Epson BO-IC400 User Manual
Epson BO-IC400 User Manual

Epson BO-IC400 User Manual

Intelligent controller
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Intelligent Controller
User's Guide
See the User's Guide supplied with the headset for
precautions on using the headset
© 2020 Seiko Epson Corporation
Information on the Moverio Website
Provides useful tips and support information.


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  • Page 1 Intelligent Controller User's Guide Information on the Moverio Website Provides useful tips and support information. See the User's Guide supplied with the headset for precautions on using the headset © 2020 Seiko Epson Corporation 2020.10...
  • Page 2: Introduction

    Introduction This product is a controller that connects to the EPSON smart glass MOVERIO series headset and uses an app to display and share information. It supports models with USB Type-C connectors. The MOVERIO series has see-through lenses that allow you to create your own world using AR (Augmented Reality)
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Introduction ......... . . 2 Operating the Trackpad .
  • Page 4 About the User's Guide This guide provides information on safely using this product, basic operating methods, and troubleshooting. Make sure you read this guide before using the product. Symbols Used in this Guide oSafety symbols This symbol indicates information that, if ig- This symbol indicates information that, if ignored, nored, could possibly result in serious personal could possibly result in personal injury or physi-...
  • Page 5: Safety Instructions

    Safety Instructions Warning For your safety, read the attached documents carefully to use the product correctly. After you have read the documents, keep them in Usage environment and condition precautions a safe place so that you can refer to them quickly at a later date. Do not leave this product in locations subject to temperatures be- yond the specified operating range or that can easily become hot, Product Warnings and Cautions...
  • Page 6 Safety Instructions Warning ner when cleaning this product. In addition, do not apply alcohol, benzine, thinner, or any other organic solvents to the touch panel Product usage precautions display or resin cover of this product. Doing so may result in electric shock or malfunction.
  • Page 7 USB cable to stop charg- function in medical institutions. ing), and contact your local dealer or the Epson service call center. • Do not bring this product into operating rooms, Intensive Care Continuing to use under these conditions may result in fire or Units (ICUs), or Cardiac Care Units (CCUs).
  • Page 8 Continuing the charge may result in liquid thorized access may be possible depending on the security function leakage, heat, explosion, or fire. settings. Note that the user is responsible for handling the security functions. Epson accepts no responsibility for any data leaks when com-...
  • Page 9 Epson shall not be liable for the loss of any data, damage to data, uct, as doing so may result in low temperature burns.
  • Page 10 Safety Instructions Water resistance Do not allow other liquids (such as organic solvents, soapy water, hot spring water, and seawater) to splash onto the product. When the USB Type-C connector (with cover) and the microSD card slot cover are closed securely, this product is compliant with the Do not leave the product in locations subject to humidity such as IPX2 standard based on IEC60529.
  • Page 11: Warnings And Cautions When Using The Headset

    2) This product and the headset do not meet medical standards. the usage environment and how the product and the headset are used. Note that Epson is not responsible for any damages arising from the use of the product, headset, or drone.
  • Page 12 Safety Instructions Caution Product usage precautions When connecting/disconnecting the headset's USB Type-C connec- tor, do not handle it with wet hands or expose it to water or dust. The headset uses an Si-OLED display panel (organic EL panel). Due to the characteristics of the Si-OLED, you may notice burn-in (after images) or decreasing luminance on the panel.
  • Page 13: Notes On Usage

    Google , be sure to check the terms of service and so on provided by Google or any other provider. Epson cannot be held responsible for any problems arising from the use of such services or apps.
  • Page 14: Included Items

    Included Items BO-IC400 &“Part Names” p. 15 USB cable &“Charging” p. 18 SD card slot pin &“Inserting an SD Card” p. 22 User's Guide (this document)
  • Page 15: Part Names

    Part Names Front Receiver/Speaker LED indicator Outputs audio. Indicates the status of the product. &“LED indicator status” p. 19 Proximity/ambient light sensor Touch panel display Detects when faces come close to the device or the brightness of your surroundings. Do not cover this part Touch with your finger to operate the product.
  • Page 16: Back

    Part Names Back LED light Camera This can be used as a flash when using the camera, or Shoots photos or videos. as an LED light. Microphone Speaker Use this when making a call or using a speakerphone. Outputs audio. Be careful not to cover the microphone while using it.
  • Page 17: Side

    Part Names Side Volume keys Adjusts the volume. Power button USB Type-C connector (with cover) Turns the power on or off. &“Turning On and Off” p. 20 It supports USB 2.0, allowing you to connect and charge USB peripheral devices such as a mouse or keyboard.
  • Page 18: Charging

    Charging Charge the battery by connecting the included USB Plug in the USB power adapter. cable to a commercially available USB power adapter. The LED indicator turns on. Charging takes approximately 3 hours under the follow- If the battery is completely dead, the LED indicator does ing conditions.
  • Page 19: Led Indicator Status

    Charging LED indicator status This indicates the status of the product using colors and the lit status of the LED. (The LED indicator provides a rough indication of the amount of remaining battery.) : Flashing : Lit : Off Indicator Status Battery charge status Operating...
  • Page 20: Turning On And Off

    Turning On and Off Turning On Turning Off The product is not fully charged at the time of purchase. Hold down the Power button for at least two sec- Charge before use. onds. &“Charging” p. 18 Hold down the Power button for at least two sec- onds.
  • Page 21: Setting Wi-Fi/Bluetooth

    Setting Wi-Fi/Bluetooth® Wi-Fi settings Bluetooth settings Set up Wi-Fi so that the product can connect to the Internet You need to select Bluetooth settings to allow the product over a wireless network. to connect wirelessly to Bluetooth enabled devices. Check the following before setting up. Check the following before setting up.
  • Page 22: Inserting An Sd Card

    Inserting an SD Card The following SD cards are supported by the device. Insert the SD card slot pin into the slot pin insertion • microSD cards (2 GB maximum) hole to open the microSD card slot cover. • microSDHC cards (32 GB maximum) •...
  • Page 23: Connecting The Headset

    • You will need a compatible app to use the sensor/camera built into the headset. * Supported features may change depending on the system software version being used. See the following Website for features supported by the latest version of the system software.
  • Page 24: Switching Modes

    * In Trackpad mode, do not switch modes or connect/remove the headset while using the app. If you switch modes or connect/remove the headset while using the app, the app may close and data may be lost. Epson shall not be responsible for recovery of any lost data, damage caused, or loss of profits that occurs at such a time.
  • Page 25: Mode Types

    Switching modes Mode Types Trackpad mode Mirroring mode Use this mode when you want to use the device’s touch panel display as a trackpad. Images are only displayed in the headset. &“Operating the Trackpad” p. 26 This is the default mode. The same screen is displayed in the headset and on the device.
  • Page 26: Operating The Trackpad

    Switching modes Operating the Trackpad When you switch to Trackpad mode, the device's touch oFlick panel display functions as a trackpad. Swipe your finger with a dragging motion, or swipe the trackpad with When you touch the trackpad with your finger, a pointer two fingers.
  • Page 27: Introducing Moverio Link Pro

    Introducing MOVERIO Link Pro The "MOVERIO Link Pro" app allows you to make a variety of settings for the headset. The following outlines the main features of the "MOVERIO Link Pro". Available features vary depending on the model of the headset you are using. Model Name Feature Setting...
  • Page 28 Introducing MOVERIO Link Pro Notification of When this is set to On, a notification is displayed when the accuracy Reduced Sensor  On/Off of the sensor is reduced. Accuracy * When the BT-30C is connected, the screen of this device dims, but the headset screen does not close.
  • Page 29: Initial Startup Settings

    Introducing MOVERIO Link Pro Initial Startup Settings Checking your license Setting app authorizations After purchase, tap the MOVERIO Link Pro icon on After agreeing to the license agreement, you will see the APPS list screen. The MOVERIO Link Pro license a warning/caution screen, followed by the table of agreement screen is displayed.
  • Page 30: Launching Moverio Link Pro

    Introducing MOVERIO Link Pro Launching MOVERIO Link Pro The MOVERIO Link Pro app closes when you disconnect the headset. When you connect the headset, the start screen is displayed as well as a popup note warning you about Tap the MOVERIO Link Pro app icon on the APPS list moving while wearing the headset.
  • Page 31: Installing Apps

    Follow the steps below to install apps using the apk file. Save the app (apk file) you want to install onto the SD card or directly to the BO-IC400. When connecting a computer to the device, connect it to the USB Type-C connector (for headset connections).
  • Page 32: System Update

    [System update] > [Check now]. Select [Download], and then follow the on-screen Support Information instructions to perform the system update. Visit the following Website for information on app development and system updates for this device.
  • Page 33: Maintenance

    Maintenance Cleaning the Charging Connectors • If the charging connectors on this device are dirty or if there are foreign objects stuck to them, you may not be able to charge or operate the device correctly. Disconnect the USB power adapter and the USB cable, and wipe off any dirt with a dry cloth or a cotton swab.
  • Page 34: Troubleshooting

    &“Turning Off” p. 20 • Close the app you are using and restart the device. • Contact Epson or your local Service Center if you forget the password for the screen lock. If the system software • The 2D or 3D display may not be suitable for the images needs to be reinstalled, the device returns to the status at displayed.
  • Page 35 Troubleshooting Cannot operate the device • When you hold down the Switch key, the key lock feature activates and you cannot operate the device. Hold down the Switch key again to release the key lock. • The device may have entered sleep mode. Press the Power button briefly to wake the product from Sleep mode.
  • Page 36: Specifications

    Specifications Product Specifications Model Number BO-IC400 Exterior dimensions W 55 x D 110 x H 23 mm (2.16 x 4.33 x 0.90 inches) (not including protruding parts) Mass Approx. 180 g (6.35 ounces) Processor Qualcomm® Snapdragon XR1 Android Touch panel display 2.95 inches, 480 x 854, multi-touch capacitance system with AF coating...
  • Page 37 Specifications Bluetooth Standard ver5.0 Profiles Bluetooth Classic (A2DP 1.3/AVRCP 1.3/HSP 1.2/HID 1.0/PAN PANU/PAN NAP/OPP 1.2.1/SPP), Bluetooth LE (SCPP/HOGP) Supported movie formats MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.263, H.264, H.265 (HEVC), VP8, VP9 Supported still image formats BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, WebP, HEIF Supported audio formats AAC, HE-AAC, AMR, FLAC, MP3 (8 to 320 kbps) CBR/VBR, Vorbis, WAV, Opus Satellite navigation system GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/QZSS/BDS...
  • Page 38: Usb Type-C Connector Features

    Specifications USB Type-C Connector Features USB Type-C connector USB Type-C connector (with cover) (for headset connections) Video output  (DP Alt mode compatible)   Charging   USB 2.0 data transfer  USB 3.0 data transfer * The USB Type-C connector (with cover) can only be connected to devices such as a mouse, a keyboard, or a USB memory. Connect the host device, such as a computer, to the USB Type-C connector (for headset connections).
  • Page 39: Intellectual Property Rights

    SD-3C, LLC. Wi-Fi® and Miracast™ are trademarks of the Wi-Fi Alliance®. The Bluetooth® word mark and logo are registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and the Seiko Epson Corporation uses these marks under license.
  • Page 40: General Notes

    Please note that we cannot guarantee connection to commercially available, third-party devices. When connecting to commer- to commercially available, cially available, third-party devices, Epson shall not be responsible for the loss of any data, damage to data, or loss of profits that third-party devices.
  • Page 41 (5) We cannot accept any responsibility for damage or malfunctions and so on that occur due to ignoring the content of this guide, this product being handled inappropriately, or repairs or modifications performed by a third party other than Epson or a company appointed by Epson (see "Contact Information").
  • Page 42 DECLARATION of CPU Boards and Power Supplies used with Class B Personal Computers CONFORMITY We : Epson America, Inc. Located at : 3131 Katella Avenue, Los Alamitos, CA Tel : 562-981-3840 Declare under sole responsibility that the product identified herein, complies with 47CFR Part 2 and 15 of the FCC rules as a Class B digital device.
  • Page 43 General Notes Indication of the manufacturer and the importer in accordance with requirements of EU directive Manufacturer: SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION Address: 3-5, Owa 3-chome, Suwa-shi, Nagano-ken 392-8502 Japan Telephone: 81-266-52-3131 Importer: EPSON EUROPE B.V. Address: Atlas Arena, Asia Building Hoogoorddreef 5, 1101 BA Amsterdam Zuidoost...
  • Page 44: List Of Safety Symbols And Instructions

    General Notes List of Safety Symbols and Instructions Approved Symbol mark Description standards IEC60417 Caution, risk of electric shock The following table lists the meaning of the safety sym- No.6042 To identify equipment that has risk bols labeled on the equipment. ISO3864-B3.6 of electric shock.
  • Page 45 General Notes Approved Symbol mark Description standards IEC60417 Direct current No.5031 To indicate on the rating plate that the equipment is suitable for direct current only; to identify relevant terminals. IEC60417 Class II equipment No.5172 To identify equipment meeting the safety requirements specified for Class II equipment according to IEC 61140.
  • Page 46: Contact List

    A more up-to-date contact address can be obtained from the corresponding website listed here. If you do not find what you need on any of these pages, please visit the main Epson home page at EUROPE, MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA...
  • Page 47 Branch Office Hungary ISRAEL ITALY KAZAKHSTAN LATVIA Epson Israel Epson Italia s.p.a. Epson Kazakhstan Rep. Office Epson Service Center Latvia LITHUANIA LUXEMBURG NORTH MACEDONIA NETHERLANDS Epson Service Center Lithu- Epson Europe B.V.
  • Page 48 Epson (Middle East) NORTH, CENTRAL AMERICA & CARIBBEAN ISLANDS CANADA COSTA RICA MEXICO ECUADOR Epson Canada, Ltd. Epson Costa Rica, S.A. Epson Mexico, S.A. de C.V. Epson Ecuador U. S. A. Epson America, Inc.
  • Page 49 VENEZUELA Epson Peru S.A. Epson Venezuela S.A. ASIA & OCEANIA AUSTRALIA CHINA HONG KONG INDIA Epson Australia Pty. Ltd. Epson (China) Co., Ltd. Epson Hong Kong Ltd. Epson India Pvt., Ltd. INDONESIA JAPAN KOREA MALAYSIA PT.
  • Page 50 Contact List THAILAND Epson (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
  • Page 51 Contact List...

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