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Acer PD113P User Manual page 27

Svga single chip 0.55” dlp projector
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Acer My Start-up Screen is a PC utility for user to change the default
start-up screen of Acer projector to their desired image. You can install
My Start-up Screen from the bundled CD. Connect the projector to
your PC with the bundled USB cable then execute My Start-up Screen
utility to download your desired image from your PC to projector.
Before the download starts, the projector must enter "Download
Mode" first. Please follow the instruction below to enter "Download
1. If the AC power cord of the projector was unplugged, plug the
AC power.
2. If the projector was turned on, press power button twice to turn
off the projector.
3. Make sure all the fan of projector was shut down and the "Power"
LED is blinking.
4. Press and hold "Menu/Enter" button then press "
5. When "Temp" and "Lamp" LEDs turn on again, release both
buttons, projector enters download mode.
6. Please make sure the USB cable has been plugged and connected
to your projector.
Press the
button and then choose "Yes" to return the display
parameters on all menus to the factory default settings.
User Controls
(Computer / Video
" button.
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