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    Copyright © Apricorn, Inc. 2004. All rights reserved. Windows and MS-DOS are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All other trademarks and copyrights referred to are the property of their respective owners. Distribution of substantively modifi ed versions of this document is prohibited without the explicit permission of the copyright holder.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    II ... 9 RIVE WITH RIVE WITH ... 17 RIVE RIVE ... 24 ... 25 EZ B DT ... 26 ... 27 UPPORT ... 28 DT K ... 5 EZ ... 10 LONE EZ ... 15 MAGE ... 21 www.apricorn.com...

  • Page 4: I Ntroduction

    1. INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing your EZ Bus Desktop system. Engineered for desktop and notebook applications, the EZ Bus Desktop family of storage & backup products has three interfaces to choose from: USB 2.0 (EZ Bus DT), SATA (EZ Bus DTS) and USB2.0/FireWire Combo (EZ Bus DTC).

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    2. GETTING TO KNOW YOUR EZ BUS DT A. Package Contents EZ Bus DT Enclosure EZ Bus DTC Stand USB Cable EZ Gig II Software Encryption and Synchronization Software AC Adapter AC Cable www.apricorn.com...

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    B. System Requirements To use the EZ Bus DT effectively, you will need the following minimum system setup: Hardware: Pentium II 350MHz compatible process or higher 64MBs RAM USB 2.0/1.1 or FireWire port CD ROM drive Operating Systems: Microsoft: Windows 2000 Professional Windows XP Home and Professsional Apple: Mac OS 9.X and later...

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    D. Rear Panel of EZ BUS DT AC Adapter Connection Connection www.apricorn.com...

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    3. HARD DRIVE INSTALLATION FOR EZ BUS DT KIT Only the EZ Bus DT Kit is shipped without a hard disk drive. If you have purchased an EZ Bus DT with a hard drive, proceed to section 4 (page 6). To install your 3.5”...

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    Step 6. Rotate and insert the rubber plugs into their original positions to cover up the exposed screw heads. Step 7. You are now ready to use your EZ-Bus-DT. You will need to initialize your new hard drive, instructions for this are on page www.apricorn.com...

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    4. CONNECTING YOUR EZ BUS DT Connect the USB cable to the USB port at the rear of the EZ Bus DT and to an available USB Port on your computer. Connect the AC adapter at the rear of the EZ Bus DT and then plug into an available wall outlet or power strip.

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    Perform weekly backups (using Image EZ, compressed image of your entire hard drive or partition). 5. Once you have decided upon your plan, proceed to the appropriate sections in this manual to either use Clone EZ or Image EZ. and/or www.apricorn.com...

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    B. Installation of EZ Gig II: 1. Insert EZ Gig II CD into CD-ROM drive. 2. EZ Gig II screen (shown) will pop up. 3. Click on Install EZ Gig II. 4. Follow instructions for installation. The Leader in Personal Storage...

  • Page 13: Clone Ez

    FireWire connection for cloning, you do not need to boot directly from the CD and can access through Windows (Start Programs Apricorn Apricorn EZ Gig II - click on Clone EZ and follow the directions). 2. Turn on your computer and change the BIOS setting so that the computer boots to the CD-ROM.

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    6. The “Upgrade Mode” screen will appear. Select “Automatic Upgrade” and click Next to continue. 7. If the hard disk drive to receive the cloned data is new or blank, proceed to step 11. If the hard disk drive to receive the cloned data either contains data or is formatted, proceed to step 8.

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    Back button to check. If you chose the proper source and destination drives, then select the “Delete partitions on the destination hard disk” button. Click Next to continue. www.apricorn.com...

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    11. The “Hard Disk Drives Structure” screen will appear. This screen shows the source hard disk layout before the cloning process and the destination hard disk layout after the cloning process. Click Next to continue. 12. The next screen outlines the operations that Clone EZ will perform. Click Next to proceed with cloning your hard disk drive.

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    COMPUTER WITH A CLONED HARD DRIVE IN THE EZ BUS DT. To do so may alter some settings of the Windows operating system. 14. You have completed the cloning process and now have an exact bootable clone of your hard drive. www.apricorn.com...

  • Page 18: Image Ez

    Next button. At the Image Archive Creation Window, fi nd your EZ Bus DTC (it may have the name Apricorn, and the drive letter will vary depending on the confi guration of your computer). The Leader in Personal Storage...

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    If you forget the password, you will be unable to access the image fi le at a later date. Apricorn does not have the ability to retrieve the password. Click Next to continue.

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    E. Initializing Your Hard Drive (self installed hard drives only) 1. To initialize your hard drive, you will need to go to Disk Management in Windows. To get to Disk Management, you will need to click Start Settings DT that already has a hard drive, you do not need to use this section because the drive is already formatted for FAT32.

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    If the wizard does not appear, follow the remaining instructions. 5. You will be able to easily identify the new drive in Disk Management . The drive will show up as Unknown and Unallocated with a red no entry sign on the disk number. www.apricorn.com...

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    6. Right click on the section to the left where the drive number and red no entry sign are located. Select Write Signature . 7. There are two types of disk storage that you can choose from: basic and dynamic. Select Basic Storage if you want to create partitions and logical drives on the disk.

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    Click Next . You will have to wait a bit. When completed, the drive properties will be shown. You have completed partitioning and formatting your new hard drive. You can begin cloning or imaging (see relevant sections for instructions). www.apricorn.com...

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    F. Reformatting Your Hard Drive Your EZ Bus DT’s hard drive is preformatted with the FAT32 Windows File System. While the FAT32 fi le system is visible to the largest number of operating systems, FAT32 does have limitations. You cannot save a fi le larger than 4GB.

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    The drive should read Mac OS Extended. 6. You can now enable the fi le exchange extension. a. From the Apple Menu , select Control Panel, Extensions Manager . b. Check the on/off box next to File Exchange . c. Click Restart . www.apricorn.com...

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    To Reformat in Mac OS 10. Caution: This will destroy any data on the hard drive. Backup any data before you continue with the reformatting of the EZ Bus DT hard drive. Make sure the EZ Bus DT is plugged into the USB port. The drive should appear as a drive on your desktop.

  • Page 27: G. C Ryptainer

    LE by checking the box in the Setup Window. If you choose not to run Cryptainer LE immediately, you can always click the Start button and go to Programs Cryptainer 5. To learn how to use Cryptainer, go to Help open Cryptainer. Cryptainer LE . Help Topics when you www.apricorn.com...

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    H. Second Copy 1. Insert Cryptainer/Second Copy CD into CD-ROM drive. 2. Setup screen will pop up. Click Second Copy button. 3. Follow instructions for installation. 4. Upon completion of installation, you can immediately run Second Copy by checking the box in the Setup Window. If you choose not to run Second Copy immediately, you can always click the Start button and go to Programs Second Copy 2000...

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    1. The drive will need to be dismounted. This can be done by dragging the drive to the Trash Can . Wait a few seconds. Once the LED has turned off, you can safely remove the drive. in the system www.apricorn.com...

  • Page 30: Rma Policy

    1. Simply call Apricorn’s technical support department with your EZ Bus DT part number and a description of the problem(s) you are experiencing. 2. If the Apricorn representative fi nds cause for a return, they will issue an RMA number. Please write this number down.

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    FAQS 1. What is USB 2.0? USB 2.0 represents the next generation of PC peripherals and connectivity. USB 2.0 is the fi rst major evolution of the Universal Serial Bus standard, which was originally designed to bring low cost connections and “plug-and-play”...

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    Image EZ also allows a password to be assigned to a backup image, providing security for your data. A detailed description for each image can be entered giving the user total fl exibility to retain backups from multiple dates, or multiple computers. www.apricorn.com...

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    Cryptainer LE protects your data by creating multiple encrypted vaults for all your fi les and folders. Secure your PC and ensure total privacy with Cryptainer LE’s powerful 448 bit strong encryption without changing the way you work. You can choose from Blowfi sh or AES encryption algorithms.

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    11. I am unable to format my 80GB or larger EZ Bus DT with FAT 32 in Windows 2000 or XP? Windows 2000 and XP limit a FAT32 partition to 32GB. If you choose to format the drive in a larger partition, you will need to use the NTFS fi le system. www.apricorn.com...

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    12191 Kirkham Road Poway, CA, U.S.A. 92064 1-858-513-2000...

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