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Sony DMX-NV1 Quick Setup Guide (For DMX-NV1 model sold separately) Quick Setup Manual page 2

Network video receiver
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Using Your TV's Remote Control with Your Receiver
Use your Sony TV's remote control with the DMe
This receiver does not come with its own remote control.
Remote controls may vary.
Shown with RM-YD018.
Helpful Hints and Troubleshooting
The receiver should be installed near an easily accessible power outlet.
To turn off or reset the receiver, unplug it from the wall.
Test the receiver's connection before mounting it to your TV, especially if you are mounting the TV to a wall.
If icons related to the receiver do not appear as shown in step 6 of Setting up the BRAVIA
cable connections and Internet connection.
Make sure that the USB and the HDMI cables are connected to the receiver and to the corresponding ports on the TV set.
Verify your network connection by ensuring the Internet Video icon, shown to the right, appears on the
under the Settings menu.
If the screen is black, press the HOME button to access the XMB
receiver. Do not try to access the receiver using the INPUT button on the remote control. The HDMI
input on the TV will not activate the receiver.
To view more videos while in the Internet Video Guide, press the OPTIONS button and select Categories. Select Home
Category to return to the main page.
Some videos may not be available for viewing, depending on the TV's Parental Lock.
Videos saved to My Video Links may not be available if they have been removed from the service content provider.
Your receiver will update software from time to time. See the Operating Instruction Manual for more details.
It is normal to see a black screen following an update or a reset of the receiver. To proceed, press the HOME button and
select an icon from the XMB
Recommended connection speed: Standard Definition video 2.5 Mbps, High Definition video 10 Mbps
To register your BRAVIA
Internet Video Link and access enhanced features, visit
To view or download the Operating Instruction Manual, visit
A hard copy of the Operating Instruction Manual is available by calling 800-488-SONY (7669) or by visiting (handling charges may apply).
For further assistance, contact Sony at 866-918-BIVL (2485)
Model Name:
Network Video Receiver DMX-NV1
Power Requirement:
AC 120V ~ 0.5A 60Hz External AC Adapter
DC Input:
9V 1A 9W
button to operate the BRAVIA
Internet Video Link receiver.
Button description for receiver use
Displays the Control Panel in the Video Player
Returns to the previous screen or saves selections,
depending on the screen
Opens the TV Home Menu/
Look for the Internet Video
icon on the Settings menu
when connected
Launches My Page
Make or confirm a selection
Move up, down, left or right on the screen
Displays Options menu to select additional features
unique to the receiver
Enters numbers
Page Up/Down
While in the Video Player
To Do This
Zoom in/out (if available)
View the control panel
Stop video playback and return to Internet Video
Pause/play a video
Display Options menu to zoom in and out
While in the Internet Video Guide
To Do This
View Home Category, view additional Categories,
Sort by category, Save this Link
Page up/down in Internet Video Guide
Internet Video Link, check your
and select an icon associated with the
Dimensions (receiver alone):
4.1 x 6.4 x 1.3 inches (105.4 x 163.7 x 32.3 mm)
Dimensions (with cable cover and stand):
4.1 x 8.8 x 4.3 inches (105.4 x 224 x 32.3 mm)
Mass (receiver alone):
1.1 lbs (0.5 kg)
Getting to Know Your Receiver
Internet Video Guide
BRAVIA Internet Video Link is a gateway that brings Internet videos
straight to your BRAVIA TV.
1. Press HOME on your TV's remote control to access the Video menu on
the XMB
2. Press the v button to highlight the service content provider of your
3. Press to open the Internet Video Guide with videos provided by the
service content provider.
The videos in the Internet Video Guide are arranged in thumbnails. Each
video's title and parental guideline rating is labeled in the lower left-hand
corner of the screen.
1. Scroll between videos using the V/v/B/b buttons. To page up and
down, press CH +/–.
2. Highlight the video you want to watch.
3. Press to open the video in the Video Player.
z In the Internet Video Guide, press OPTIONS and select Categories to
view more videos.
IMPORTANT: The Parental Lock function set on the TV will block video
content based on the TV Rating. The Movie Rating will not block content
with this receiver.
Video Player
= Press to Pause the video during playback. Press again to Play.
= Press the RETURN button to stop the video and return to the Internet
Video Guide.
= Press V/v to zoom in/out.
z Original quality of the picture may be lost when zooming in or out.
My Video Links
Follow the instructions below to save videos to My Video Links for quick
and easy viewing.
Save this Link
1. In the Internet Video Guide, highlight the video you wish to save.
2. Press the OPTIONS button and select Save this Link.
View My Video Links
1. Press the HOME button and highlight the Video menu.
2. Press the UP button to select My Video Links.
z The Favorites button on your TV's remote control is specifically for TV
channel Favorites.
My Page
(connected, green)
You must complete Region Setup before accessing this feature.
My Page gives you instant access to news, weather, and traffic
information, all with the click of a button. To access My Page, press the
shortcut button, DMe
To control the news articles:
1. Press the B/b buttons on your TV's remote control to change source.
2. Press the V/v buttons to change topics.
3. Press to view the full article in a new screen.
From time to time, Sony and the service content providers will send
important information to your Message Inbox.
To open your Message Inbox:
1. Press HOME on your TV's remote control to access the Network menu
on the XMB
2. Highlight the Messages icon and press .
3. Your Message Inbox will open. To read a message, highlight it using
the V/v buttons and press .
z The screen images shown above may differ from the actual images you see on your TV.
, on your remote control.


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