows 2000/XP (TCP/IP) Configuration The default configuration of Windows installs the TCP/IP protocol. Refer to the appropriate section in this chapter for more information. ® Windows 2000/XP Printing (Printer Driver not yet installed) ® By default, Windows software required for you to be able to print. This chapter describes the most commonly used configurations, Standard TCP/IP Port printing.
  • Page 45: Windows 2000/Xp Printing (Printer Driver Already Installed)

    ® Windows 2000/XP will now contact the printer that you specified. If you did not specify the correct IP address or name then you will receive an error message. Click the Finish button to complete the Wizard. Now that you have configured the port, you must specify which printer driver you wish to use.
  • Page 46: For Windows 98/Me Users

    APIPA protocol, set APIPA to Off using control panel. For more information see page 2-8. If the APIPA protocol is disabled, the default IP address of a Brother Print/Fax server is To change it, use the machine’s control panel, the BRAdmin Professional utility software or let your DHCP server allocate an IP address to the printer.
  • Page 47: Tcp/Ip Printing

    Push the Next button in response to the Welcome message. Select the Brother Peer to Peer Print (LPR) button. Select the desired directory to install the Brother Peer to Peer Print (LPR) files and push Next. The installation program will create the directory for you if it does not already exist on your disk.
  • Page 48: Associating To The Printer

    You must now enter the actual IP address of the Print/Fax server in the Printer name or IP address field. If you have edited the hosts file on your computer or are using Domain Name System, you can also enter the name of the print server. As the Print/Fax server supports TCP/IP and NetBIOS names, you can also enter the NetBIOS name of the Print/Fax server.
  • Page 49: Other Sources Of Information

    You have now finished installing the Peer to Peer Print (LPR) software. Adding a Second Brother LPR Port You do not re-run the install program to add a new Brother LPR port. Instead, press the Start button, select Printers and Faxes, and open the window.
  • Page 50: Network Printing From Macintosh

    Refer to the information below if you wish to learn how to configure a Brother machine into a Mac OS Please note Brother recommends that you use version Mac OS 10.2.4 or greater. NETWORK PRINTING FROM MACINTOSH® 5 - 1 ®...
  • Page 51 Run the Print Center software and click the Add. Select Rendezvous and any Rendezvous compatible machines will be displayed. If you are using OS X 10.2.1, three machines are listed. Select any one of the machine listed. 5 - 2 NETWORK PRINTING FROM MACINTOSH®...
  • Page 52 Click the machine and then change the Printer Model to "Brother". The PPD files that are installed on your Macintosh are displayed. Select the relevant PPD file. The Rendezvous ready machine is displayed. Click the machine and click the Make Default button to set the printer as the default printer.The machine is now ready to print.
  • Page 53: Other Sources Of Information

    Other Sources of Information Visit for the latest information on ® Rendezvous Printing for Mac OS 10.2.4. 5 - 4 NETWORK PRINTING FROM MACINTOSH®...
  • Page 54: Internet Fax

    Internet FAX Overview Internet Faxing (I-FAX) allows you to send and receive FAX documents using the Internet as the transport mechanism. Documents are transmitted in E-mail messages as attached TIFF-F or JPEG files. This means that PC's are also able to receive and send documents, providing that the PC has as an application that can generate and view TIFF-F or JPEG files, you can use Microsoft Imaging or a TIFF-F or JPEG viewer application.
  • Page 55: Getting Connected

    Getting Connected Before sending or receiving an Internet Fax you must configure your Brother machine to communicate with your network and mail server. You must ensure the following: a correctly configured IP address for your machine, an E-mail address for your machine, the mail server(s) IP address, mailbox name and password for your Brother machine.
  • Page 56: Sending An Internet Fax

    Shift Black Start or Color Start Used to receive E-mail from the POP3 server manually. Sending an Internet Fax Sending an Internet Fax is the same as sending a normal Fax only using the Internet instead of phonelines. If you have already programmed the addresses of the Internet Fax receivers into the machine as Speed-Dial or One-Touch dial locations, you can send the Internet Fax by loading the document into the machine, use the Fax Resolution key to set the preferred...
  • Page 57: Manually Entering Text

    Some E-mail servers do not allow you to send large E-mail documents (the System Administrator will often place a limit on the maximum E-mail size). You can enable the Limit Size of the Sent Mail feature. The machine will display Out of Memory when trying to send E-mail documents over 1Mbyte in size.
  • Page 58: Receiving E-Mail Or Internet Fax

    If you want to enter a blank space, press If you specify more than 16 characters, the LCD panel will scroll the name to the left character by character. You can enter up to 60 characters. Making corrections: If you entered a letter incorrectly and want to change it, press move the cursor under the incorrect character.
  • Page 59: Receiving An Internet Fax To A Pc

    Using POP3 receiving the machine must poll the E-mail server to receive the print jobs. This polling can occur at set intervals (for example, you can configure the machine to poll the E-mail server at 10 minute intervals) or you can manually poll the server by pressing Shift Black Start or Color Start button.
  • Page 60: Forwarding Received E-Mail And Fax Messages

    Fax Forward can be found in the User’s Guide supplied with your machine. Relay Broadcasting This function allows the Brother machine to receive a document over the Internet, and then relay it to other fax machines through conventional telephone lines.
  • Page 61: Relay Broadcast From A Machine

    If you do not enter the domain name information, then the machine in the middle (the machine that will broadcast the document) will not trust any internet jobs that it receives from the machine in the domain. 6 - 8 INTERNET FAX (fax#123456789)
  • Page 62: Tx Verification Mail

    After the trusted domain is set you can send the document from your machine [I.E.] by entering the E-mail address of the machine [I.E.] that will forward the document followed by the phone number of the fax that will receive the document.
  • Page 63: Setup Mail (Tx)

    Setup Mail (TX) You can set the “Notification” option in the “Setup Mail TX” option to either On or Off. When switched to On an additional field of information is sent with the image data. This field is named “MDN”. Mail Disposition Notification - This field requests the status of the I- Fax / E-mail message after delivery through the SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) transport system.
  • Page 64: Error Mail

    Error mail If there is a mail delivery error while sending an Internet Fax, the mail server will send an error message back to the machine and the error message will be printed. If there is an error while receiving mail, an error message will be printed (Example: “The message being sent to the machine was not in a TIFF-F or JPEG format.”).
  • Page 65: Configuring Internet Printing For Windows

    Overview Our Brother Internet Print (BIP) software, for Windows allows a PC user at one location to send a print job to a Brother Printer at a remote location via the Internet. For example, a user on a PC in New York could print a document directly from his Microsoft Excel application program to a printer in Paris.
  • Page 66: Brother Internet Print General Information

    When a job is printed to the BIP virtual port, it is actually MIME- encoded (converted to a standard Internet E-mail message) and sent out to a Brother Print/Fax server at the remote location. This means that BIP is compatible with most common E-mail software packages.
  • Page 67: Brother Internet Print Configuring The Brother Print/Fax Server

    Configure the POP3 server on the E-mail server at the remote site with a mail account (Mailbox name) and password for the Brother Print/Fax server (generally, the mail account name will be the first part of the Email address; for example, if you assign the E-mail address, then the mail...
  • Page 68: Brother Internet Print Using Bradmin Professional Utility To Configure The Print Server

    Start BRAdmin Professional utility. Select the node name of the desired Brother Print/Fax server from the list and double click on it. (the default node name is usually BRN_xxxxxx, where xxxxxx is the last six digits of the Ethernet address (MAC address)).
  • Page 69: Brother Internet Print Installing The Bip Software On Windows 98/Me/2000/Xp

    From download menu, select Utilities to find out Network Print Software. Click it to download the software. After download completed, open the file to start the Brother Network Print Software installation program. Push the Next button in response to the Welcome message.
  • Page 70 You will then see a message about Partial E-mail Print. Partial E-mail Print is the ability of the Brother Internet Print software to break down E-mail Print jobs into smaller sections to prevent a mail file size limitation problem for the mail server.
  • Page 71 If you have selected a printer driver that is already being used, you have the option of either keeping the existing driver (recommended) or replacing it. Select the desired option and press Next. Select the Brother Internet port (BIP...) which you selected in step 6 and press Next. ®...
  • Page 72: Adding A Second Brother Internet Port

    Properties. Click on the Details tab and push the Add Port button. In the Add Port dialog, select the Other radio button (Windows Me only) and then Brother Internet Port. Click OK and it will give you the Port Name text box. Any unique name can be given here as long as it starts with “BIP”...
  • Page 73: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Overview This chapter describes procedures for troubleshooting problems you may encounter with a Brother Print/Fax server, it is divided into the following sections: Installation Problems Intermittent Problems Protocol-Specific Troubleshooting Internet FAX Troubleshooting Installation problems If you cannot print over the network, check the following: Make sure that the machine is powered on, is on-line and ready to print.
  • Page 74 If you are running Macintosh: If you are using the Quick Draw driver make sure that you can see the Print/Fax server name under the Brother Ink (IP) icon in the Chooser. If it is visible, then the connection is good, so proceed to the Macintosh Section.
  • Page 75: Intermittent Problems

    Ethernet addresses to pass through (a process known as filtering); therefore, such a bridge must be configured to allow Brother Print/Fax server addresses. Likewise, a router can be set up to pass only certain protocols, so be sure that the desired protocol can be passed through to the Print/Fax server.
  • Page 76: Windows 98/Me Peer To Peer Print (Lpr) Troubleshooting

    If you are having trouble printing on a Windows network (LPR method), check the following: Make sure that the Brother LPR Port driver is correctly installed and configured according to the “TCP/IP Printing” on page 4-5. Try to turn the Byte Count on in the Configure port area of printer driver properties.
  • Page 77: Brother Internet Print (Tcp/Ip) Troubleshooting

    You can also enable the partial E-mail print facility on your client PC, this will split the E-mail up into fragments which should then not overwhelm your E-mail server. To do this, select the property dialog of the Brother Internet Print Port. 8 - 5 TROUBLESHOOTING...
  • Page 78: Internet Fax Troubleshooting

    Internet Fax Troubleshooting If there is a mail delivery error while sending an Internet Fax, the mail server will send an error message back to the machine and the error message will be printed. If there is an error while receiving mail, an error message is printed (Ex.
  • Page 79 The Print / Fax Server requires a portion of the user memory for operation. The number of Fax sheets that can be sent or received will be reduced (by approximately 30 pages of the brother No1 Test Chart) from the standard machine capacity. 8 - 7 TROUBLESHOOTING...
  • Page 80: Brother Internet Fax Printing Software

    Internet FAX even if that PC does not have direct access to the networked machine. Brother Network PC Fax Software utilizes LPR as the transport for sending documents from your PC to the networked machine for transmission. This requires that the sending PC has access to the network that the sending machine is connected.
  • Page 81: Installing Brother Internet Fax Printing Driver

    Click it to download the driver. After download completed, open the file to start the installation program. Next you will be presented with the licensing agreement, please carefully read the agreement and make the necessary choice. 9 - 2 BROTHER INTERNET FAX PRINTING SOFTWARE...
  • Page 82 SMTP mail server IP address or host name as illustrated above. If in any doubt contact your Network Administrator for assistance BROTHER INTERNET FAX PRINTING SOFTWARE 9 - 3 When Installing BFP on Windows 2000 and XP operating systems we recommend that you add a “:” to the...
  • Page 83: Changing The Bfp Port Settings

    To alter BFP settings, select Start | Printers and Faxes to open the Printers dialogue box. From the Printers windows illustrated below highlight the Brother Internet Fax and right click the mouse. From the list presented select Properties. You are now presented with the screen below, which allows you to configure the BFP settings.
  • Page 84: Relay Broadcast Function

    Before you can successfully use this machine as a network fax solution you need to switch the feature “Relay Broadcasting” ON at the machine. In addition you also need to set a “Trusted Domain” at the machine. BROTHER INTERNET FAX PRINTING SOFTWARE 9 - 5...
  • Page 85 This is known as setting the “Trusted Domain”. For instance, if a network machine has an E-mail address of and users of this machine also have E-mail addresses with the same domain name then the machine must be told to allow these users to send network faxes through the machine.
  • Page 86: Uninstalling From Windows 98/Me/2000/Xp

    Brother Internet Fax Vx.xx as shown below then click the Add/ Remove button. ® In the case of Windows 2000/XP you also need to remove the Brother Internet Fax Driver from the Start | Control Panel | Add or Remove Programs properties. BROTHER INTERNET FAX PRINTING SOFTWARE 9 - 7...
  • Page 87 In addition to this you also need to manually remove the Brother Internet Fax Driver from the printers list. To do this select Start | Printers and Faxes you are then presented with the Window illustrated below. Right click the Brother Internet Fax, from the list click Delete.
  • Page 88: Using The Bfp Address Book

    BFP Software. Additionally you can create Groups of contacts that you may wish to broadcast documents to. From the Start menu, select Programs, Brother, Brother MFL Pro Suite, Internet Fax and then click Brother Address Book. The Brother Address Book dialog box will appear:...
  • Page 89: Setting Up A Member In The Address Book

    Setting Up a Member in the Address Book In the Brother Address Book dialog box you can add, edit and delete stored information for members and groups. In the Address Book dialog box, click the member. The Brother Address Book Member Setup dialog box will...
  • Page 90: Setting Up A Group For Broadcasting

    Setting Up a Group for Broadcasting If you repeatedly send the same PC-FAX to multiple recipients, you can combine members into a Group. In the Brother Address Book dialog box, click the create a group. The Brother Address Book Group Setup dialog box appears: Type the name of the new group in the Group Name field.
  • Page 91: Editing Member Information

    Type in the name of the file, and then select Save. If you are creating a Vcard, you must first select the member. Select items in the order you want them listed. 9 - 12 BROTHER INTERNET FAX PRINTING SOFTWARE...
  • Page 92: Sending A Network Fax With Bfp

    Sending a Network Fax with BFP From the application you wish to send the document from select File | Print. Ensure that the Brother Internet Fax is selected as shown below. Clicking Print and the BFP dialogue box will be displayed. From this dialogue box you can either specify an address in the address line or select a location from the address book.
  • Page 93: Appendix

    Windows 2000/XP • Brother Web BRAdmin Professional utility for IIS* BRAdmin Professional utility (Recommended) The Brother BRAdmin Professional utility can use the TCP/IP protocol. This utility allows you to graphically manage aspects of the network and printer. Web BRAdmin The Web BRAdmin software is designed to manage all LAN/WAN Brother network connected devices.
  • Page 94: Using Services

    Brother Print/Fax server. The Brother Print/Fax server provides the following predefined services (do a SHOW SERVICE command in the Brother Print/Fax server remote console to see a list of available services): Enter HELP at the command prompt for a list of supported commands.
  • Page 95: Appendix B

    Appendix B Updating other machines through the Network It is possible to program Brother machine on the network with either settings from an already programmed machine or with data from the Brother Network PC-FAX Address Book. (See Software User’s Guide chapter 6) When Brother Network PC-FAX in used from a PC that has BRAdmin Professional installed, an extra option appears in BRAdmin.
  • Page 96 (if there are any programmed) into Brother PC- FAX Address Book. Illustrated below is the Brother Address Book, on the left are One- Touch / Speed-Dial numbers read from the machine. On the right is the Brother Address Book. It is now possible to allocate One-Touch...
  • Page 97 A dialog box is displayed showing the upload status of current machine and beneath this the whole progress is displayed if updating multiple machine. When the process is finished a dialog box is displayed showing which machine on the network have been updated. A - 5 APPENDIX...
  • Page 98: Appendix C

    Appendix C Specifications Operating System Support ® Windows 98/98SE/Me and Windows ® Mac OS 8.6-9.2 / Mac OS Protocol Support TCP/IP(including the following) - RARP, BOOTP, DHCP, APIPA, NetBIOS Name Resolution, WINS, DNS Resolver, LPR/LPD, Port9100, SMTP/POP3, Rendezvous, TELNET, SNMP, TFTP Network 10/100Base-TX Ethernet Network...
  • Page 99 Coding System: MH Width: 1728 dot Fax / E-mail / I-Fax Forwarding / Paging feature. (Please check the User Guide for your Brother MFC to verify is this feature is available). Scan to key: E-mail / OCR / Image / File...
  • Page 100: Management Utilities

    Computer Requirements (for drivers, BRAdmin Professional, Peer-to-Peer software, etc.) - Pentium 75MHz or Higher for Windows - Pentium 150MHz or Higher for Windows - Pentium 133MHz or Higher for Windows - Pentium 233MHz or Higher for Windows - 24MB or greater (32MB recommended) for Windows - 32MB or greater (64MB recommended) for Windows - 64MB or greater (128MB recommended) for Windows ®...
  • Page 101: Function Table And Factory Default Settings

    Function Table and Factory Default Settings LEVEL LEVEL LEVEL THREE 4.LAN 1.Setup 1.BOOT Method TCP/IP 2.IP Address 3.Subnet Mask 4.Gateway 5.Host Name 6.WINS Config 7.WINS Server 8.DNS Server 9.APIPA 2.Setup 1.Mail Address Internet 2.SMTP Server 3.POP3 Server 4.Mailbox Name 5.Mailbox Pwd 3.Setup 1.Auto Polling Mail RX...
  • Page 102: Index

    BOOT Method ... 3-2 BOOTP ... 2-5 BRAdmin Professional ...2-2 BRN_xxxxxx_P1 ...A-2 Broadcasting ... 9-11 Brother Internet Port ... 7-8 Brother LPR Port ...4-6 Brother Peer to Peer Software ... 4-5 DHCP ...2-1 DNS Server ... 3-8 Error ... 6-11 Error Mail ...
  • Page 103 Network Configuration List ... 3-19 Network Fax ... 9-13 Network PC FAX ... 9-1 Network Printing ... 4-1 Node name ... 1-3 Notification message ... 3-13 OS/2 Warp Server ... 4-1 Password ... 7-1 password ... 4-4 PC-FAX ... 1-6 Peer-to-Peer ...