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Post Code Display - Abit AL8 User Manual

Al8 series intel pentium 4 system board socket 775
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Chapter 2

(12). POST Code Display

This is an LED device to display the "POST" Code, the acronym of Power On Self Test. The computer
will execute the POST action whenever you power on the computer. The POST process is controlled by
the BIOS. It is used to detect the status of the computer's main components and peripherals. Each POST
Code corresponds to different checkpoints that are also defined by the BIOS in advance. For example,
"memory presence test" is an important checkpoint and its POST Code is "C1". When the BIOS execute
any POST item, it will write the corresponding POST Code into the address 80h. If the POST passes, the
BIOS will process the next POST item and write the next POST Code into the address 80h. If the POST
fails, we can check the POST Code in address 80h to find out where the problem lies.
This LED device also displays the "POST" Code of AC2005, an "uGuru" chipset developed exclusively
by ABIT computer.
NOTE: The decimal point lights up when executing the AC2005 POST action.
See Appendix for both AWARD and AC2005 POST Code definition.
AL8 Series

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