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Operation; Automatic Electric Brake - Craftsman CMCS500 Instruction Manual

20v max* 6-1/2" (165 mm)
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Fig. J
4. Tighten the depth adjustment knob to lock the saw
shoe in place.
Bevel Angle Adjustment (Fig. A, K)
This tool can be set to bevel angles between 0° and 50°.
1. Loosen the bevel adjustment knob 
2. Move the saw shoe into the desired position
corresponding with the bevel angle markings on
the bevel angle scale (
3. Tighten the bevel adjustment knob to lock the saw shoe
in place.
4. Confirm the accuracy of the setting by checking the
bevel angle of an actual cut on a scrap piece of material.
Fig. K
Shoe Adjustment for 90° Cuts (Fig. A)
The shoe 
has been set by the factory to assure that the
blade is perpendicular to the shoe at 0° bevel setting.
If realignment is needed:
1. Adjust the saw to 0° bevel.
2. Retract lower blade guard 
3. Loosen bevel adjustment knob 
against the blade 
and shoe 
90° setting.
to unlock the saw
. Place a square
to adjust the


WARNING: To reduce the risk of serious personal
injury, turn unit off and remove the battery pack
before making any adjustments or removing/
installing attachments or accessories. An
accidental start-up can cause injury.
Proper Hand Position (Fig. L)

WARNING: To reduce the risk of serious personal injury,
ALWAYS use proper hand position as shown.

WARNING: To reduce the risk of serious personal
injury, ALWAYS hold securely in anticipation of a
sudden reaction.
Proper hand position requires one hand on the main
and one hand on the secondary handle 
Fig. L
On/Off Switch (Fig. A)
Saw is equipped with a switch lock-off feature to prevent
unintentional operation.
1. To operate the tool, press in on the lock-off button 
from either side of the saw and hold it in as you depress
the trigger switch 
2. After you have depressed the trigger and the tool
is running, release the lock-off button. The tool will
continue to run as long as the trigger is depressed.
3. To turn the tool off, release the trigger switch.
nOTE: This tool has no provision for locking the tool on, and
the switch should never be locked on by any other means.

Automatic Electric Brake

Your saw is equipped with an electric blade brake which
stops the saw blade within 1–2 seconds of trigger release.
This is automatic and requires no adjustment.
Lower Blade Guard

WARNING: Laceration Hazard. The lower blade guard
is a safety feature which reduces the risk of serious
personal injury. Never use the saw if the lower guard
is missing, damaged, mis-assembled or not working
properly. Do not rely on the lower blade guard to
protect you under all circumstances. Your safety
depends on following all warnings and precautions


Table of Contents

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