Toshiba BDX1100KU Owner's Manual

Toshiba BDX1100KU Owner's Manual

Bdx1100ku user's guide


Blu-ray Disc Player
Owner's Manual


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  • Page 1 Blu-ray Disc Player BDX1100KU Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1 Important... 3-4 Safety.and.important.notice..3 Disposal.of.your.old.product.and.batteries... 2 Your Product..5-7 5 Product.overview... 6 Remote.Control..7 3 Connections... 8-9 8 Optional.Connection..9 Connect.power... 9 4 Preparation... 10 Prepare.the.remote.control... 10 Setting.up.the.player.
  • Page 3: Important

  • Page 4: Notice For Trademark

    -.Reorient.or.relocate.the.receiving.antenna. receiver. Changes or modifications made to this equipment,,.or.parties.authorized. by.Toshiba,.could.void.the.user' from.the.mains.power,.pull.out.the.power.plug.from.the. wall.outlet.,.the. disconnect.device.shall.remain.readily.operable. Note.about.Recycling This.unit’ with.your.local.recycling.regulations. disposed.of.inaccordance.with.your.local.regulations. concerning.chemical.wastes. Copyright notice This.product.incorporates.copyright.
  • Page 5: Your Product

    2.Your Product Regions Codes Both.the.Blu-ray.Disc.player.and.the.discs., The.Region.Number.for.this.Blu-ray.Disc. Blu-ray.Disc.player. Region DVD discs that can be played U.S.A. and Canada regions U.K., Europe regions and Japan Asia Pacifi c, Taiwan, Korea Australia, New Zealand, Latin America Russia and India regions China, Calcos Islands, Walls and Futuna Islands...
  • Page 6: Product.overview

    Product overview Main Unit Control SD.card.slot Display.panel IR.Sensor Disc.compartment Control AC.power.cord COAXIAL.jack ANALOG AUDIO OUTPUT jacks VIDEO.OUTPUT.jack HDMI OUTPUT jack LAN jack Function Playback/Pause. Show.information.about.the.current.status.of.this.unit. Open.or.close.the.disc.compartment. Function Outputs audio signals to a connected TV or AV amplifier.
  • Page 7: Remote.control

    Remote Control REMOTE SIGNAL EMITTER • Point remote control to the sensor on the front panel ON / STANDBY • To switch the BD player to ON or standby mode SETUP Enters or exits the system setup menu MC(Media Center) To OPEN/CLOSE Media Center •...
  • Page 8: Connections

    3 Connections product. Connecting to a TV,. Select. the. best. video. connection. that. TV. Option jack(VIDEO) Option Option 1: Connect to the composite video jack (VIDEO) You. can. connect. this. product. to. a. TV. through. the. composite. video. cable. which. provides.standard.picture.quality.
  • Page 9: Optional.connection

    - Insert only SD Card to the SD card slot on this product. - When you enjoy BD-live bonus content, as your local storage, use a 1 GB or larger SD Card. - TOSHIBA does not guarantee 100% compatibility with all SD Cards. Connect Power ...-.the.wall.socket.
  • Page 10: Preparation

    4 Preparation in.sequence. Note: - Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure or other unsafe operation. Prepare the remote control 1.Open.the.battery.compartment. 2.Insert.two.R03.batteries.with.correct. polarity (+/-) as indicated. 3.Close.the.battery.compartment. Notes: - If you are not going to use the remote control for a long time, remove the batteries.
  • Page 11: Playback

    5 Playback Playback Functions Basic Playback 1..Press. .button.on.the.front.panel.or.the. remote.control,.your.BD.player.will.turn.on. warm.up. 2..Turn.on.the.TV, setting.on.the.TV.that.matches.the. player. 3..Press.OPEN/ tray. 4..Place.a.disc.on.the.disc.tray.with.the.label. facing.up, slide.back.and.close.the.disc.tray. The.disc.loading.time.depends.on.the.types.,.and.loading.a.Blu-ray. Disc.will.take.longer.time. 5..If.the.disc.does.not.start.playing. automatically, playback.,.,. press OK to confirm. 7..To.eject.the.disc,.press.OPEN/CLOSE.Z. Pause playback 1..Press.B/ 2..Press.B/ Stop playback 1..Press.STOP.
  • Page 12 Advanced Playback DISPLAY Press.this.button.and.the.screen.will.display. some.information.about.disc, number,.Chapter.number,.Track.number,. Elapsed.Time,.Mode,.Audio,.Angle,.and. During.DVD/CD.playback,.you.may.edit.the. chapter.and.track. REPEAT repeat.modes.. DVD:Repeat.Chapter,.Repeat.Title,.and.All. VCD.PBC.Off/CD/JPEG/MP3:Repeat.Track.and. All. song, Then, point.and.complete.the.setting..The.selected. function. of.playback.has.elapsed.from.the.start.point. SEARCH During.playback, edit.Title,.Chapter,.and.Time. Press. / .and.OK.button.on.the.remote.,.Chapter,.or.Time..Then. press.the.numeric.buttons.or. / .and.then. desired.location. For.Time.Search,.press. / 
  • Page 13 AUDIO Blu-ray.or.DVD.disc. The.screen.will.display: AUDIO:.X./.XX.XXX.XXXX. “X”.-.the.Current.Audio.Stream.Number “XX” “XXX”.-.Audio.Language. “XXXX”.-.Audio.Technology Press this button to play media files in the SD card. ZOOM Zoom.mode.:..Zoom.2x.->.Zoom.3x.->.Zoom. 4x.->.Zoom.1/2.->.Zoom.1/3.->.Zoom.1/4. DIGEST During.playback.of.JPEG.disc,.press.DIGEST. -.Use. /  /  /  -.Press.PREV. ./.NEXT.
  • Page 14: Customizing

    SETUP Load Default 3.It.may.take.awhile.when.loading. Welcome to the Toshiba BD Player Setting Wizard. Some simple settings are suggested before you begin. You can also access detailed settings from the Setup Menu. 5. Press OK, enter language setting. ..Press.OK,.enter.language.setting.. Press/
  • Page 15 6. Press OK, enter Resolution setting. ..Press.OK,.enter.Resolution.setting.. Auto Choose 480I/576I a resolution that fits your TV. 480P/576P Change will be applied immediately, you have 15s to determine whether to save the setting 720P or rollback to prior resolution. Better performance will be provided by a HDMI 1080I connection! 1080P...
  • Page 16: Closed Caption

    • [Menu] [Audio] • [Subtitle] • Select.the.default.subtitle.language. [Playback] ... General Setting ... System Closed Caption Language Angle Mark PIP Mark Playback Secondary Audio... Security Last Memory Network Move cursor key to select menu option then use “OK” key to select [Closed Caption] •...
  • Page 17: Internet Connection

    ... General Setting ... System Screen Save Parental Control Language Disc Auto Playback Playback Enter password: Disc Auto Upgrade Security Load Default Network Move cursor key to select menu option RETURN Return then use “OK” key to select 3..Select.a.rating.level, Setting ... Screen Save System Parental Control...
  • Page 18: Display.setting

    Display Setting 1. Press.SETUP [General Setting] 2. Press [Display Setting],... 3.,.press  to.access..Display Setting... TV Screen Resolution Video Process Motion Vide... Color Space HDMI Deep Color HDMI 1080P 24F Move cursor key to select menu option then use “OK”...
  • Page 19: Video Adjust

    • [Video Adjust] Select a predefined setting of the video. 1..Press.OK.. 2..Press/ to adjust the video Brightness, Contrast, Hue and Saturation. {Brightness}-. press. /. to. adjust. the. brightness. of. display,. goes. left. means.dark.and.right.means.bright {Contrast}/.to.adjust.the. contrast. of. display,. goes. left. means. low.
  • Page 20: System.information

    {192K}.– rate.of.192.kHz. • [DRC]. Select.the.Dynamic.Range.Control.mode. which. makes. it. available. to. listen. to. a. movie. at. a. low. volume. without. losing. sound.clarity. {Off}.–.Non-dynamic.range.compress.. {On}.–.Dynamic.range.compress. {Auto}. –. Adjust. the. DRC. according. to. TrueHD. System Information 1. Press.SETUP [General Setting] 2. Press [System Information],.
  • Page 21: Specification

    7 Specification Playable media •.BD-Video,.BD-R/RE2.0. •.DVD,.DVD-Video,.DVD+R/+RW,. DVD-R/-RW, DVD+R/-R DL (Dual Layer) •.Video.CD/SVCD •.Audio.CD,.CD-R/CD-RW •.AVCHD,.AVCREC •.SD.card Video Signal.system:NTSC ohm). HDMI.Output:.480i/576i,480p/ 576p,720p,1080i,1080p,1080P/24F. Audio •.2.Channel.analog.output - Audio L&R : 2 Vrms (> 1 kohm) Signal-to-noise Ratio ≥ 95 dB THD+N 1kHz ≤ -85 dB Dynamic Range 1kHz ≥85 dB Crosstalk 1kHz ≤...
  • Page 22: Troubleshooting

    8 Troubleshooting If you experience any of the following difficulties while using this unit, check the list below Problem remote.control. display.device. VIDEO.OUTPUT.jack. on.the.display.device.via. HDMI.cable. No high-definition video signal.on.the.TV. loudspeakers.of.the..TV. loudspeakers.of.the. audio.system.
  • Page 23 Make.sure.that.the.BD.Player.supports.the.disc. Make.sure.that.the.Blu-ray.Disc.player.supports.the.region.code. of.the.DVD.or.BD. For.DVD+RW/+R.or.DVD-RW/-R, finalized. Clean.the.disc.,.ISO9660.or. files from a disc. JOLIET.format. Cannot play MP3 files,.ISO9660.or. from.a.disc. JOLIET.format. Make sure that the bit rate of the MP3 files is between 8 and 320.kbps. Make sure that the sample rate of the MP3 files is 32kHz, 44.1kHz.or.48kHz.
  • Page 24: Glossary

    9 Glossary Aspect.ratio ratio.of.TV.screens..The.ratio.of.a.standard.,.while.the.ratio.of.a.high- definition or wide TV is 16:9. The letter wider.perspective.on.a.standard.4:3. screen. Blu-ray Disc (BD) video disc capable of storing five times large capacity makes it possible to benefit from the features such as high-definition videos,.multichannel.surround.sound,.
  • Page 25 their file extension ‘.jpg’ or ‘.jpeg.’ LAN (Local Area Network),. school.or.home..Indicates.the.boundaries. storing.additional.contents.from.BD-Live. enabled.BD-Video. A file format with a sound data abbreviation.of.Motion.Picture.Experts. Group 1 (or MPEG-1) Audio Layer 3. With the.MP3.format,.one.CD-R.or.CD-RW.can. regular.CD.. PBC.. navigate.through.a.Video.CD/Super.VCD.
  • Page 26: License Information

    This document is statement purpose only. Not concerned with operation of this product., (hereinafter referred to as a “EULA”). Phone.number:.1-800-631-3811 TOSHIBA..However,“”.c.ondition.without. any.warranty,“Warranty”.here.includes,,.an.implied. warranty for marketability or fitness for specific uses. All risks associated with the quality or
  • Page 27 ...GNU.GENERAL.PUBLIC.LICENSE ...Version.2,.June.1991 Copyright (C) 1989, 1991 Free Software Foundation,.Inc., .51.Franklin.Street,.Fifth.Floor,.Boston,.MA. 02110-1301.USA verbatim.copies .of.this.license.document, not.allowed..Preamble take. away. your. freedom. to. share. and. change. it.. . By. contrast,. the. GNU. General. Public. Li- cense. is. intended. to. guarantee. your. freedom. to.
  • Page 28 an.appropriate.copyright.notice.and.disclaimer. of.warranty; fer. to. this. License. and. to. the. absence. of. any. warranty;and. give. any. other. recipients. of. the. Program.a.copy.of.this.License.along.with.the. Program. You. may. charge. a. fee. for. the. physical. act. of. transferring. a. copy,. and. you. may. at. your. op- tion.
  • Page 29 tion files, plus the scripts used to control compi- lation.and.installation.of.the.executable...How- ever,. as. a. special. exception,. the. source. code. distributed. need. not. include. anything. that. is. normally.distributed.(in.either.source.or.binary form) with the major components (compiler, kernel, and so on) of the operating system on which.the.executable.runs,.unless.that.compo- nent.itself.accompanies.the.executable.
  • Page 30 . present.version, Each. version. is. given. a. distinguishing. version. number. If the Program specifies a version "any later version", you have the option of fol- lowing.the.terms.and.conditions.either.of.that. Free.Software.Foundation...If.the.Program.does. not. specify. a. version. number. of. this. License,.
  • Page 31 electronic.and.paper.mail., active.mode: Gnomovision version 69, Copyright (C) year ...Gnomovision.comes.with.ABSOLUTELY.NO. WARRANTY;.for.details.type.`show.w',;.type. `show.c'.for.details. The. hypothetical. commands. `show. w'. and. `show.c' parts.of.the.General.Public.License...Of.course,. be.called.something.other.than.`show.w'.and. `show.c'; mouse-clicks. or. menu. items--whatever. suits. your.program. You.should.also.get.your.employer.( as a programmer) or your school, if any, to sign a "copyright disclaimer"...
  • Page 32 complete object files to the recipients, so that they.can.relink.them.with.the.library.after.mak- ing. changes. to. the. library. and. recompiling. it.. . know.their.rights..We.protect.your.rights.with.a.two-step.meth- od: (1) we copyright the library, and (2) we of-,,.distribute.and/or.modify.the. library..To.protect.each.distributor, free library. Also, if the library is modified by.someone.else.and.passed.on,
  • Page 33 The "Library", below, refers to any such distributed under these terms. A "work based on the Library" means either the Library or any say, of it, either verbatim or with modifications and/ or.translated.straightforwardly.into.another. language...(Hereinafter, without limitation in the term "modification".) "Source code"...
  • Page 34 wish.) Do not make any other change in these copy,,.so.the. ordinary.GNU.General.Public.License.applies. (,.under.Section. 2) in object code or executable form under the.terms.of.Sections.1.and.2.above.provided. corresponding.machine-readable.source.code,. of.Sections.1.and.2.above.on.a.medium. place, the source code from the same place satisfies,.
  • Page 35 d) If distribution of the work is made by offer-,. specified materials from the same place. e) Verify that the user has already received able, the required form of the "work that uses the Library" must include any data and utility.programs.needed.for.reproducing.the.
  • Page 36 on.consistent.application.of.that.system; other.system.and.a.licensee.cannot.impose.,.the. . origi- nal.copyright.holder.who.places.the.Library. graphical.distribution.limitation.excluding.those. countries, in.or.among.countries.not.thus.excluded...In.,.this.License.incorporates.the.limita- ..13..The.Free.Software.Foundation.may. publish.revised.and/, number. If the Library specifies a version "any later version", you have the option of following.the.terms.and.conditions.either.of.
  • Page 37,.but.WITHOUT.ANY.WARRANTY;. without. even. the. implied. warranty. of. MER- CHANTABILITY.or.FITNESS.FOR.A.PARTICULAR. PURPOSE...See.the.GNU.Lesser.General.Public. License. for. more. details.. You. should. have. re- ceived.a.copy.of.the.GNU.Lesser.General.Public. License. along. with. this. library;. if. not,. write. to. the. Free. Software. Foundation,. Inc.,. 51. Frank- lin.Street,.Fifth.Floor,.Boston,.MA..02110-1301. . by. electronic. and. paper. mail.. You. should. also. get.your.employer.( mer) or your school, if any, to sign a "copyright disclaimer"...
  • Page 38 duce.the.above.copyright .*...notice,.this.list.of.conditions.and.the.follow- .*...the.documentation.and/or.other.materials. provided.with.the .*...distribution. . *. 3.. All. advertising. materials. mentioning. fea- tures.or.use.of.this . * must. display. the. following. ac- knowledgment: "This product includes software developed by.the.OpenSSL.Project . *..for. use. in. the. OpenSSL. Toolkit.. (http://"...
  • Page 39 * in documentation (online or textual) provided with.the.package. .* forms,.with.or.without * modification, are permitted provided that the following.conditions .*.are.met: .*.1..Redistributions.of.source.code.must.retain. the.copyright .*...notice,.this.list.of.conditions.and.the.follow- ing.disclaimer. .* duce.the.above.copyright .*...notice,.this.list.of.conditions.and.the.follow- .*...documentation.and/ vided.with.the.distribution. . *. 3.. All. advertising. materials. mentioning. fea- .*...must.display.the.following.acknowledge- ment: "This product includes cryptographic soft- Eric Young ("...
  • Page 40 The FreeType Project LICENSE ...2006-Jan-27 Copyright. 1996-2002,. 2006. by. David. Turner,. Robert.Wilhelm,.and.Werner.Lemberg Introduction ============ archive.packages; ..some.of.them.may.contain, FreeType.font.engine, butions.which.rely.on,,.the.FreeType. Project. This license applies to all files found in such. . packages,. and. which. do. not. . fall. under. their.own.explicit..license...The.license.affects. . thus.
  • Page 41 IS'.WITHOUT..WARRANTY.OF.ANY . . KIND,. EITHER. . EXPRESS. OR. IMPLIED,. . IN- CLUDING,.BUT.NOT..LIMITED.TO, ..WARRANTIES..OF..MERCHANTABILITY...AND. . FITNESS..FOR..A..PARTICULAR ..PURPOSE...IN.NO.EVENT.WILL.ANY.OF.THE. AUTHORS.OR.COPYRIGHT.HOLDERS ..BE.LIABLE..FOR.ANY.DAMAGES.CAUSED..BY. THE.USE.OR..THE.INABILITY.TO ..USE,.OF.THE.FREETYPE.PROJECT. 2..Redistribution ..This..license..grants..a..worldwide,.royalty-free,. . use,..execute,.perform,.compile,display,..copy,. . .,..distribute..and . . sublicense. the. . FreeType. Project. (in. . both. source and object code forms) and deriva-;
  • Page 42 use,. copy,. modify,. merge,. publish,. distribute,. sublicense,.and/or.sell.copies.of.the.Software,. and. to. permit. persons. to. whom. the. Software. is. furnished. to. do. so,. subject. to. the. following. conditions: The.above.copyright.notice.and.this.permission. tial.portions.of.the.Software. THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITH- OUT.WARRANTY.OF.ANY.KIND, EXPRESS. OR. IMPLIED,. INCLUDING. BUT. NOT. LIMITED.TO.THE.WARRANTIES.OF MERCHANTABILITY,.FITNESS.FOR.A.PARTICU- LAR.PURPOSE.AND.NONINFRINGEMENT.
  • Page 43 unmodified library. If you use our work, you author' to only as "the Independent JPEG Group's software". We specifically permit and encourage the use of. this. software. as. the. basis. of. commercial. products,.provided.that.all.warranty.or.liability. mission.of.L..Peter.Deutsch,.sole.proprietor.of. its.copyright.holder,.Aladdin.Enterprises.of.Men- lo.
  • Page 44 Software. components. as. distributed. by. the. Copyright Holder(s). Modified Version refers to any derivative made,.deleting, or. in. whole. --. any. of. the. components. of. the. Original. Version,. by. changing. formats. or. by. porting. the. Font. Software. to. a. new. environ- ment.
  • Page 45: Limited United States Warranty

    Limited United States Warranty (6) This warranty does not cover product sold AS IS or WITH ALL FAULTS.
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