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Emerson GO NFC Logger User Manual

Emerson GO NFC Logger User Manual


GO NFC Logger
User Manual
Cargo Monitoring Solutions


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  • Page 1 GO NFC Logger User Manual Cargo Monitoring Solutions...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Introduction Page Understanding the GO NFC Logger Page Activating GO NFC Logger Page Interpreting LED Alert Indicators Page GO NFC Reader Mobile Apps Page Supported Systems Page Downloading Logger Data Page NFC Cloud-Based Access Page Understanding the Logger Data...
  • Page 3: Introduction

    Introduction GO NFC Loggers monitor time and temperature of perishable products during distribution and storage. Loggers are flat and transfer data via short-range, near field communications (NFC) using phones and tablets. Logger data is immediately available via mobile application or using the GO NFC Pad Reader. In addition, GO NFC Loggers leverage the capabilities of Android and iOS phones and eliminate the need for proprietary readers.
  • Page 4: Understanding The Go Nfc Logger

    6. QR Code – Scan the QR code of the logger to gain access to the Emerson GO NFC Reader App. 7. In Use Life – Use life indicates how long the logger will log time and temperature.
  • Page 5: Activating Go Nfc Logger

    “Over/Under” symbols indicate the product drifted outside of acceptable range and the data should be examined further via a data download. • Upper and lower temperature parameters are pre- programmed by Emerson. By default, each label has a 30-minute delay once temperature is out of range before the visual indicator is triggered.
  • Page 6: Go Nfc Reader Mobile Apps

    GO NFC Reader Mobile App Visit for App download and product information. Also, the user can scan the QR Code printed on the GO NFC Logger or visit your mobile app store. Android/iOS Supported Systems • Any Android 4.1 or newer with NFC reader. NOTE: Not all Android devices are NFC-enabled.
  • Page 7: Nfc Cloud-Based Access

    NFC Cloud-Based Access GO NFC Logger data scanned from Android, iOS devices or GO NFC Pad Reader can be ac- cessed anytime via a secure online portal. Contact your sales representative to enable this feature for a minimal fee per logger.
  • Page 8: Understanding The Logger Data

    Understanding the Logger Data The app will bring up a display of the logger’s information when first read. Serial number and part number are displayed at the top. Also, at the top right is a menu that allows you to share logger data and change the app settings.
  • Page 9: Go Nfc Pad Reader

    Step 2: Plug in the HID OMNIKEY Pad Reader into computer. The device driver will download automatically. Step 3: Place the GO NFC Logger on top of the pad reader. Note: only one logger can be scanned at a time.
  • Page 10 GO NFC Pad Reader & Desktop Software Step 6: Viewing the Details Click Details button to view Alert Statistics, Alert Details,Temperature data, and the Temperature Graph for individual loggers. By clicking the historical data button it will show recently scanned loggers (up to 100 loggers).
  • Page 11: Logger Placement Scenarios

    Logger Placement Scenarios The form factor of the GO NFC Logger promotes its use in a variety of scenarios including at the pallet, carton and product level. Pallet Level - Many customers apply GO NFC Loggers to the side of a pallet. Emerson provides signage and clear plastic pouching to facilitate locating loggers on pallets at the receiving end as depicted in the photo to the right.
  • Page 12: Go Greensense™ Recycling Program

    A: To download the GO NFC app go to your mobiles app store which is available in Android and iOS. Q: What are other methods to download software? A: You can download the software at, which is available in Windows and Mac OS. Also available in multiple languages.
  • Page 13: Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications Upper/lower/both/none, alerts may be Alarm Configurations: consecutive (default) or cumulative Alarm Indicators: LEDs indicate temp over/under/OK Calibration: Silicon based sensor is calibrated at the time of manufacture by Texas Instruments Certifications: FCC, IC, CE, RCM, Chile, Peru, RoHS, China RoHS, WEEE Housing: NEMA 6/IP67 dust and water resistant;...
  • Page 14: Technical Support

    Technical Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re with you every step of the way. Toll Free: +1-877-998-7299 Live Chat TE.UM.Rev1.0219 Emerson is a trademark of Emerson Electric Co. or one of its affiliated companies. ©2019 Emerson Electric Co. All rights reserved.

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