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Alphasmart Dana Getting Started Manual

Alphasmart dana: user guide.
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Setup manual - 44 pages
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Getting Started
with Dana
AlphaSmart, Inc.


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   Summary of Contents for Alphasmart Dana

  • Page 1: Getting Started

    Getting Started with Dana AlphaSmart, Inc.

  • Page 2

    End User Software License Agreement. AlphaSmart, Dana by AlphaSmart, AlphaSmart 3000, and Renaissance Learning are trademarks of Renaissance Learning, Inc., and its subsidiaries, registered, common law, or pending registration in the United States and other countries. Microsoft Word and Excel are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Installing desktop software ........8 Connecting Dana to a computer ........11 Synchronizing data using HotSync .

  • Page 4

    Resetting Dana ........

  • Page 5: Chapter 1 - A Dana Tour

    It combines the convenience and affordability of a Palm-Powered™ device with the ergonomics of a lightweight laptop. Dana is easy to use, rugged and has exceptional battery life to keep you working while away from your computer. Use your new electronic notebook to do the following: Compose documents in AlphaWord, a full-featured word processor.

  • Page 7: Utilizing Dana's Wide Screen

    Utilizing Dana’s wide screen Dana utilizes all the power and efficiency of the Palm operating system, and expands its capabilities with a larger screen, the inclusion of the AlphaWord word-processing application and many other features. AlphaWord functions at the full Dana screen resolution of 160x560...

  • Page 8: Charging Dana

    (charging will only occur while the computer is on). You can also use standard AA alkaline batteries (not included). You will need to connect Dana to the AC adapter for four hours or the computer for eight hours to get a full charge. Use the AC adapter that comes with Dana, or one that meets the following specification: Input: AC 120v 60Hz 9W Output: DC 7.5V 500...

  • Page 9: Writepad Basics

    (including those on a rotated screen). Entering data The most obvious way of entering data on Dana is using its full-size keyboard. For applications running in narrow mode, you can also enter data using the onscreen keyboard or Graffiti® 2 writing on the WritePad.

  • Page 10: Using The Screen's Backlight

    Using the screen’s backlight Warning: Using the backlight feature significantly reduces battery life. 1. Press the on/off key to turn Dana on. 2. Press the on/off key again and hold for about two seconds. Release the key when the backlight turns on.

  • Page 11: Adjusting The Lcd Contrast

    If you want to continue using your old Palm OS handheld as well as Dana, you will need to choose a new user name for Dana during Palm Desktop software install on a PC or during the first HotSync on a Macintosh.

  • Page 12: Installing Desktop Software

    Danas that HotSync to the same computer should not have the same user name. If you plan to continue using your old handheld as well as Dana, make sure you create a new user name for Dana.

  • Page 13: Installing Palm Desktop Software On Pc

    Palm Desktop software. Important: Palm Desktop Software for the PC requires Windows 98 or newer. 1. Insert the Palm Desktop for Dana Software CD-ROM into the CD- ROM drive 2. When the window showing the CD's contents opens, double-click on setup.exe.

  • Page 14: Installing Palm Desktop Software On Macintosh

    Important: If you already own a Palm OS handheld and want to continue using it, you should create a new user name to use with Dana. During installation, you may be asked to connect Dana to the computer using the USB cable. Installing Palm Desktop software on a...

  • Page 15: Connecting Dana To A Computer

    Connecting Dana to a computer Dana comes with a USB cable for connecting to a PC or Macintosh for the speedy exchange and update of applications and files. 1. Connect one end of the USB cable to the Dana computer port.

  • Page 16

    See “Upgrading from a Palm OS handheld” on page 7 for more information. 4. Wait for a message on Dana indicating that the process is complete before disconnecting Dana from the USB cable. Note: Your user name is the connection between Dana and your computer.

  • Page 17: Chapter 2 - Alphaword

    Tip: To replace a file associated with a workspace with a different file, press the menu key, then select File New for a new file or File Open for an existing file. Getting Started with Dana AlphaWord...

  • Page 18: Creating An Alphaword Document

    Creating an AlphaWord document 1. Press the memo key or tap the AlphaWord icon in the Applications Launcher. 2. If there are no existing files AlphaWord will automatically open a new file, otherwise select New under the File menu. Note: The first time you start AlphaWord it will automatically open a new file;...

  • Page 19: Using Spell Check

    Info under the App menu. If SpellData is in the list, then the larger data file is installed. If it isn’t, you can HotSync it to Dana now. AWSpellLarge.pdb is located in the DanaExtras folder under the Palm folder on your computer. For more information on HotSyncing the file to Dana, see “Installing applications”...

  • Page 20: Using Thesaurus

    (ThesData.PDB) should be automatically installed the first time you HotSync. If it isn’t, you can HotSync it to Dana now. It can be found in the DanaExtras folder under the Palm folder on your computer. For more information, see “Installing applications”...

  • Page 21

    2. Tap the Print icon. 3. Tap the Setup button. 4. Choose your printer from the Printer pick list. 5. Tap the Set As Default button. Getting Started with Dana Choose the type of word you want Select a word in the synonym list,...

  • Page 22: Printing

    Dana User’s Guide. 2. If you are printing via USB, connect one end of the USB cable to the Dana printer port and connect the other end of the cable to the printer. If you are printing via infrared (IrDA), point Dana’s IrDA port at the Printer’s IrDA port.

  • Page 23: Connecting To Your Computer

    Send works with either a USB or wireless (IrDA) connection. HotSync a new AlphaWord document to your computer 1. Create and save a document. 2. Press the apps key. 3. Connect Dana to your computer via a USB cable, then press function-sync. Getting Started with Dana...

  • Page 24: Sending Text To Your Computer

    Note: If you are transferring text via a wireless connection (IrDA), launch AlphaBeam on your computer. For more information on installing AlphaBeam see the Dana User’s Guide. 2. On Dana open the document you want to transfer. AlphaWord...

  • Page 25: Hotsync A Desktop Document To Alphaword

    3. Connect Dana to your computer via a USB cable or point Dana’s infrared port at your computer’s IrDA port, then press send. 4. The text will appear in the application on the Macintosh or PC. Note: For wireless (IrDA) transfer there is file size limit of 50K on a PC and 32K on a Macintosh.

  • Page 26: Alphaword In-depth

    AlphaWord In-depth AlphaWord controls Shows the current workspace Paragraph formatting button • formatting dialog box (covers justification, indenting, line spacing, etc.) Justification button • right, full justified, or centered. Tap to change the justification. Bold button • Underline button • enabled.

  • Page 27

    Cursor movement In AlphaWord (and other Dana applications), you can move the cursor using the following keystrokes: Cursor Movement Keyboard Commands TABLE 1.

  • Page 28

    TABLE 2. Shift-Up Arrow Shift-Down Arrow Cut, copy, paste and select These commands are equivalent to those used on PCs or Macintosh: TABLE 3. Ctrl-C or cmd-C Ctrl-V or cmd-V Ctrl-X or cmd-X Ctrl-A or cmd-A Ctrl-backspace Ctrl-del Editing an existing AlphaWord document 1.

  • Page 29: Deleting A Document

    1. Open the file you want to delete. 2. Press the menu key. Select Delete Doc under the File menu. 3. Tap OK. Installing additional fonts on Dana AlphaWord allows you to add additional fonts to use in your documents to improve their appearance and readability.

  • Page 30: Using Fonts

    PC, you can beam them to your Dana. Click or Ctrl-click to select fonts 2. Click on the font name you want to install, then click on the Install button. Tip: To select multiple fonts, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking the fonts.

  • Page 31: Setting A File Password

    Note: A font may appear in the Font: list, but not display in AlphaWord or the Sample box. A font will only display if the actual font has been installed on Dana. In the Font: list installed fonts are shown in bold. If you choose a font...

  • Page 32

    Tip: Passwords are case sensitive, so make sure caps lock is not on when entering your password. 5. Next time you open the document you will be prompted for a password. Tip: If you forget the password for a file, you can open the file using the master password.

  • Page 33: Chapter 3 - Onboard Applications

    Launching Applications When you turn on Dana, the Applications Launcher displays a list of all the applications on Dana. You can always return home to the Applications Launcher by simply pressing the apps key. You can also display only selected applications by arranging applications into categories.

  • Page 34: Using Address Book

    Selecting applications: Use the arrow keys to move between applications, or the Tab • key to cycle through all the applications from left to right. You can also select an application by typing the first letter of an • application’s name, which will jump the selection box to the application.

  • Page 35: Viewing And Changing An Address Book Entry

    4. After you finish entering information, tap the Done button. Tip: You can also import a database into Palm Desktop software and transfer it to Dana during the next HotSync operation. See the Dana User’s Guide and Palm Desktop online Help for more information.

  • Page 36: Deleting An Address Book Entry

    Private: Hide or mask this entry when Security is turned on. • You must install the Security application to enable this feature. For more information see the Dana User’s Guide. 5. Tap OK. Deleting an Address Book entry 1. Tap the entry you want to delete.

  • Page 37: Creating An Untimed Event

    Creating an untimed event You can also schedule events in your Date Book that occur on a particular date but have no specific start or end times, such as Getting Started with Dana Next year Previous week Tap a day in the current week...

  • Page 38

    birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries. These are referred to as “untimed events.” Untimed events appear at the top of the list of times, marked with a diamond. You can have more than one untimed event on a particular date. 1. Tap the date that you want for the event. 2.

  • Page 39: Creating A Repeating Or Continuous Event

    5. Enter a number on the Every line to indicate the frequency. For example, if you select Month and enter the number 2, the event repeats every other month. 6. (Optional) Tap the End on pick list, tap Choose Date, and select an end date. Tap OK. Getting Started with Dana...

  • Page 40: Rescheduling An Event

    7. Tap OK. A repeat icon appears to the far right of the event. Rescheduling an event 1. Tap the event you want to reschedule. 2. Tap the Details button. 3. Tap the Time box and select a new time. 4.

  • Page 41: Deleting An Event

    Tip: You can also press the date key repeatedly to display the next view. Deleting an event 1. Tap the event you want to delete. 2. Press the menu key. 3. Under the Record menu, tap Delete Event. Getting Started with Dana Previous/next month Tap to display a different category...

  • Page 42: Using To Do List

    4. If you’re deleting a repeating event, tap the appropriate button: Current: Deletes only the current event item. • Future: Deletes the current and all future event items and resets • the end date of repeating event to the last shown date. All: Deletes all occurrences of the repeating event.

  • Page 43: Creating A To Do List Item

    Changing a To Do List item 1. Use the up or down arrow key to highlight the entry you want to change. Getting Started with Dana Enter description function-show to set display options...

  • Page 44

    2. Tap the Details button. 3. Tap the Due Date pick list and select a new date. Today: Assigns the current date. • Tomorrow: Assigns tomorrow’s date. • One week later: Assigns the date exactly one week from today. • No Date: Removes the due date from the item.

  • Page 45: Marking A To Do List Item Complete

    Palm Desktop software, select the check box in the confirmation dialog box. 4. Tap OK. Tip: You can also delete an item by opening the To Do Item Details dialog box, pressing function-delete..., and then pressing function-ok. Getting Started with Dana...

  • Page 46: Using Memo Pad

    Memo Pad is called a “memo.” Each memo can contain up to 4,000 characters. The number of memos you can store is dependent only on Dana’s available memory. Creating a memo 1. Press the apps key repeatedly till you see ALL in the top right corner of the Applications Launcher.

  • Page 47: Reviewing And Changing A Memo

    3. Under the Record menu, tap Delete Memo. Note: If you want to save a copy of the deleted memo to an archive file in Palm Desktop software, select the check box in the confirmation dialog box. Getting Started with Dana...

  • Page 48: Printing From Date Book, Address Book, To Do List Or Memo Pad

    4. Select the type of record you want to print. Tap to select a record type 5. If you are printing via USB, connect one end of the USB cable to the Dana printer port and connect the other end of the cable to Onboard Applications...

  • Page 49: Preferences And Other Settings

    6. Select a record and then tap the Print button. Preferences and other settings Many of Dana’s settings and preferences can be adjusted to suit your needs. You can make changes to the Applications Launcher display, date and time settings including their formats, and general preferences like auto shutoff interval, alarm options, and sounds.

  • Page 50

    1. Press the apps key repeatedly till you see ALL in the top right corner of the Applications Launcher. 2. Tap the Prefs icon. 3. Tap the pick list in the upper-right corner and select Date & Time. To set the date: 1.

  • Page 51

    2. Tap the up or down arrows in the dialog box to change the hour. 3. Tap each number of the minute, and then tap the arrows to change them. Note: Dana can also display time based on a 24-hour clock. See“Changing Formats preferences” on page 49. 4. Tap OK.

  • Page 52: Setting General Preferences

    Tap the Daylight Savings pick list, then select On or Off. • Setting General preferences You can set Dana’s auto shutoff interval, alarm options, and sounds. You can also prohibit anyone from beaming information to Dana. 1. Press the apps key repeatedly till you see ALL in the top right corner of the Applications Launcher.

  • Page 53: Changing Formats Preferences

    There are several options you can choose to customize some general settings on the Dana keyboard. Tab key option You can choose how the tab key operates on Dana using the “Tab moves to the next field...” option. When this option is enabled, Getting Started with Dana...

  • Page 54: Application Shortcuts

    Rotating the screen Dana's screen can be rotated using the screen application, so that applications can be viewed either horizontally or vertically. Viewing the screen vertically can be more convenient for tasks like filling out forms or reading an ebook.

  • Page 55

    3. Tap an icon to change the screen orientation. 4. Tap the OK button. Getting Started with Dana Tap an icon to change the screen orientation...

  • Page 56

    Onboard Applications...

  • Page 57: Chapter 4 - Dana In-depth

    CHAPTER 4 Beaming information You can use the IrDA (infrared) port on Dana to beam the following information to another Dana, IrDA-equipped Palm OS organizer, or IrDA-equipped printer. The file or record currently displayed in AlphaWord (if installed • on the other device), Date Book, Address Book, To Do List or Memo Pad.

  • Page 58: Beaming Applications

    1. Press the apps key. 2. Press the send key. 3. Tap the Beam from pick list, and then select Dana or Card. To beam an application from a card, you must have a card inserted into the expansion card slot.

  • Page 59: Receiving Beamed Information

    Receiving beamed information 1. Turn on Dana. 2. Point the IrDA port on the top of Dana at the sending IrDA port. 3. When the Beam Status dialog appears, tap Yes. Beaming your business card 1. Create an Address Book entry with your business card information.

  • Page 60

    HotSync operation. To learn about more add-on applications, go to Note: Any application that you install on Dana resides in RAM memory; you can delete them at any time. Installing applications using a PC 1. Copy the application you want to install into the Add-on folder under the Palm folder on your computer.

  • Page 61

    4. When the Open dialog box appears, select the application(s) you want to install on Dana or an expansion card and then click Open. 5. If you need to change the destination of the application you are installing, click Change Destination on the Install Tool window, and...

  • Page 62: Installing Applications Using A Macintosh

    Dana and an optional expansion card. Click to install application on an expansion card 6. Click OK to close the Change Destination window. 7. Click Done to close the Install Tool window.

  • Page 63

    Select Palm folder Select application to install 6. Select the Palm folder from the pop-up menu. 7. Select the application you want to install. Getting Started with Dana Click Add to List to select applications to install Click to move...

  • Page 64: Resetting Dana

    Dana running again. Performing a soft reset A soft reset tells Dana to stop what it’s doing and start over again while retaining all records and entries stored in Dana. Dana In-Depth...

  • Page 65: Performing A Hard Reset

    Installing alkaline batteries If there is a situation where you are unable to recharge Dana using the USB cable or AC adapter, Dana will also operate using 3 AA batteries.

  • Page 66

    5. Place 3 AA alkaline batteries in the battery compartment (positive to right). Warning: To avoid data loss when changing alkaline batteries, always turn Dana off before removing the batteries and replace the batteries within 30 seconds. 6. Unclip the rechargeable battery.

  • Page 67: Using Expansion Cards

    Using expansion cards Dana has 2 card slots that accepts Secure Digital (SD) or MultiMedia Card (MMC) expansion cards. These enable you to add additional software applications or hardware. You can also use an expansion card to back up data when it is inconvenient to perform a HotSync operation.

  • Page 68: Removing An Expansion Card

    2. Use your thumb to lightly push against the top of the card, following the direction indicated by the expansion card icon on the top of Dana. The expansion card slot releases the card, and Dana plays the system sound.

  • Page 69

    Dana. 5. If Dana still doesn’t turn on, perform a hard reset by holding down the on/off key while doing a soft reset. Wait for the Palm logo to appear, then release the on/off key.

  • Page 70

    2. Watch your monitor to see if the HotSync Progress dialog box appears (you may also hear the HotSync tones on Dana). If the HotSync Progress dialog box does not appear, Dana and the computer are not communicating. See “Troubleshooting communication problems”...

  • Page 71: Troubleshooting Communication Problems

    3. Perform a HotSync operation. Continue if you’re still having problems. Check Dana settings: 1. Turn on Dana and press the apps key repeatedly till you see ALL in the top right corner of the Applications Launcher. 2. Tap the HotSync icon.

  • Page 72

    USB cable is attached. Troubleshooting data synchronization problems If your data does not appear on Dana and in the Palm Desktop software after a HotSync operation, try the steps in this section. Note: If you are attempting to synchronize with applications other than the Palm Desktop software (e.g.,...

  • Page 73: Online Help And Additional Information

    Check your conduit settings on a Windows computer: 1. Click the HotSync icon on the taskbar and select Custom. 2. Select the user name that matches the Dana you are attempting to synchronize. 3. Ensure that the application conduits (other than Backup and Install) are set to Synchronize the Files.

  • Page 74

    The online help for Palm Desktop software. To access the • online help, go to the Help menu in Palm Desktop software. Additional resources for use with Dana including a file that • contains Holidays (for the Macintosh) can be found at

  • Page 75: Appendix A - Keyboard Navigation

    (via USB or IrDA to AlphaBeam). function-calc Launches Calculator function-contrast Launches screen contrast controls function-sync Performs a HotSync operation function-F1-F8 Launches application of choice (see “Application shortcuts” on page 50 for more details) Getting Started with Dana...

  • Page 76: Keyboard Navigation

    The table below displays the key combinations used to navigate between records or fields in open applications. The term “records” is used to refer to an individual item in any of the basic applications: a single Date Book event, Address Book entry, To Do List item, or Memo Pad memo.

  • Page 77

    Moves down a list brought up by function-enter arrow function-right Moves slider control right arrow function-left arrow Moves slider control left function-new Pushes the new button function-cancel or Pushes the cancel button function-done Pushes the done button function-note Pushes the note button Getting Started with Dana...

  • Page 78

    TABLE 3. Selecting On-screen Buttons and Controls function-ok function-show function-details function-Delete… ctrl-cmd-letter The table below displays menu navigation commands. TABLE 4. Menu Navigation menu right arrow or space bar left arrow or backspace down arrow up arrow enter cmd-tab cmd-menu shortcut letter (i.e. C for Edit Copy) Keyboard Navigation Pushes the ok button...

  • Page 79: Appendix B - International And Special Characters

    APPENDIX B The Dana keyboard is capable of the full range of special characters and typographical options available in the Palm OS. The tables below display the keyboard commands that produce these characters. Note: Any key commands that use a “two-key”...

  • Page 80: International And Special Characters

    TABLE 1. Diacritical Characters ò ù À È Ì Ò Ù â ê î ô û Â Ê Î Ô International and Special Characters o key followed by Function-~ u key followed by Function-~ A key followed by Function-~ E key followed by Function-~ I key followed by Function-~ O key followed by Function-~ U key followed by Function-~...

  • Page 81

    Ã A key followed by Function-Shift-~ Ñ N key followed by Function-Shift-~ Õ O key followed by Function-Shift-~ å a key followed by Function-( Getting Started with Dana circumflex accent dieresis accent dieresis accent dieresis accent dieresis accent dieresis accent...

  • Page 82

    TABLE 1. Diacritical Characters Å TABLE 2. Special Characters Character ø Ø ° ™ ® © ç Ç § ¶ æ Æ • TABLE 3. Punctuation Character ¿ ¡ International and Special Characters A key followed by Function-( Standard Keystroke(s) Function-o Function-Shift-o Function-d...

  • Page 83

    ` (grave accent) ^ (circumflex) Shift-^ ~ (tilde) Shift-~ TABLE 5. Currency Character Standard Keystroke(s) € Function-e £ Function-p ¢ Function-5 Function-j ¥ Function-y Shift-4 Getting Started with Dana Function key and period key Function key and comma Notes Notes...

  • Page 84

    TABLE 6. Math Character ÷ ± ƒ TABLE 7. Greek Character ß µ International and Special Characters Standard Key- Notes stroke(s) Function-2 Function-4 Function-3 Function- - Function key and hyphen Function-= Function-f Standard Keystroke(s) Notes Function-b beta or German Sharp Function-u...

  • Page 85: Appendix C - Warranty And Guarantee

    90 days from the date of original purchase. During this period, if a defect should occur, AlphaSmart, Inc. will, at its option, repair or replace Dana at no charge to you, provided that it is returned during the warranty period to AlphaSmart, Inc. or one of its authorized dealers.

  • Page 86

    Warranty and Guarantee...

  • Page 87: Appendix D - Contact Information And Return Procedures

    Phone: (888) 274-2720 • Fax: (877) 730-2158 • Email: • Web: • For general information, sales questions, or to purchase AlphaSmart products, contact us by: Phone: (888) 274-0680 • Email: • Web: • UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa:...

  • Page 88: Return Procedures

    • Return Procedures U.S.: If you have a problem with your Dana, first read the Frequently Asked Questions section in this manual. If this doesn't solve your problems, then use the following steps for help. 1. Contact technical support using the contact information listed on page 83.

  • Page 89

    RMA number. You will be sending the Dana to a repair center, not the AlphaSmart, Inc. office. Your repaired Dana will be returned to you within two weeks of receipt. If damages are due to accident or abuse, you will be charged a fee for the parts replaced, as well as a repair handling fee.

  • Page 90

    AlphaSmart, Inc. will not be responsible for units that are lost (in ship- ment from a customer). 3. On the inside of the box, tape a short, detailed note to the Dana explaining the problem as well as the country you are sending it from.

  • Page 91

    Beaming data 53 Beaming tips 55 Beaming your business card 55 Receiving beamed information 55 Charging Dana 4 Connecting Dana to a computer 11 Contrast 7 Date Book 32 Calendar view 36 Getting Started with Dana Creating a repeating or continuous...

  • Page 92

    Preferences 45 Changing Formats preferences 49 Setting Date and Time preferences 45 Setting General preferences 48 Printing 18 Resetting Dana 60 Rotating the screen 50 Secure Digital Card 63 Soft reset 60 Spell Check 15 Synchronizing data with HotSync 11...

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