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Alphasmart NEO User Manual

Alphasmart neo: user guide.
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User's Guide



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  • Page 1

    User’s Guide...

  • Page 2

    AlphaSmart Sales and Technical Support For AlphaSmart sales and technical support contact information, see page 150, or visit the AlphaSmart web site at (United States) (United Kingdom) (all other countries) Nothing in this manual may be reproduced in any manner, either wholly or in part, for any purpose whatsoever without written permission from Renaissance Learning, Inc.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    System requirements... 3 Chapter 2 Basics ...5 Powering your Neo... 5 Entering text into your Neo ... 7 My screen isn’t blank ... 8 Connecting your Neo to a computer... 9 Successfully attaching your Neo ... 11 Sending text to a computer... 11 Sending text when connected by a USB cable ...

  • Page 4

    Clearing and deleting files ...54 Recovering data ...58 Chapter 4 Beyond Basics ... 59 What is a SmartApplet?... 59 The SmartApplets menu ...60 AlphaWord Plus ... 61 Calculator ... 61 Calculator’s paper tape ...63 Turning off Calculator ...64 Neo User’s Guide...

  • Page 5

    AlphaSmart Manager basics ... 87 Sending and saving ... 88 Starting AlphaSmart Manager ... 89 Viewing, printing, and saving files from your Neo ... 90 Viewing files ... 91 Printing files from AlphaSmart Manager ... 94 Saving files ... 98 Sending files to your Neo...

  • Page 6

    Passwords in AlphaSmart Manager ... 115 Send list password ...116 Master password ...117 File passwords ...117 Sending a user dictionary to Neo... 118 Replacing the thesaurus with the Spanish-English word lookup 120 Other AlphaSmart Manager tasks ... 122 Chapter 6 Troubleshooting ...

  • Page 7

    Appendix C Warranty, Maintenance, and Contact Information ...147 Warranty... 147 Guarantee ... 148 Maintenance tips ... 148 Storing your Neo ... 148 Contact information ... 150 Return procedures ... 152 FCC statement... 153 FCC caution ... 154 Index ...155...

  • Page 8

    Neo User’s Guide...

  • Page 9: Chapter 1 Introduction

    (PC or Macintosh) and lets you manage and configure your Neo. AlphaSmart Manager merges the ease and convenience of Neo with the power and depth of your personal computer. This manual is geared toward users of individual Neos. If Note: you’re using a group of Neos with an AlphaHub (for example, the...

  • Page 10: Why Use Neo

    And you can choose a font size in AlphaWord Plus that lets you work comfortably no matter where you are or what you’re working on. You can also set file sizes so that your Neo works the way you do.

  • Page 11: System Requirements

    System requirements Neo works with Macintosh or PC desktop or laptop computers that have an external USB keyboard or USB port. • Macintosh. Neo is compatible with any Macintosh computer running OS 9.0 or higher. • PC. Neo is compatible with any PC running Windows 98 (Second Edition) or higher.

  • Page 12

    System requirements Neo User’s Guide...

  • Page 13: Chapter 2 Basics

    USB cable versus infrared technology. Powering your Neo Before using your Neo, you must provide power to it. You install AA batteries, or, if you purchased a rechargeable battery pack, you install the pack and connect the AC adapter to charge it.

  • Page 14

    AlphaSmart. See the AlphaSmart web site for more information. If you converted a Neo to be rechargeable, charge it as soon Important: as possible after you receive it. Do not store it without first charging the batteries.

  • Page 15: Entering Text Into Your Neo

    1. Install the internal battery pack as described in the instructions that came with the pack. 2. Connect the AC adapter to your Neo and plug the cord into a working electrical outlet. 3. Let the unit charge for 16 hours (for a first time charge) or 4–8 hours (for subsequent charges) before disconnecting the AC adapter cord.

  • Page 16: My Screen Isn't Blank

    My screen isn’t blank If you turn on your Neo and the screen isn’t blank, it usually means that someone else has used the device before you (which is quite likely if you didn’t purchase the device yourself but are using it in a group setting).

  • Page 17: Connecting Your Neo To A Computer

    AlphaWord Plus and press keys along the top of the device to find an empty file. file Connecting your Neo to a computer Neo connects easily to any USB-compatible computer—Macintosh or PC—using a standard USB cable. Basics Connecting your Neo to a computer...

  • Page 18

    USB port 3. On a PC, you might be prompted to install a driver the first time you connect your Neo to the computer with a USB cable. If prompted, step through the screens that appear, accepting the default values presented, and then reboot the computer. This step doesn’t apply to Macintosh computers.

  • Page 19: Successfully Attaching Your Neo

    Sending text to a computer Depending on your computer’s capabilities, you can send text from your Neo to your computer using either a USB cable or infrared (IR) beaming technology. (Your computer must be IR-capable to accept beamed text.) You can send text to any application that accepts text.

  • Page 20: Sending Text When Connected By A Usb Cable

    AlphaSmart Manager must be closed. Otherwise, you won’t Note: be able to send text to the application on your computer. 2. Turn on your Neo and make sure you’re in the file you want to send. 3. Connect your Neo to your computer as described in “Connecting your Neo to a computer”...

  • Page 21: Sending Text With Ir Beaming

    Manager” on page 87 for more information. Sending text with IR beaming If you want to use infrared beaming with your Neo, see “If you want to use IR” on page 16 for directions on how to set it up. (The section also contains a table comparing what you can do with a USB connection and what you can do with IR.) You must have an...

  • Page 22: Printing From Neo

    In Neo, send your text again. Printing from Neo While many users prefer to print their AlphaWord Plus files from their computer after sending them from Neo, others might want to print directly to a printer without the intervening steps. AlphaBeam...

  • Page 23: Installing Alphasmart Manager

    These settings are determined by the printer’s default settings. To beam text to a printer: 1. Make sure your Neo is turned on and that you’re in the file you want to print. 2. Point your Neo at the printer’s IR transceiver and press...

  • Page 24: If You Want To Use Ir

    To learn about using AlphaSmart Manager, see “Working with AlphaSmart Manager” on page 87. If you want to use IR With IR technology, you can transfer the contents of your Neo to a suitably equipped computer or printer without using cables. Neo can Neo User’s Guide...

  • Page 25

    If the receiving computer or printer has a built-in IR transceiver, or an attached IR pod, you can send text by “beaming” it from Neo. To beam with your Neo, you must have one of the following: • AlphaBeam software for your computer. AlphaBeam lets you beam from Neo to your computer.

  • Page 26: Alphabeam

    AlphaBeam AlphaBeam is a software application you install on your computer that lets you beam text from your Neo to an IR-capable computer. AlphaBeam comes with Neo (on the AlphaSmart Manager CD), and you can always download the latest version from the AlphaSmart web site.

  • Page 27: Beamer Smartapplet

    Beamer SmartApplet is a SmartApplet installed on your Neo. It uses IR technology to beam data between two AlphaSmart devices (such as two Neos or a Neo and an AlphaSmart 3000) or between an AlphaSmart device and a Palm OS device (such as Dana by AlphaSmart).

  • Page 28: Usb Cable Versus Ir Technology

    USB cable versus IR technology USB cable versus IR technology The following table summarizes the tasks you can accomplish with the USB and IR connection methods. Task Send Neo files to your computer Send files from your computer to your Neo Install SmartApplets...

  • Page 29: All About Alphaword Plus

    • Maintaining your files Entering and editing text When you start AlphaWord Plus for the first time, Neo places you in the workspace for AlphaWord Plus, Neo places you in whatever file you last worked on before you turned the device off. The cursor is in the same position in the file exactly as you left it.

  • Page 30: Moving The Cursor

    When you’re in the appropriate file, to enter text, simply begin typing. Use backspace There’s no need to save your file; Neo saves each character Note: as you type it. Consult the following tables for information on how to move through your file, select text, and cut/copy/paste/delete text.

  • Page 31: Selecting Text

    Selecting text When you select text on your Neo, the selection appears highlighted in reverse; that is, text within a selection is light and the background is dark. To deselect a selection, press copying, and pasting also deselects a selection.)

  • Page 32

    Entering and editing text Press backspace delete clear file Neo has a built-in clipboard, like most computers. The Note: following section provides details about using the clipboard. Using the clipboard The clipboard is a place where you temporarily store data to reuse in another area.

  • Page 33: Understanding Workspaces And Files

    In AlphaWord Plus, press the workspace and begin typing. There is no need to save your work, because Neo saves each character as you type it. (You can, however, “save” your file in order to give it a name. See “Formatting text” on page 28 for more information.)

  • Page 34: Naming And Saving Files

    Press to use the File Selector. The File Selector lists the files ctrl-F on Neo and displays part of the first line of text in each file. (As key for the workspace you want to work in. enter key if you know which workspace the...

  • Page 35

    you scroll the list, the workspace number or file name is displayed on the top line.) List of files displayed by the File Selector • Press to use the Open File feature. Open File lists the files ctrl-O by name (if they’re named) or by workspace (if they’re not named).

  • Page 36: Formatting Text

    Formatting text Formatting text Neo lets you concentrate on the content of your text rather than its layout. Formatting—such as margins, fonts, and style attributes—are more conveniently performed on your computer (with its larger screen and mouse) after you transfer text from your Neo. Only the characters themselves (ASCII key codes) are transferred from Neo to the computer.

  • Page 37

    AlphaWord Plus. You can’t set different font sizes for different files. If, for some reason, some of the font sizes are removed from your Neo (either deliberately or accidentally through AlphaSmart Manager), AlphaWord Plus defaults to the four-line system font.

  • Page 38

    Through the Control Panel SmartApplet (see “Control Panel” on page 64 for more information about Control Panel). • Through AlphaSmart Manager. Note, however, that AlphaSmart Manager can only reset the font size to the system font (four lines onscreen). To set the font size: 1.

  • Page 39: Finding Text

    So, for example, an character. This illustration shows the difference between Neo’s four- line fonts: Large four-line font (proportional) System four-line font (fixed width) Note the different widths of the words “William,” “ill,” and “lollipop”...

  • Page 40

    4. To exit the Find screen without searching, press If the text string is found, the cursor appears at the beginning of the string. If Neo can’t find the text you entered, you see a brief message that the text is not found.

  • Page 41

    To find and replace text: 1. Press ctrl-find 2. Type the text you want to find in the Find field, then press to move to the Replace field. (If you previously searched and replaced text, press You can use the clipboard to paste text into both the Find Tip! and Replace with fields.

  • Page 42

    If you don’t restrict the search to whole words (the default) AlphaWord Plus also finds partial words or characters embedded in other words. For example, if you search for cat, it also finds catalog. to exit without finding or replacing any other Neo User’s Guide...

  • Page 43: Section Selector

    • If password protection is enabled on your Neo (see page 78 for information), you won’t be able to search within all files using option-enter • You can search in all files, but you can search and replace in the current file only.

  • Page 44: Checking Spelling

    2. Type a number between 1 and 9 to define the number of blank lines between sections. 3. When prompted, type number you specified, or type Checking spelling Neo comes with a spell check feature that offers suggestions for corrections. An example of how you might format your file in AlphaWord Plus...

  • Page 45

    To spell check a file: 1. Press spell check file. If it finds a word that doesn’t exist in its dictionary, a suggestion screen appears, as in the example shown here (which found the word “runn” in the file). 2. Do one of the following: Use the arrow keys to select the correct word from the list of •...

  • Page 46: Spell Check Tips

    (and turn it back on) in one of three ways: • From Neo, using a keyboard command (explained below) • From Neo, using the Control Panel SmartApplet (page 64) • From AlphaSmart Manager, by disabling it (page 110) to ignore all instances of that word in...

  • Page 47: User Dictionary

    You can add or delete words to this list as often as you like, then resend the list to your Neo. When you send over a new list, it overwrites the existing user dictionary on the device.

  • Page 48: Using The Thesaurus

    Keeping writing lively and interesting can be a challenge, and a skillful writer knows how useful a thesaurus can be. AlphaWord Plus on Neo comes with a thesaurus as a standard writing tool. Using the thesaurus, you can look up a word and select a synonym or antonym to replace it.

  • Page 49

    If the word was found, you’re prompted to pick a category (or • part of speech), as shown in the illustration below. 4. Scroll using the arrow keys to select the category, then press enter 5. When you settle on the word you prefer, scroll to select from the synonyms AlphaWord Plus presents, then press 6.

  • Page 50: Antonyms

    Spanish-English word lookup You can replace Neo’s thesaurus with a Spanish-English word lookup utility. The word lookup operates the same as the thesaurus, but you type in Spanish words to find their English equivalents.

  • Page 51: Character, Word, Paragraph, And

    3. Use the arrow keys to select the category of word you want to look up and press 4. Use the arrow keys to select the English word you want to use and press enter press to look up additional words or list.) 5.

  • Page 52

    2. Press . The following screen appears, displaying statistics ctrl-W for your particular file. 3. Press to view additional statistics; scroll to view all information available. 4. Press to exit the screen and return to your file. Neo User’s Guide...

  • Page 53: Using Linked Files

    A linked file is read-only. You can’t create or edit linked files in AlphaWord Plus. You create them on your computer, enclosing the text within special tags, and send them to AlphaWord Plus using AlphaSmart Manager or Get Utility. All About AlphaWord Plus...

  • Page 54

    When you’re in a linked file, you view it by toggling between it and the AlphaWord Plus file with which it’s associated. Here’s an example of a simple linked file that lists vocabulary words: Linked file on Neo AlphaWord Plus file on Neo To create a linked file: 1.

  • Page 55

    8. Save your work, if you want to use this linked file again or make changes to it in the future. 9. If you’re ready to send the linked file to your Neo, select all text and copy it to your computer’s clipboard (usually with...

  • Page 56

    <FORM> tags). 6. Click the Send list tab to verify the linked file and any other text appears as you want it, then click Send. The linked file and any other associated text are sent to your Neo. Neo User’s Guide...

  • Page 57: Tips For Using Linked Files

    Using Beamer SmartApplet, you can type the linked file tags and text you want to use for a linked file in AlphaWord Plus, then beam it over to another Neo. The receiving Neo accepts it as a linked file. Both devices must have Beamer installed on them.

  • Page 58: Tags For Linked Files

    Begin no break text (use this to keep the text that follows on a single line, if possible) End of no break text Insert a hard return . Move forward through spacebar backspace ; move backward by pressing , and spacebar . If a shift-tab Neo User’s Guide...

  • Page 59: A Sample Linked File

    A sample linked file Below is a sample of a more complex linked file, shown as you’d create it on your computer and how it appears on an AlphaSmart device. Editable text that appears in the main file Text and...

  • Page 60: Maintaining Your Files

    ... and the connected AlphaWord Plus file Maintaining your files There are no tricks to maintaining your files in Neo. The following sections explain some basic ideas about file maintenance. File size You can change the minimum and maximum limits on file size using AlphaSmart Manager.

  • Page 61

    Maintaining your files The amount of space available for files is affected by the Important: size of data files for other SmartApplets you might be using. For example, if you have a SmartApplet such as AlphaQuiz, which needs to reserve space for quizzes, the space remaining for AlphaWord Plus files will be reduced.

  • Page 62: Clearing And Deleting Files

    The current workspace is marked with an asterisk 2. Press any key to exit. Clearing and deleting files The contents of each file remain on Neo until you explicitly remove them. You do so by either clearing files or deleting them: •...

  • Page 63

    File type Clear File Unnamed text in a • Clears text (which you can still workspace • Leaves you in the empty, active Named text in a • Closes the file and swaps it out workspace • Leaves you in the empty, active Named text not in a •...

  • Page 64

    You can also clear a file from the File Selector by scrolling to Tip! the file you want to clear and pressing You can clear files only when your Neo is not connected to Note: your computer. If your device is connected to your computer,...

  • Page 65: Deleting Files

    All About AlphaWord Plus to return to the last active . A list of files appears. ctrl-D Maintaining your files to return to the ctrl-clear file to cancel. Neo...

  • Page 66: Recovering Data

    3. Scroll to the location where the garbage characters begin and press shift-end then press delete ctrl-option- -clear file to return to the workspace without . Your file should reappear, possibly to select from the cursor to the end of the file, Neo User’s Guide...

  • Page 67: Chapter 4 Beyond Basics

    This chapter takes you beyond the simple mechanics of using your Neo as a text editor. It explains SmartApplets—what they are and how they can extend the usefulness of your Neo. It also explains some other tools and commands you might find helpful. Specifically, it describes •...

  • Page 68: The Smartapplets Menu

    The SmartApplets menu Pressing applets way to see the SmartApplets that are installed on your Neo. From the SmartApplets menu, you can quickly set a startup SmartApplet or disable a SmartApplet. Startup SmartApplets are described on page 108, and disabled SmartApplets are described on page 110.

  • Page 69: Alphaword Plus

    Repeats steps 1 through 3 to enable the SmartApplet. AlphaWord Plus AlphaWord Plus is at the heart of Neo. It’s the integrated word processor on your Neo. Its features are described throughout this manual. See the chapter “All About AlphaWord Plus” on page 21 for more information.

  • Page 70

    Exponentiate (raise the first number to the power of the second) Example: 3 ^ 2 Example: 2 ^ 2 ^ 2 Calculate scientific notation Example: 10e6 Example: 1.2e15 Construct more complex formulas Example: (15 *2) + 10 / 4 Example: (25*3) – (45/5) Neo User’s Guide...

  • Page 71: Calculator's Paper Tape

    4. Press enter 5. Press when you’re through. While in Calculator, if you begin the next formula with an Tip! operand, Calculator uses the result from your previous calculation as the first number in the next formula. (This doesn’t apply to the e operand.) The next time you use Calculator, your previous calculations appear.

  • Page 72: Turning Off Calculator

    Control Panel Control Panel is a SmartApplet that lets you define settings for your Neo. You can also define many of these settings using keyboard shortcuts or through AlphaSmart Manager. (For more information about AlphaSmart Manager, see “Working with AlphaSmart Manager”...

  • Page 73

    You can access Control Panel at any time by pressing settings you can define in Control Panel are shown in the following table. Settings that aren’t described elsewhere in this manual are described in their own sections following this table. Control Panel settings Spell Check settings (page 67)

  • Page 74

    Shows how much battery power is left on the device Changes keyboard layout (QWERTY, Dvorak, Right, or Left) Changes Slow Keys setting Turns Sticky Keys on and off , scroll the list to select Control Panel, then press enter Neo User’s Guide...

  • Page 75: Spell Check Settings

    If you have a big list of words you want to add, it’s more efficient to create a text file of words and send it to your Neo using AlphaSmart Manager. AlphaWord settings You can control certain AlphaWord settings through Control Panel: Show Marks and file passwords.

  • Page 76: Two-button On Setting

    Two-button On setting The Two-button On setting lets you control whether you turn your Neo on with one key press or two. Neo’s default behavior is to turn on when you press a backpack or briefcase, you might want to change this behavior so that you don’t inadvertently turn the device on in transport and drain...

  • Page 77: Set Screen Contrast Setting

    AlphaSmart Manager to enable or disable this setting. There is no keyboard command for this setting. Set Screen Contrast setting The Set Screen Contrast setting lets you control how light and dark both the screen background and onscreen characters appear. This lets you optimize the screen for the lighting conditions in your environment.

  • Page 78

    , scroll the list to select Control Panel, then press . A new screen appears showing special option held down, press option . The layout enter key. shift . The layout enter to view additional shift option Neo User’s Guide...

  • Page 79: Battery Status Setting

    Tip! page 142 or by pressing Battery status setting You can quickly check the battery status of your Neo from Control Panel. When you select Display Battery Status, Control Panel displays a percentage of power remaining on the device. Change keyboard settings The following table summarizes the various keyboard settings you can configure to customize your Neo.

  • Page 80

    Control Panel Keyboard layouts Neo gives you a choice of four different keyboard layouts to provide for special needs or preferences: • QWERTY, the standard default layout of most keyboards and typewriters • Dvorak, a scientifically-designed keyboard layout that requires...

  • Page 81

    2. Select a keyboard layout from the following choices: Press to select the QWERTY layout. • on/off file 1 file 2 caps lock shift control option Press to select the Dvorak layout. • on/off file 1 file 2 " caps lock shift control option...

  • Page 82

    When you turn on your Neo, it displays a message about the current layout setting if you’ve chosen a keyboard layout other than the default QWERTY layout. When you switch keyboard layouts, all dialog boxes and Note: keyboard commands conform to the new layout.

  • Page 83

    Speed menu, you still press is in a different location. When you send text to your computer from your Neo using Important: a USB cable and Slow Keys Slow Keys is a setting that lets a user set a delay time between pressing a key and having that character appear onscreen.

  • Page 84

    This is true of Neo too. Neo has a sticky keys setting that lets you turn this behavior off while typing. This is useful for people just learning to type or who have difficulty holding down several keys at once.

  • Page 85: Neo Password Protection

    • File passwords: You can set individual passwords for each AlphaWord Plus file. You can set these passwords on Neo, or set a global password for all the files in AlphaSmart Manager. Individual passwords are useful when multiple users share one Neo, or when the contents of your files are confidential.

  • Page 86: Enabling Password Protection

    To enable password protection: 1. Be sure you know your master password (see page 117). 2. Turn on Neo and make sure it is not connected to a computer. 3. Do one of the following: From Control Panel, select AlphaWord settings, then select •...

  • Page 87

    Passwords can be up to six characters long. They aren’t case-sensitive and can contain alphanumeric characters and symbols but not spaces. A global file password can also be set in AlphaSmart Note: Manager. You can change a file password from Control Panel or from within AlphaWord Plus.

  • Page 88

    2. Type the master password and press To reset all file passwords from within AlphaWord Plus: Press shift-ctrl-option- -P You can also reset all file passwords using AlphaSmart Manager. to show the Change Password screen. enter and enter the master password.

  • Page 89: System Status

    System status For a quick view of the current settings on your Neo, you can check system status. The settings that appear are • System version • Language • Current file you’re in • Cable speed (for text transfers to your computer) •...

  • Page 90

    5. To start the timer again, press 6. To exit the timer, press . The following message appears. to stop. The elapsed time and words per minute enter while using backspace keys. file clear file Neo User’s Guide...

  • Page 91: Tips For Working With Your Applications

    Sending text to a spreadsheet Spreadsheets keep track of information in columns and rows. On Neo, you might set up some of your data in AlphaWord Plus using tabs and returns to eventually transfer into a spreadsheet application on your computer.

  • Page 92: Changing The Transfer Speed

    Changing the transfer speed Neo can send text faster than some older computers can accept it. If you notice missing characters or jumbled text, then you need to slow down the transfer speed. Even on newer, faster computers, some applications are slow to accept text and you must slow down your Neo to transfer text into these applications.

  • Page 93

    To change the transfer speed for beaming: Press ctrl-option- -S one of the following options: Fastest speed (1). • transfers. However, some applications may experience a loss of data when files are transferred using this mode, so you might want to experiment to see which speed works best for you.

  • Page 94

    Changing the transfer speed Neo User’s Guide...

  • Page 95: Working With Alphasmart Manager

    AlphaSmart Manager is an application you use on your computer to help you manage files, settings, and SmartApplets on your Neo. It streamlines many of the tasks you perform manually on your Neo and lets you easily transfer files back and forth between your computer and your Neo.

  • Page 96: Sending And Saving

    AlphaSmart Manager basics You can always send a file from your Neo to your computer with a single click of the up to eight files at the same time, which is a great timesaver for saving and printing. You can transfer files the other way too: from your computer to your Neo.

  • Page 97: Starting Alphasmart Manager

    AlphaSmart Manager 2 User’s Guide. Starting AlphaSmart Manager Most likely you installed AlphaSmart Manager on your computer when you received your Neo. If not, install it now by following the instructions in “Installing AlphaSmart Manager” on page 15. To start AlphaSmart Manager: 1.

  • Page 98: Viewing, Printing, And Saving Files From Your Neo

    Neo An earlier chapter in this manual describes how to send files from your Neo to an open application on your computer (“Sending text to a computer” on page 11). You can use AlphaSmart Manager to do the...

  • Page 99: Viewing Files

    Viewing, printing, and saving files from your Neo same thing: retrieve files from the workspaces on your Neo. Additionally, with AlphaSmart Manager, you can use your computer to view the workspace files on the device, print them, or save them as separate text files.

  • Page 100

    To view an AlphaWord file: 1. In AlphaSmart Manager, click the Get/Print AlphaWord Files tab and view the device (called AlphaSmart USB) in the File Contents list. 2. In the File Contents area, click the plus sign (PC) or triangle (Macintosh) of the device.

  • Page 101

    5. You can save the file from here, or click Close to close the window and return to AlphaSmart Manager. Working with AlphaSmart Manager Viewing, printing, and saving files from your Neo Click to select the file you want to view...

  • Page 102: Printing Files From Alphasmart Manager

    Viewing, printing, and saving files from your Neo Printing files from AlphaSmart Manager You can use AlphaSmart Manager to print workspace files that are on your Neo. Steps for printing vary slightly between PC and Macintosh computers. To print files from AlphaSmart Manager on a PC: 1.

  • Page 103

    3. Indicate the files you want to print: All Files. Prints all workspace files on your Neo. • Checked Items. Prints only the files you checked. • File #. Prints only that numbered file. • 4. Select the print options you want: Print header information on first page.

  • Page 104

    Viewing, printing, and saving files from your Neo 2. Click Print Files. A print dialog box appears. 3. Click the Copies & Pages list and select AlphaSmart Manager. The dialog box displays print options specifically for AlphaSmart Manager. The files to print...

  • Page 105

    4. Indicate the files you want to print: All Files. Prints all workspace files on your Neo. • Checked Items. Prints only the files you checked. • File #. Prints only that numbered file. • 5. Select the print options you want: Print header information on first page.

  • Page 106: Saving Files

    Viewing, printing, and saving files from your Neo Saving files You can use AlphaSmart Manager to save workspace files that are on your Neo. Files are saved in their own folders as text files. AlphaWord Plus files saved on a...

  • Page 107: Sending Files To Your Neo

    Sending files to your Neo AlphaSmart Manager can send files you’ve created on your computer to your Neo. You can compose text in another application and paste or drag it into AlphaSmart Manager, or type text directly into AlphaSmart Manager.

  • Page 108

    Warning! know that once you begin sending files (or SmartApplets or settings) to your Neo, you need to let AlphaSmart Manager complete the send before disconnecting your Neo from your computer. If you don’t, you run the risk of corrupting system files on your Neo.

  • Page 109: Sending Empty Files

    In the AlphaWord Files to Send tab, you can check the file number of an empty workspace and send it to your Neo. If you do so, you overwrite any existing text in that workspace. This is a handy trick to use if you’ve retrieved text from your Neo and no longer need the text...

  • Page 110: Retrieving Keywords Data

    Installing SmartApplets SmartApplets are software applications that extend the functionality of your Neo. You install a SmartApplet on your computer, then select it and send it to your Neo with AlphaSmart Manager. For more information about available SmartApplets, visit the AlphaSmart web site.

  • Page 111

    SmartApplets you want. The Memory column shows both the amount of memory in use by SmartApplets on your Neo and the amount of memory needed for the SmartApplets you want to install. If you don’t have enough memory to install the...

  • Page 112: Deleting Smartapplets

    When you remove SmartApplets, you’re actually having AlphaSmart Manager install the set of SmartApplets you want and delete any extraneous SmartApplets that are on your Neo but not in your install list. Neo User’s Guide...

  • Page 113

    If there are files on the devices that you want to save, be sure to retrieve them first. If there’s a SmartApplet on your Neo, and you want to Tip! prohibit access to it, consider disabling it rather than removing it.

  • Page 114: Defining Settings

    For example, Spell Check is not a standalone SmartApplet. You can’t access it directly on your Neo. But if Spell Check is installed on a device, SmartApplets such as AlphaWord Plus use it to check spelling.

  • Page 115

    Two-button Working with AlphaSmart Manager Does this (Continued) Lets you select alternate keyboard layouts Sets the time that a Neo can be idle before turning off (4–59 minutes) Sets a time delay for holding down a key before the character appears onscreen...

  • Page 116

    Startup SmartApplet If you designate a startup application in the Settings list, it becomes the SmartApplet that appears first when you turn on your Neo. If you don’t select a startup SmartApplet, Neo places you in whatever Neo User’s Guide...

  • Page 117: Defining Settings For Smartapplets

    You haven’t selected it as a SmartApplet to add on the SmartApplets tab. • It hasn’t been installed on your Neo yet. • It’s been installed on some connected devices, but not all of them (when working with AlphaSmart Manager and an AlphaHub).

  • Page 118

    Manager automatically checks the corresponding SmartApplet checkbox on the left. If you uncheck this checkbox, changes you make to those settings won’t be sent to your Neo. 4. Click the Send List tab and verify that the settings you want to transfer appear in the Send List Display.

  • Page 119

    Calculator if you want to prevent access to electronic calculations. You can disable multiple SmartApplets. AlphaWord Plus settings AlphaWord has its own settings that you can control through AlphaSmart Manager. These settings are listed in the following table. This setting Disable This SmartApplet...

  • Page 120

    Does this (Continued) Set by default to 512 characters (approximately a quarter of a page) Deletes all AlphaWord Plus files on your Neo, including workspace files and named files that aren’t in workspaces Additional information (Continued) See page 112...

  • Page 121: Spell Check Settings

    You can also consult the individual SmartApplet User’s Guides for more information. Using Send Lists A send list is what you use to transfer information from AlphaSmart Manager to your Neo. Changes you’ve made to AlphaWord files, to Working with AlphaSmart Manager...

  • Page 122

    Note: an AlphaHub. To send changes without saving the send list: 1. In AlphaSmart Manager, make the changes that you want to send to your Neo. 2. Click the Send List tab and verify that the changes you want to make appear in the Send List Display.

  • Page 123: Passwords In Alphasmart Manager

    3. Select the send list you want to open. (Send lists use an .acf file extension.) 4. Click Open. 5. Click the Send List tab in AlphaSmart Manager to view the opened send list. Passwords in AlphaSmart Manager As explained in “Neo password protection” on page 77, there are three types of password protection for the Neo.

  • Page 124: Send List Password

    Passwords in AlphaSmart Manager Send list password When you set a send list password, no one can send information from AlphaSmart Manager to your Neo without first typing this password. To set a send list password: 1. In AlphaSmart Manager, do one of the following: Macintosh: Choose AlphaSmart Manager >...

  • Page 125: Master Password

    SmartApplets on your Neo) and permits the ability to create individual file passwords for AlphaWord files. With Neo, you can set your own unique master password. It is recommended you do so for greater security. To set a master password: 1.

  • Page 126: Sending A User Dictionary To Neo

    6. Click Send. Sending a user dictionary to Neo If your writing often contains words that aren’t in Neo’s spell check dictionary, you might want to create your own list of words—a custom user dictionary—and send it to your Neo.

  • Page 127

    If you want to make changes to the user dictionary— additions or deletions—it’s best to make the change in the word list file on your computer and resend it to your Neo. Consequently, it’s a good idea to keep the user dictionary on your computer so that you can make changes to it as you need to.

  • Page 128: Replacing The Thesaurus With The Spanish-english Word Lookup

    If you’re not using the thesaurus that comes preinstalled on Neo, you can remove it and replace it with a Spanish-English word lookup utility. Only one of these utilities can be installed on Neo at a time; consequently, you need to remove one as you’re installing the other.

  • Page 129

    4. Make sure the setting Replace SmartApplets on device with SmartApplets on computer is checked. 5. Click the Send List and verify that the word lookup appears and click Send. AlphaSmart Manager removes the thesaurus and installs the word lookup. Working with AlphaSmart Manager...

  • Page 130: Other Alphasmart Manager Tasks

    Other AlphaSmart Manager tasks Other AlphaSmart Manager tasks There are a handful of other tasks you can do in AlphaSmart Manager, such as set preferences, restore settings to factory defaults, reset or revert devices, view SmartApplet information, and more. These tasks are described in the AlphaSmart Manager User’s Guide, included in .pdf format on the CD that accompanied your Neo.

  • Page 131: Chapter 6 Troubleshooting

    If your screen is completely blank without a flashing cursor, check your batteries by connecting your Neo to your computer with a USB cable. If the device turns on, the problem is likely due to one of the following: •...

  • Page 132

    When I attach my Neo to my computer, I can’t send any data, and my Neo screen shows a file instead of the “Attached to…” message. Check these three things: • Examine the cable connections—one may be loose. • Plus your USB cable into a different USB port on your computer.

  • Page 133

    When I send a file to my computer, some of the characters don’t show up. This is likely a problem with the speed with which the Neo is sending the data. Try these measures to solve the problem: • Disconnect Neo from the computer and check the file transfer speed by pressing (speed 1 is the slowest).

  • Page 134

    When I press a key, the wrong letter appears on the screen. It’s likely that your Neo is using a different keyboard layout. You can change the keyboard layout in one of three ways: •...

  • Page 135

    Do I need antivirus software for my Neo? Antivirus software isn’t needed for your Neo. What should I do if I spill something on my Neo? If the spill is water, follow these steps: 1. Remove all power sources (batteries, USB cable, AC adapter, rechargeable battery pack).

  • Page 136

    When I use Kid Works and Student Writing Center on my computer, I can’t seem to send text from my Neo. With graphics intensive programs such as these, you need to use the slowest transfer speed. Change the transfer speed by following the instructions on page 84 and choosing Very Slow (1).

  • Page 137: Understanding Batteries

    Tips on caring for batteries and storing your Neo Powering your Neo In order to use your Neo, it must have power, of course. Neo uses three AA batteries that you insert and maintain, or it can use internal rechargeable batteries (if you purchase a rechargeable pack specifically designed for AlphaSmart devices).

  • Page 138: Auto Power-on

    Alkaline batteries If you have a Neo that uses AA batteries and you want to use rechargeable batteries instead, you can purchase a rechargeable battery upgrade kit (see the AlphaSmart web site for details). You install the kit yourself to convert your device from alkaline batteries.

  • Page 139: Replacing Aa Batteries

    Internal rechargeable batteries If you have a rechargeable Neo, the batteries in the battery pack are automatically recharged whenever the AC adapter is plugged in, or when your Neo is connected to a powered-on computer with a USB cable or to an AlphaHub.

  • Page 140: The Ac Adapter

    Internal rechargeable batteries If you’re going to store your Neo for a month or longer, Important: charge it before you store it, and then again after you take it out of storage to compensate for the batteries’ self discharge. The AC adapter A rechargeable Neo comes with an AC adapter for charging the internal batteries.

  • Page 141

    To condition the batteries: 1. Fully charge your Neo with the AC adapter. 2. Use your Neo without the AC adapter until the low battery message appears. (This may take 60–150 hours of use.) 3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 three to five times.

  • Page 142: Low Battery Indicator

    If your batteries have run down, and you don’t have an AC Note: adapter, you can still send your data from your Neo to your computer while the batteries are charging. Simply attach Neo to your computer and turn it on. The cable supplies power to Neo from the computer.

  • Page 143: Checking Battery Status

    Checking battery status If you’re curious about how much power is left in your Neo, you can check the battery status at any time. To check battery status: 1. Press...

  • Page 144: Lithium Battery

    Low battery indicator Lithium battery Neo contains a secondary backup battery that isn’t intended to be accessed by users. The lithium battery provides power to the memory and prevents data loss when the unit is turned off or when the batteries are dead or removed.

  • Page 145: Keyboard Commands And Special Characters

    Keyboard Commands and This appendix provides lists of keyboard commands and information and tables that show you how to enter international and special characters using your Neo. Keyboard commands Action Move one character left or right Move up or down one line...

  • Page 146

    Permanently delete all files Keyboard command shift- shift- shift- shift- shift-option- shift-option- shift- - shift- - ctrl-A or ctrl-X or ctrl-C or ctrl-V or backspace delete or ctrl-backspace clear file shift-ctrl-option- -clear file option- -clear file ctrl-option- -clear file Neo User’s Guide...

  • Page 147

    Action Recover 40 characters Recover file from last deletion Recover entire file Find text Find again Find and replace Check spelling Spell check word containing cursor Spell check on/off Spell check a selected section Ignore all occurrences in spell check Replace all in spell check Open thesaurus File status (characters)

  • Page 148

    Open file Save and name a file Select file Delete file Send current AlphaWord Plus file to another Neo with Beamer Receive an AlphaWord Plus file from another Neo with Beamer Go to SmartApplets menu Set a startup SmartApplet from...

  • Page 149

    Action Password enable/disable (master password required) Change file password Enable/disable Calculator (master password required) Sticky Keys, Auto Repeat, Show Marks status Slow Keys status Change keyboard layout (QWERTY, Dvorak, Right, Left) Change send speed (cable) Change send speed (IR) Switch to another file (when connected by USB) Check battery status Set idle time...

  • Page 150: International And Special Characters

    International and special characters International and special characters The following tables show the international and special characters that Neo supports and the keyboard combination required to generate each character. Keyboard combinations separated by hyphens ( example) should be pressed in the order given and held down until the last key is pressed.

  • Page 151

    Character ç Ç É È Ê Ë é è ê ë í ì î ï Ñ ñ Ó Ò Ô Ö Õ ó ò ô ö Keyboard Commands and Special Characters International and special characters Keystroke(s) Notes option-C cedilla accent option-shift-C cedilla accent option-E, shift-E...

  • Page 152

    U grave accent option-`, U option-I, U circumflex accent option-U, U umlaut accent option-U, Y umlaut accent Keystroke(s) option-2 option-R option-G option-O option-shift-O option-shift-8 option-5 option-6 option-7 option-shift-/ option-1 option-shift-\ option-\ Neo User’s Guide...

  • Page 153

    Character ´ (acute accent) ` (grave accent) ^ (circumflex) ¨ (umlaut) ~ (tilde) (superscript dot) ÷ ± ƒ ¢ £ ¤ ¥ ß (beta or German Sharp S) Σ (sigma) π (pi) µ (mu) Ω (omega) Keyboard Commands and Special Characters International and special characters Keystroke(s) option-E, space...

  • Page 154: Troubleshooting Special Characters

    To transfer international characters to problematic Windows applications: 1. On your computer, open the Notepad application. 2. On your Neo, send your text to Notepad. 3. In Notepad, select all the text, then press Ctrl-C to copy it to the Windows clipboard.

  • Page 155: Warranty, Maintenance, And Contact Information

    During this period, if a defect occurs, Renaissance Learning, Inc., will, at its option, repair or replace your Neo at no charge to you, provided that it is returned during the warranty period to Renaissance Learning, Inc., or one of its authorized resellers. This warranty does...

  • Page 156: Guarantee

    Maintenance tips With proper care and maintenance, your Neo will last for a long time. The following tips help keep your Neo in top condition: •...

  • Page 157

    Storing your Neo If you know you’re not going to be using your Neo for awhile, follow these guidelines: • If you’re storing a Neo that uses alkaline batteries, and you’re going to be storing it for longer than six months, or the battery capacity is less than 20%, remove the batteries from the device.

  • Page 158: Contact Information

    Contact information Contact information The AlphaSmart web site is a good source of information about products, sales, support, community forums, and latest news. Visit the AlphaSmart web site at (United States) (United Kingdom) (all other countries) If you can’t find the information you’re looking for on the web site, use the contact information listed in this appendix.

  • Page 159

    United Kingdom Technical questions or problems: Latest support information: Purchase AlphaSmart products: Europe, Middle East, and Africa Technical questions or problems: Latest support information: Purchase AlphaSmart products: Asia/Pacific, Canada, Latin America Technical questions or problems: Latest support information: Purchase AlphaSmart products:...

  • Page 160: Return Procedures

    Your name and the address where the device should be returned Only Renaissance Learning, Inc. can assign RMA numbers. Note: If a Neo is returned without an RMA number, it will delay the repair and increase the chance that it could become lost. Neo User’s Guide...

  • Page 161: Fcc Statement

    RMA number. Your repaired Neo will be returned to you within two weeks of receipt. If damages are due to accident or abuse, you’ll be charged a fee for the parts replaced, as well as a repair handling fee.

  • Page 162: Fcc Caution

    This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Neo User’s Guide...

  • Page 163: Index

    AlphaWord Plus 21, 61 defined 61 settings 67, 111 antonyms 42 auto power-on 130 Auto Repeat setting 76, 106 basics of AlphaSmart Manager 87 batteries 5, 134 caring for 135 charging 7 checking status 135 installing AA batteries 6 lithium 136...

  • Page 164

    36 clearing workspace files 54, 56 clipboard 24 contents 24 status 24 commands, keyboard 137 connecting Neo to your computer 9 connection status 90 contact information 150 contents of clipboard 24 Control Panel 64 setting options 66 settings 65...

  • Page 165

    56 creating 25 deleting 57 editing 26 linked 45 maintaining 52 naming and saving 26 printing in AlphaSmart Manager 94 reaching capacity in 53 saving in AlphaSmart Manager 98 sending empty files 101 sending from AlphaSmart Manager 99 sizes 52...

  • Page 166

    23 power 5 auto power-on 130, 132 powering Neo 129 printing by beaming 15 files in AlphaSmart Manager 94 text 14 to USB printer 15 procedures for return 152 proportional font 30 QWERTY layout 72 rechargeable batteries, charging 132...

  • Page 167

    88, 113 opening 115 password 77, 116 saving 115 Index sending empty files 101 files to Neo from AlphaSmart Manager 99 linked files 47 text by beaming 13 text by cable 12 text to a computer 11 text to applications 83...

  • Page 168

    24 connection in AlphaSmart Manager 90 of batteries 71, 135 of system 81 Status Screen 81 Sticky Keys setting 71, 76, 106 storing Neo 133, 148 switching files 12 system font 28, 30 requirements 3 settings 106 status 81...

  • Page 169

    Two-button On setting 68, 107 Typing Timer 81 understanding batteries 129 upgrade kit, rechargeable battery 130 USB cable 9 connecting Neo to your computer 9 providing power 129 sending text 12 USB connection 10 USB printer 15 user dictionary 39, 67, 118...

  • Page 170

    Neo User’s Guide...

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