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FusionModule500 Smart Mini Data Center
Quick Guide (02116382)
Issue: 02
Date: 2021-06-30
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


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  • Page 1 FusionModule500 Smart Mini Data Center Quick Guide (02116382) Issue: 02 Date: 2021-06-30 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
  • Page 2: Product Overview

    The component layout is only for reference. The actual installation positions prevail. • If the IVS, server, and LAN switch are configured, determine their installation positions based on the site requirements. Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. 2021. All rights reserved.
  • Page 3: Hardware Installation

    Hardware Installation Installing the Cabinet 1. Determine the cabinet position based on the engineering layout diagram. 2. Place the cabinet at the correct installation position. 3. Level the cabinet using a wrench. • Use a measuring tape to check that the vertical distance between the top of the 2000 mm high cabinet and the floor is 2000 mm (+3 mm).
  • Page 4 Installing Power Supply and Distribution Devices 12.1 Installing Lithium Batteries Install Busbars 1. Push a lithium battery into the cabinet and secure it. Install lithium batteries in the 11th U and Install rPDUs in the 11th U and 13th U higher positions of the cabinet.
  • Page 5 Installing a PAD 1. Adjust the PAD mounting support to match the dimensions of the PAD to be installed. 2. Remove the nuts from the PAD mounting support and install the support. 3. Route the PAD power cable through the cable hole and connect the cable. 4.
  • Page 6 (Optional) Installing a Server 1. Determine the installation position of the server and check whether floating nuts are installed. If not, install them first. 3. place the server on the guide rails, and push 2. Install guide rails. it into the cabinet. 4.
  • Page 7 (Optional) Installing a Camera 1. (Optional) Install an SD card. 2. Secure the camera to the mounting plate. (1) Cable outlet 3. Secure the mounting plate to the top 4. Adjust the camera. of cabinet front door. 5. Install the transparent cover.
  • Page 8 (Optional) Installing a LAN Switch 1. Install guide rails and floating nuts. 2. Secure the LAN switch. 3. Connect the power cable of the LAN switch. 4. Connect any port from 1 to 24 on the LAN switch to the WAN_1 port on the ECC800- Pro using a network cable.
  • Page 9 d. Insert the hard disk tray back at 45 degrees with the opening of its locking buckle facing downwards, hold the screw in the red-framed part to lower the hard disk tray until it is level, and fasten the black screws on the left and right sides and the white screw on the top. e.
  • Page 10 d. Install the IVS1800 in the cabinet. 3. Power on the device. (Optional) Installing a Fire Extinguishing Module 1. (Optional) Installing guide rails to the installation position of the fire extinguishing module. 2. Secure the fire extinguishing module.
  • Page 11: System Cabling

    System Cabling Grounding the Smart Module Connecting the Power Connecting PDU2000 Power Cables Cables of the Cabinet Connect input power cables to the power distribution unit.
  • Page 12 Connecting Cables Between Lithium Batteries and the UPS 2. Connect cables between the busbars 1. Connect cables between lithium and the power distribution unit. batteries and busbars. 3. Connect cables between the power distribution unit and the UPS. 4. Connect communications cables between lithium batteries and the UPS.
  • Page 13 Management System Cable Connection Connecting IVS Cables 1. Connect one end of the ground cable to the ground terminal on the device and the other end to the ground point on the cabinet. 2. Connect one end of the network cable to either GE port on the VCN510. 3.
  • Page 14: Verify The Installation

    Verify the Installation Item Check That Check Result The cabinet position is consistent with the equipment room layout □ Passed □ Failed diagram. All bolts and screws are firmly tightened, especially on electrical connections. Flat and spring washers are used with each bolt, and □...
  • Page 15: Power-On Commissioning

    Power-On Commissioning Power-On Commissioning for the Power Supply and Distribution System Configure an upstream protective device that meets the overload and short-circuit protection requirements for the cabinet. If one power input is overloaded or short-circuited, the system can switch to the other power input automatically. 1.
  • Page 16 Preparations and App Login 1. Download and install the FusionModule app from Huawei AppGallery. • Huawei AppGallery installed on the PAD: Log in to the Huawei AppGallery client, search for FusionModule, and tap Install. • Huawei AppGallery not installed on the PAD: Method 1: Log in to Huawei AppGallery (, search for...
  • Page 17 Record the values of Barcode and Verify Code in the displayed Startup Password dialog box. c) Within 24 hours, inform Huawei technical support of Barcode and Verify Code to obtain the password. After obtaining the password, enter the password in the Password text box and click Submit to complete the authentication of the startup password.
  • Page 18 Path Parameter Setting Device attribute Select UPS from the drop-down list box. Device attribute Select UPS2000G-L from the drop-down list box. Connect To Select ECC800 from the drop-down list box. Choose System Settings > Device Management and Select COM4 from the drop-down list box. click Add Device.
  • Page 19 2. Check functions of water sensors. Check Method Normal Connection Status Alarm Clearance Method Immerse the two Leak DI alarm is generated Wipe dry the two contacts of contacts of the electrode on the active alarm screen the water sensor. The alarm water sensor in water.
  • Page 20 3.11 Commissioning Cabinet Electronic Clasp Locks 1. Set device addresses for cabinet electronic clasp locks. • A cabinet electronic clasp lock is installed at the front and rear doors of the cabinet respectively. The address for the cabinet electronic clasp lock on the front door is an odd number, and that for the cabinet electronic clasp lock on the rear door is an even number.
  • Page 21 4. (Optional) Replacing the App Certificate on a Mobile Device. 5. Logging In to the EDCM App. 6. Connecting to the Network. FusionModule500 Smart Mini Data Center V100R021C10 User Manual For details, see the Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Huawei Industrial Base, Bantian, Longgang Shenzhen 518129 People's Republic of China
  • Page 22 FusionModule500 Smart Mini Data Center Management System Wiring Diagram Server RS485_IN Camera RS485_OUT RS485_IN (Using 2288X V5 as an example) Temperature and Humidity Sensor LAN switch (Using the LAN switch with24 ports as an example) RS485_IN RS485_IN RS485_OUT W&T IVS1800...

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