Before First Use; Using The Appliance; Filling The Water Tank; Internal Cleaning Procedure - Zanussi EMZ17-SSB User Manual

Multifunctional espresso machine
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1. Remove all packaging and check that the
appliance is in good condition.
2. Remove any labels and adhesives from the
3. Wipe the appliance with a slightly damp cloth. Dry
it completely.


➢ The amount of water in the water tank must be
between the minimum
maximum "MAX" levels indicated on the tank.
Add water as soon as the water level reaches
the "MIN" line of the water tank.
➢ Never operate the appliance without water in
the tank or without the tank in place. This can
damage the pump and shorten the life of the
➢ Only use still and cold water.
➢ Ensure that the cover lid is securely closed
before plugging the power cord into the power
➢ The coffee flow must be stopped manually, be
careful not to leave the appliance unattended
when in use.

Filling the water tank

Filling without removing the water tank
Use a carafe, fill it with cold still water.
Open the water tank cover lid and pour the water into
the water tank (1.2L) up to the MAX line indicated on
the tank.
Close the water tank cover lid
Filling by removing the water tank
Remove the water tank from the appliance by lifting;
fill the water tank with cold, still water to its MAX level
(1.2L). Put the water tank back in place by sliding it
slowly onto the base making sure that the two plastic
plates of the tank are inserted into the two notches
on the back surface of the appliance. Close the water
tank cover lid

Internal cleaning procedure

Before using the appliance for the first time, clean the
inside of the machine by running 2 internal rinsing
cycles with cold water only in order to remove any
dust or residue contained in the device.
"MIN" and the
4. Wash the filters, the adapter, the drip tray, the drip
grid, the water tank and its cover with hot soapy
water and dry them completely.
5. Place the appliance on a flat and stable surface.
6. Clean the inside of the machine by running 2
internal rinsing cycles with cold water only in order
to remove any dust or residue contained in the
Internal rinsing of the device is also recommended
after a long period of non-use.
1. Place the appliance on a flat and stable surface.
2. Unwind the appliance's power cord and plug the
plug into a power outlet.
3. Place the 2 cups filter inside the filter holder.
4. Place the filter holder on the appliance.
5. Place a large cup under the filter holder. Check that
the steam knob controller is in position 0.
6. Press on the ON/OFF
espresso dispensing button
The appliance enters preheating mode for a period of
2 minutes.
The required temperature is reached when:
a. the
b. and the temperature gauge needle is in position
7. Press on the espresso dispensing button
water will flow directly into the cup. When the water
reaches 2/3 of the cup, press again on the espresso
dispensing button
8. Empty the filled cup and start again.

Inserting and removing the filter

Position the filter over the filter holder, make sure the
round protuberance of the filter is vertical to the
notch in the filter holder and insert the filter into the
filter holder. Turn the filter so that the punch on its
inner wall is no longer positioned on the notch of the
filter holder. The filter is securely locked on the filter
holder if it does not fall out when you turn the filter
holder over.
Reverse the procedure to remove the filter from the
filter holder.
, it lights up red and the
flashes white.
to stop the water flow.
, the


Table of Contents

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