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Seagull Models EXTRA EA300L EP Assembly Manual


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MS: X199
"Graphics and specifications may change without notice".
Wing span ----------------------------36.6 in ( 93cm).
Wing area ----------------- 229.4 ( 14.8sq dm).
Weight -----------------------
-2.2 lbs ( 1.0 kg).
Length ------------------------------29.6 in ( 75.2 cm).
Speed control (ESC) ------------------ 30A-40A amp.
Motor -------------------------------480-Power 10.
Radio ------------------- 4 channels with 4 mini servos.
Battery 3-cell 1800mAh to 2100mAh Li-Po
10 x 5E Electric Prop.


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Seagull Models EXTRA EA300L EP

  • Page 1 MS: X199 ASSEMBLY MANUAL “Graphics and specifications may change without notice”. Specifications: Wing span ----------------------------36.6 in ( 93cm). Wing area ----------------- 229.4 ( 14.8sq dm). Weight ----------------------- -2.2 lbs ( 1.0 kg). Length ------------------------------29.6 in ( 75.2 cm). Speed control (ESC) ------------------ 30A-40A amp.
  • Page 2: Kit Contents

    You will find that most of the work has been done for you already.The motor mount has been fitted and the hinges are pre-installed . Flying the EXTRA EA300L EP is simply a joy. This instruction manual is designed to help you build a great flying aeroplane. Please read this manual thoroughly before starting assembly of your EXTRA EA300L EP .
  • Page 3: Hinging The Ailerons HINGING THE AILERONS . KIT CONTENTS. Fuselage Note: The control surfaces, including the Wing set ailerons, elevators, and rudder, are Tail set prehinged with hinges installed, but Canopy the hinges are not glued in place. It Pilot is imperative that you properly Cowling adhere the hinges in place per the Wheel pants...
  • Page 4 EXTRA EA300L EP Instruction Manual. T-pin 5) Turn the wing panel over and deflect the aileron in the opposite direction from the opposite side. Apply thin C/A glue to each hinge, making sure that the C/A penetrates into 4) Deflect the aileron and completely both the aileron and wing panel.
  • Page 5: Hinging The Rudder Hinge. 2) Carefully remove the elevator from one of the horizontal stabilizer panels. Note the position of the hinges. INSTALL THE AILERONS CONTROL 3) Remove each hinge from the horizontal HORN. stabilizer panel and elevator and place a T- pin in the center of each hinge.
  • Page 6 EXTRA EA300L EP Instruction Manual. INSTALL ELEVATOR CONTROL HORN. Fiberglass control horn. Rudder fiberglass control horn. ELEVATOR & RUDDER SERVO INSTALLATION. Epoxy. Because the size of servos differ, you may need need to adjust the size of the precut open- ing in the mount.
  • Page 7 1) The blind nuts for securing the landing gear are already mounted inside the fuselage. 2) Using the hardware provided, mount the main landing gear to the fuselage. 3) Place the fuselage inverted on the work- bench in a suitable stand. Set the landing gear in place and use a screwdrive to secure the landing gear to the fuselage using bolts M3x12mm and washers.
  • Page 8 EXTRA EA300L EP Instruction Manual. 10mm 3x12mm WHEEL AND WHEEL PANTS. 1) Assembling and mounting the wheel pants as shown below pictures. 2) Follow diagram below for wheel pant installation: wheel collar. Axle. Washer. wheel. wheel. wheel collar. Washer. nut.
  • Page 9 3) Use drill bit in a pin vise to drill the mouting holes in the blocks. 3) A drop of C/A glue on the wheel collar screws will help keep them from coming lose 4) Apply 2-3 drops of thin C/A to each of the during operation.
  • Page 10 EXTRA EA300L EP Instruction Manual. 9) Set the aileron hatch in place and use a Phillips screw driver to install it with four wood screws. 2x6mm 7) Apply 1-2 drops of thin C/A to each of the mounting tabs. Allow the C/A to cure without using accelerator.
  • Page 11 Nylon Snap Keeper Nylon Clevis Nylon Clevis Fuel Tubing Fuel Tubing ELECTRIC POWER ASSEMBLY. Nylon Clevis 1) Locate the items neccessary to install the electric power installation. Fuel Tubing Bend at the mark Metal clevis. M2 lock nut. Snap keeper. Servo arm.
  • Page 12 EXTRA EA300L EP Instruction Manual. Epoxy. 4mm. 122mm. 4) Locate the plywood battery tray to the fuselage. Battery. 1800mAh-2100mAh. 4mm. 5) Attach the speed control to the side of the motor box using two-sided tape and tie wraps. Connect the appropriate leads from the speed control to the motor.
  • Page 13: Installing The Spinner COWLING. 3) Install the muffler and muffler extension onto the engine and make the cutout in the cowl for muffler clearance. Connect the fuel 1) Slide the fiberglass cowl over the motor and pressure lines to the carburetor, muffler and line up the back edge of the cowl with the and fuel filler value.
  • Page 14 EXTRA EA300L EP Instruction Manual. 4) With the stabilizer held firmly in place, use INSTALLING THE HORIZONTAL STABI- a pen and draw lines onto the stabilizer where LIZER. it and the fuselage sides meet. Do this on both the right and left sides and top and bottom of 1) Using a ruler and a pen, locate the certerline the stabilizer .
  • Page 15 Fill epoxy Epoxy 2) Slide the vertical stabilizer back in place. Using a triangle, check to ensure that the ver- tical stabilizer is aligned 90º to the horizontal stabilizer. Vertical Stabilizer. Horizontal 90º Stabilizer. INSTALLING VERITICAL FIN. 3) When you are sure that everything is aligned correctly, mix up a generous amount of Flash 30 Minute Epoxy.
  • Page 16 EXTRA EA300L EP Instruction Manual. ELEVATOR - RUDDER PUSHROD HORN INSTALLATION. Nylon Clevis 1) Install the elevator control horn using the same method as with the aileron control horns. 2) Position the elevator control horn on the both side of elevator.
  • Page 17 3) Route the antenna in the antenna tube Epoxy inside the fuselage and secure it to the bot- tom of fuselage using a plastic tape. 100mm 200mm SPEED CONTROL 3) Position the canopy onto the fuselage. Trace around the canopy and onto the fuselage using a felt-tipped pen.
  • Page 18: Control Throws

    EXTRA EA300L EP Instruction Manual. With the wing attached to the fuselage, all parts of the model installed ( ready to fly), and empty fuel tanks, hold the model at the marked balance point with the stabilizer level.. Lift the model. If the tail drops when you lift, Wing Bolt the model is “tail heavy”...
  • Page 19: Flight Preparation

    2) Check every bolt and every glue joint thing on. in the EXTRA EA300L EP to ensure that everything is tight and well bonded. B) Check the elevator first. Pull back on the elevator stick. The elevator halves should 3) Double check the balance of the air- plane.

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