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Alphasmart AS 3000 User Manual: Testing How Well You Learned

Alphasmart as 3000: supplementary guide.
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When you're finished, KeyWords assesses how you did. If you didn't
meet the goal, you see a message like this:
Your typing rate was xx words per
minute. You need to type xx words per
minute or more.
If you did meet the goal, you see a message like this instead:
Way to go! Your typing rate was 27
words per minute. Your goal rate was
8 per minute. You passed!

Testing how well you learned

The third option in each lesson, Take accuracy and speed test, lets
you test your progress. Each lesson has four different tests that you
can cycle through each time you take a test in the lesson. You can
retake a test anytime. Your record shows only your best results.
When you choose this option, you're shown the numbers necessary
to pass the test.
Your goal for the Speed and Accuracy
Test is 8 words per minute with
10 errors or fewer.
Press [SPACE BAR] to continue.
Using KeyWords
Press [SPACE BAR] to continue.
Press [SPACE BAR] to continue.
Beginning lessons


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