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ABB ACS580MV Hardware Manual

Synchronized bypass unit
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ACS580MV Synchronized Bypass Unit
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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for ABB ACS580MV

  • Page 1 — ABB industrial drives ACS580MV Synchronized Bypass Unit Hardware manual...
  • Page 2 ACS580MV Layout Design of Drive with SBM You can find manuals and other product documents in PDF format on the Internet. See For manuals not available in the Document library, contact your local ABB representative. For more information, please refer to ACS580 MV Hardware Manual which can be found by scanning the QR code below.
  • Page 3 Hardware manual ACS580MV Synchronized Bypass Unit Table of contents Safety instructions Transportation Mechanical installation Electrical installation Operation Maintenance  2020 ABB Beijing Drive Systems Company Ltd, 2UBB005655 Rev A EN All Rights Reserved. EFFECTIVE:2020-05-08...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Terms ..............9 Trademarks .
  • Page 6 4. Control system and interfaces Contents of this chapter ..........29 Main components .
  • Page 7 10. Maintenance Contents of this chapter ..........51 Preparation for maintenance work .
  • Page 9: Terms

    ABB and might differ from the normal usage. Term / Abbreviation Meaning Bypass - drive Short form for ACS580MV frequency converter with bypass function Unit. Converter Short form for frequency converter. Control unit Short form for control compartment of the drive.
  • Page 10: Trademarks

    Trademarks Names that are believed to be trademarks of other companies and organizations are designated as such. The absence or presence of such a designation should however not be regarded as an offence of the legal status of any trademark. The following registrations and trademarks are used in this manual: Term / Abbreviation Meaning...
  • Page 11: Safety Instructions

    Safety instructions 11 Safety instructions Contents of this chapter This chapter contains the safety instructions which you must obey when you install, operate or do maintenance on the bypass - drive system. If you ignore the safety instructions, injury, death or damage can occur. Safety instructions are used to highlight a potential hazard when working on the equipment.
  • Page 12: User's Responsibilities

    12 Safety instructions • ANSI Z535.6 American National Standard for Product Safety Information in Product Manuals, Instructions, and Other Collateral Materials. User’s responsibilities It is the responsibility of those in charge of the bypass - drive system to ensure that each person involved in the installation, operation or maintenance of the bypass - drive system has received the appropriate training and has thoroughly read and clearly understood the instructions in this manual and the relevant safety instructions.
  • Page 13: Possible Residual Risks

    Safety instructions 13 Possible residual risks The following risks can arise from a bypass - drive system and pose a hazard to people. These risks must therefore be taken into account by the system integrator and / or the plant owner when assessing the risks of the machinery. •...
  • Page 14: Safety Labels

    14 Safety instructions Safety labels Safety labels are attached to the cabinet where necessary to alert personnel of potential hazards when working on the equipment. The instructions on the safety labels must always be followed, and the labels must be kept in a perfectly legible condition. DANGER NOTICE Hazardous voltage inside!
  • Page 15: Electrical Safety In Installation, Start-Up And Maintenance

    Safety instructions 15 Electrical safety in installation, start-up and maintenance Precautions before electrical work  These warnings are for all personnel who do work on the bypass - drive, motor cable or motor. DANGER High voltage! Before starting to work on the bypass - drive, make sure: •...
  • Page 16: Additional Instructions And Notes

    This is necessary for the personnel safety. Proper grounding also reduces electromagnetic emission and interference. • Make sure that the cross-section of the grounding conductors is sufficient. See the ACS580MV Engineering Guideline. Obey the local regulations.
  • Page 17: Introduction To The Manual

    ACS580MV medium voltage drive. This manual and parts thereof must not be reproduced or copied, or disclosed to third parties, nor used for any unauthorized purpose without written permission from ABB Beijing Drive Systems Company Ltd. The hardware and software described in this manual is provided under a license and may be used, copied, or disclosed only in accordance with the terms of such license.
  • Page 18: Equipment Covered By The Manual

    Some instructions, technical data and dimension drawings which concern only certain frame sizes are marked with the symbol of the frame size (e.g. 6R6, 10R6). The frame size is not marked on the rating plate. To identify the frame size of your drive, see ACS580MV catalogue.
  • Page 19: Function And Hardware Description

    The transfer occurs without a power interruption to the motor. The SBU is designed for use with ACS580MV medium voltage drive and can be equipped for the transfer of up to 8 motors. It provides all necessary hardware for the communication with the drive and the remote control place.
  • Page 20: Transfer Sequence

    (PT). The synchronizing device uses the measurements to determine the exact transfer instant of the motor to the line. The PTs can be supplied either by ABB or customer, in case the PTs are supplied by customer, they must be rated according to the specification of ABB.
  • Page 21: Options

    HMI on MAU. Product overview For information on the power and voltage range of your drive, see the ACS580MV catalogue and the Rating plate of the drive. For further information on the general drive characteristics, refer to the ACS580MV catalog.
  • Page 22: Output Choke

    PT measures on the converter output. Two pieces of PT can be provided either by customer, or provided by ABB as an option. In case PT is provided by ABB, the SBU only supports single grid.
  • Page 23 Function and hardware description 23 HMI display Main page HMI display IO page...
  • Page 24 24 Function and hardware description HMI display Fault page If the parameter setting of marshalling PLC control source is “ l”, motor selection and Pane MB DOL command are coming from HMI in page. Control HMI display Control page...
  • Page 25: Mau (Marshalling Unit) Layout

    Function and hardware description 25 MAU (Marshalling unit) layout  Left wall Cable duct Ground bus bar 230VAC auxiliary power supply Motor 1-8 selection Main control signal Motor 1-4 feedback signal Motor 1-4 control signal Front Processor Module PM556 Digital Input Module DI562 Digital Input/Output Module DX571 Customer interface, FAULT signal 24V+ distributor with fuse/ 24V- distributor/ PE terminal...
  • Page 26: Doorlock

    26 Function and hardware description Doorlock All doors and removable cover plates of the Marshalling and the SBU cabinet are either lockable or bolted. Door of Marshalling cabinet: lockable Top Door of SBU cabinet: lockable Bottom Door of SBU cabinet: bolted Door locks Cooling system The MAU is natural air cooling and the SBU has a fan on the top of the output choke in the...
  • Page 27: Air Flow Inside Mau And Sbu

    Function and hardware description 27 Air flow inside MAU and SBU  The air enters the MAU and SBU through the louvered panels at the front, passes the electrical parts and then exits through the outlet of the roof of the cabinet. Air flow through the MAU and SBU...
  • Page 28 28 Function and hardware description...
  • Page 29: Control System And Interfaces

    Control system and interfaces 29 Control system and interfaces Contents of this chapter This chapter contains an overview of the control system, the default I/O connection diagram, descriptions of the terminals and contains references to related manuals and documentation. Main components The control compartment incorporates the hardware for the control, monitoring and protection functions of the bypass - drive, and the communication interfaces to the local control panel and to the remote control devices.
  • Page 30: Control Block Diagram

    SBU PLC will be used if the number of motors is more than one. It is located in MAU and comprises six I/O devices. The number of PLC I/O modules depends on the number of motors to be synchronized. Customer interface and wiring connection between SBU PLC and ACS580MV for two motors’ synchronized bypass are listed as below.
  • Page 31: I/O Interfaces

    Control system and interfaces 31 I/O interfaces Customer control and process I/Os  This chapter provides an overview of the hardwired I/Os. For details refer to ACS580MV and ACS580MV Catalog. Engineering Guideline Customer control signals X101 Digital inputs motor 1 selection...
  • Page 32: I/O Signal Requirements

    Status signals from MSS 8 and MB 8 -X180* 24V(DC) Control signals to MSS 8 and MB 8 -X181* * Presence depends on number of motors Communication interfaces  See the ACS580MV primary control program firmware manual and the ACS580MV hardware manual.
  • Page 33: Transportation

    All work must be carried out by qualified personnel according to the site and equipment requirements and in compliance with the local regulations. Lifting and transportation Dimensions and weights  Choose the load capacity according to the following table,for center of gravity see the ACS580MV Base frame & TEU layout design.
  • Page 34 2660 10.5/11R6 1100 2571 3015 2500 3615 2760 10.5/11R7 1300 2571 5415 4950 6015 5240 10.5/11R8 1300 2571 5415 5200 6015 5490 10.5/11R9 1300 2571 5415 5600 6015 5890 ACS580MV hardware manual for others information about transportation, storage and disposal.
  • Page 35: Mechanical Installation

    Mechanical installation 35 Mechanical installation Contents of this chapter This chapter describes the mechanical installation procedure of air outlet. See ACS580MV hardware manual for others information of mechanical installation. Safety All installation work must be carried out by qualified personnel according to the site and equipment requirements and in compliance with the local regulations.
  • Page 36: Installation

    36 Mechanical installation Installation 1. Remove 10 hex-head combination screws (M6X10) on the top cover plate (1). Lift the top cover plate and pull it away from the air outlet. 2. Remove the 4 hex-head combination screws (M6X10) on the sides, remove the stainless-steel mesh (2).
  • Page 37: Electrical Installation

    When the electrical installation is completed, the main and auxiliary power supply to the drive must not be switched on without the consent of the ABB commissioning personnel. Take appropriate measures to prevent main and auxiliary power supply from being switched on during installation.
  • Page 38: Cable Requirements

    38 Electrical installation Cable requirements For information on the requirements for power cables and the ground cable see the ACS580MV Engineering Guideline For information on the requirements for the auxiliary power cable and the control cables, see table below. Parallel routing of power cables Cables between drive and motor can be laid in parallel.
  • Page 39 Electrical installation 39 Customer I/O terminal Terminal Wire cross-section (mm Solid wire Flexible wire X101:1 X101:2 X101:3 X101:4 X101:5 X101:6 X101:7 X101:8 0.75…2.5 mm X102:1 X102:2 X102:3 X102:4 X102:5 X102:6 X102:7 X102:8 X106:1 X106:2 X106:3 X106:4 X106:7 X106:8 X110:1 0.75…2.5 mm X110:2 X110:3 X110:4...
  • Page 40: Ground Cable And Cable Shield Connections

    The cabinet is equipped with ground buses (marked PE, Protective Earth) for grounding the armor and shields of the cables, and for the connection of the ground cable. To identify the ground buses, see ACS580MV Wiring Diagram of SBU Grounding of the bypass - drive system ...
  • Page 41: Cable Entries For External Connections

    W2 PE Input transformer (TRU) Drive SBU / SBU+MAU Motor Earth electrode Ground cable Cable screen Cable shield Equipotential bonding conductor Grounding bypass - drive system and integrated transformer Cable entries for external connections For detailed information, see ACS580MV hardware manual.
  • Page 42: Control And Auxiliary Cable Entry In Sbu

    Cable entry can be from bottom or top in COU to SBU through the hole (1) between COU and SBU. Control and auxiliary cable entry in MAU  Cable entry can be from bottom or top in MAU. Terminals on right cabinet wall Further information, see ACS580MV Wiring Diagram.
  • Page 43: Installation Checklist

    Installation checklist 43 Installation checklist Contents of this chapter This chapter contains an installation checklist which you must complete before commissioning can take place.
  • Page 44: Checklist

    Go through the checklist together with another person. Mechanical installation Ambient operating conditions meet the specifications given in chapter ACS580MV hardware manual. Drive installed according to the instructions in this manual (Chapters Mechanical installation Electrical installation).
  • Page 45 (only applicable for drives with pulse encoder interface) Internal cabling to integrated transformer (power, auxiliary, control and heater cables) made according to the instructions in ACS580MV hardware manual Cable entry made according to the instructions in this manual (Chapter...
  • Page 46 MCB interposing relay settings tested Safety devices checked and in operation Motor breaker (MB) Type of MB selected as per ACS580MV Engineering Guideline for SBU High voltage connections completed MB ready to be tested with bypass - drive MB interposing relay settings tested...
  • Page 47 Installation checklist 47 Motor Motor installed, aligned and alignment protocol available Motor decoupled from driven load Ground connection completed Customer side motor protection set and ready (e.g. winding temperature, vibration) Motor auxiliaries (e.g. bearing lubrication, heater cooling) ready Insulation tests All power cables to drive, and from drive to motor are meggered, and measured values are within the required limits.
  • Page 48 48 Installation checklist Drive room properly dust filtered (dust filters at air inlet), see ACS580MV Engineering Guideline...
  • Page 49: Operation

    This chapter contains the start-up procedure of the drive. The default device designations (if any) are given in brackets after the name, for example “main switch-disconnector (Q1)”. The same device designations are also used in the ACS580MV Wiring Diagram of SBU typically. Operating conditions The operating conditions for the drive are according to IEC 60721-3-3 ’Stationary use at...
  • Page 50: Overview On Bypass - Drive Status And Sequences

    Start sequence of SBU ) or when a fault condition has occurred. For information on other status messages, such as fault status messages in particular, see ACS580MV primary control program firmware manual Start sequence of SBU  For single motor, the drive can be configured to receive all of its control information through the IOs or fieldbus.
  • Page 51 Operation 51 The start sequence is shown as below. Auxiliary supply on Not ready ON No ESTOP No Fault Reset Ready on MCB close SUPPLY ON Multi motor Single motor Select motor MSS close Ready run Start Running Sync to main Ready to bypass another motor MB close MSS open...
  • Page 52 52 Operation...
  • Page 53: Maintenance

    Maintenance 53 Maintenance Contents of this chapter This chapter contains instructions for component replacements, for more information, see ACS580MV hardware manual...
  • Page 54: Preparation For Maintenance Work

    NOTICE All maintenance tasks that are listed in the maintenance schedule, but are not described in detail in this manual, may only be carried out by ABB. Call ABB service if such a task is due. Preparation for maintenance work...
  • Page 55: Shutting Down The Drive For Maintenance

    Maintenance 55 Shutting down the drive for maintenance DANGER Hazardous voltages! For work in the medium voltage circuit of the drive the connection of grounding equipment at the appropriate locations is a must. The grounding equipment ensures that hazardous voltages cannot be fed into the drive neither from the main power supply nor the motor.
  • Page 56: Replacing Cooling Fan In Sbu

    2. Switch off the motor starter of the fan unit to isolate the fan unit from the auxiliarypower supply. To identify the motor starter, see the ACS580MV Wiring Diagram of SBU 3. Disconnect the wires on the PT, remove the screws that fix the PT, move out the PT from cabinet.
  • Page 57: Maintenance Schedule

    Maintenance 57 7. Proceed in reverse order as previously described to reinstall the new fan kit. Maintenance schedule  The recommended intervals for maintenance and component replacement are based on the normal operating conditions of the drive. The drive should be checked at least every two years by qualified personnel whose recommendations should be followed.
  • Page 58 58 Maintenance...
  • Page 59: Technical Data

    For the technical specifications of the bypass - drive, e.g. ratings sizes and technical requirements see the following documents: For technical data, drive types and options refer to ACS580MV Catalog. For mechanical layout, dimensions and required free space see ACS580MV Base frame &...
  • Page 61: Product And Service Inquiries

    Product and service inquiries Address any inquiries about the product to your local ABB representative, quoting the type designation and serial number of the unit in question. A listing of ABB sales, support and service contacts can be found by navigating to
  • Page 62 2UBB004520 Rev E(EN) 2020-08-05 © Copyright 2020 ABB. All rights reserved. Specifications subject to change without notice.

Table of Contents