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Troubleshooting - Sharp UA-HG30E Operation Manual

Air purifier with huidifying function
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Before calling for service, review the troubleshooting chart below to make sure
that the problem is not a unit malfunction.
Odour and smoke persists.
The Dust Sign light is green even
when the air is not clean.
The Dust Sign light is orange or
red even when the air is clean.
The unit makes a clicking or
ticking sound.
Air discharged from the unit has
an odour.
The unit does not operate when
cigarette smoke is in the air.
The Filter Indicator Light is on.
The Dust Sign lights are turned
The Humidify Light does not light
off when the Humidifying Tray is
The water level in the Humidifying
Tray does not decrease or
decreases slowly.
The Dust Sign lights change
colour frequently.
There is a discrepancy between
the unit's Humidity Monitor and
another hygrometer in the room.
REMEDY (the following are not due to a malfunction)
• Check the fi lters. If they appear to be extremely dirty, clean or
replace them. (Ref. E-13,E-14,E-15,E-16,E-17)
• The air may have been dirty when the unit was plugged in.
Unplug the unit, wait one minute, and then plug the unit in again.
• Dirty or clogged dust sensor openings interfere with sensor
operation. Gently clean the back panel. (Ref. E-13).
• The unit may make clicking or ticking sounds when it is
generating ions.
• Check to see if the fi lters are extremely dirty.
• Clean or replace the fi lters.
• Plasmacluster Air Purifi ers emit small traces of ozone that can
produce an odour.
• Check to see if the unit is installed in a location that makes it
diffi cult for the sensors to detect cigarette smoke.
• Check to see if the dust sensor openings are blocked or clogged.
If they are blocked or clogged, clean the back panel. (Ref. E-13)
• Whenever replacing the fi lters, connect the power cord to an
outlet and then press the Filter Reset Button.
• Check to see if the Lights OFF Mode is selected. If it is selected,
press the Light ON/OFF Button to turn the indicator lights on.
(Ref. E-11)
• Check to see if the SLEEP mode is selected. (Ref. E-10)
• Clean the Humidifying Tray. Make sure that the unit is on a level
• Check to see if the Humidifying Tray is correctly installed. Check
the Humidifying Filter.
• If the Humidifying Filter is extremely dirty, clean or replace it.
(Ref. E-14, E-15, E-17).
• Humidifi cation amount gets lower when humidity reaches to the
proper amount (55 ~ 65%) by the actuation of humidity sensor in
the case of fan speed automatic.
• The Dust Sign lights automatically change colour when the dust
sensor detect impurities.
• There is a difference in the humidity level within the same room.
• The sensor have different measurement parameters.
• If the monitor indicates TEMPERATURE, press the Display Select
Button. (Ref. E-11)
If the error continues to occur, contact a Sharp Service Centre.
Fan motor error.
Temperature-humidity sensor error.
Unplug the unit, wait one minute, then
plug the unit in again.


Table of Contents

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