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Upgrading The Cpu; Installing An Upgrade Cpu - Acer 486 User Manual

Acer 486 motherboards: user guide
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Upgrading the CPU

Conventional technology places the CPU on the same board as the
ISA bus logic, system memory and I/O interface. The entire system
board must be replaced to upgrade the CPU. Single-chip upgrade
technology gives you the flexibility to upgrade the CPU by simply
inserting a new CPU without replacing the entire system board.
Unpacking the Upgrade CPU
Unpack all items and inspect the contents. If any of the following
items are damaged or missing, contact your dealer immediately.
Upgrade CPU with heat sink
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) gloves

Installing an Upgrade CPU

Observe ESD precautions when installing
components. See section 1.2.
Before installing an upgrade CPU, check the following:
The heat sink is not oily
The heat sink is well attached to the CPU
The heat sink protects the CPU against excessive heat.
Follow these steps to install an upgrade CPU:
Turn off the system power.
Open the system and locate the CPU socket on the system
board. Refer to Figure 1-1 for location of the CPU socket.
Remove the CPU installed in the upgrade socket, if any.
System Board

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