Before First Use; Appliance Set Up; Filling The Water Tank - Zanussi CKZ39-BL User Manual

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1. Remove all packaging and check that the appliance is in good condition.
2. Remove any labels and adhesives from the appliance.
3. Wipe the appliance with a slightly damp cloth. Dry it completely.
4. Wash the adapters, the drip tray, the drip grid, the water tank and its cover with hot soapy water and dry
them completely.
5. Place the appliance on a flat and stable surface.
6. Clean the inside of the machine by running 2 internal rinsing cycles with cold water only in order to remove
any dust or residue contained in the appliance.


Filling the water tank

Filling without removing the water tank
Use a carafe, fill it with cold tap water.
Remove the lid of the water tank and pour the water
into the water tank (600ml) up to the MAX line
indicated on the tank.
Close the lid on the tank.
 The amount of water in the water tank must be between the minimum "MIN" and the maximum "MAX"
levels indicated on the tank. Add water as soon as the water level reaches the "MIN" line of the water
 Never operate the appliance without water in the tank or without the tank in place. This can damage
the pump and shorten the life of the machine.
 Only use still and cold water.
Filling by removing the water tank
Remove the water tank from the appliance by tilting
it slightly; fill the water tank with cold, still water to
its MAX level (600 ml). Put the water tank back in
place by sliding it slowly onto the base making sure
that the water outlet pipe is inside the water tank.
Then press firmly on the tank to ensure it locks in
place. Place the lid on the water tank.


Table of Contents

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