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Bakeware; Oven Vent; Baking And Roasting; Broiling And Custom Broiling - Whirlpool VSF315PEMQ3 Use & Care Manual

Standard cleaning gas range
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The bakeware material affects cooking results. Follow
manufacturer's recommendations and use the bakeware size
recommended in the recipe. Use the following chart as a guide.
Light colored
Light golden
Even browning
Dark aluminum and
other bakeware with
dark, dull and/or
nonstick finish
Brown, crisp
Insulated cookie
sheets or baking
Little or no
bottom browning
Stainless steel
Light, golden
Uneven browning
Crisp crusts
glassware, ceramic
glass or ceramic
Brown, crisp

Oven Vent

A. Oven vent
The oven vent releases hot air and moisture from the oven, and
should not be blocked or covered. Blocking or covering the oven
vent will cause poor air circulation, affecting cooking and
cleaning results. Do not set plastics, paper or other items that
could melt or burn near the oven vent.
Use temperature and time
recommended in recipe.
May need to reduce baking
temperatures 25°F (15°C).
Use suggested baking time.
For pies, breads and casseroles,
use temperature recommended in
Place rack in center of oven.
Place in the bottom third of oven.
May need to increase baking time.
May need to increase baking time.
Follow manufacturer's
May need to reduce baking
temperatures 25°F (15°C).

Baking and Roasting

IMPORTANT: Do not light the oven burner during a power failure.
Do not place food or cookware directly on the oven door or the
oven bottom. When using the oven for the first time, it is
necessary to turn any one of the surface burners on first to
release air from the gas lines.
Before baking and roasting, position racks according to the
"Positioning Racks and Bakeware" section.
To Bake or Roast:
1. Touch BAKE.
Touch TEMP "up" or "down" arrow pads to set a temperature
other than 350°F (177°C) in 5°F (3°C) amounts. The bake
range can be set between 170°F and 500°F (77°C and 260°C).
The temperature can be changed at any time after this step by
touching the TEMP "up" or "down" arrow pads. START/ENTER
does not need to be touched again. If baking/roasting while the
Timer is counting down, the set baking/roasting temperature
can be displayed for 5 seconds by touching BAKE.
3. Touch OFF/CANCEL when finished.
After START/ENTER is touched, the oven will enter a timed
preheat conditioning cycle. The Temp, Bake, and On indicator
lights will light up. The Electronic Oven Control automatically
selects the conditioning cycle time based on the oven
temperature selected. The conditioning cycle time will not
change if the temperature is reset before the cycle countdown
ends. The preheat conditioning cycle is complete and the oven is
ready to use when a 1-second tone sounds, the cycle countdown
ends, and the set temperature is displayed.
Preheat temperatures are affected by varying factors such as
room temperature and peak energy usage times. It is normal for
the temperature showing on the display and the actual oven
temperature to differ.
Waiting an additional 10 minutes after the preheat conditioning
time ends to put food in the oven is suggested when baking
foods with leavening ingredients, such as yeast, baking powder,
baking soda and eggs.

Broiling and Custom Broiling

The broiler is located below the oven door. The broiler pan and
grid roll out for easy access. Always broil with the broiler and
oven doors closed.
Do not step on or apply weight to the broiler door while it is
Do not preheat broiler before use. Completely close broiler
door during broiling.
Do not use broiler drawer for storage.
Use only the broiler pan and grid provided with the appliance.
It is designed to drain juices and help prevent spatter and
For proper draining, do not cover the grid with foil. The
bottom of the pan may be lined with aluminum foil for easier
Trim excess fat to reduce spattering. Slit the remaining fat on
the edges to prevent curling.
Pull out oven rack to stop position before turning or removing
food. Use tongs to turn food to avoid the loss of juices. Very
thin cuts of fish, poultry or meat may not need to be turned.


Table of Contents

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