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Blu-ray Disc
Owner's Manual


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  • Page 1

    Blu-ray Disc Player ™ BDX1200KY Owner’s Manual...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1 Important........................3-4 Safety.and.important.notice....................3-4 2 Your Product....................... 5-7 Product.overview......................6 Remote.Control......................... 7 3 Connections........................ 8-9 Optional.Connection......................9 Connect.USB.device......................9 Connect.power......................... 9 4 Preparation........................10 Prepare.the.remote.control....................10 Setting.up.the.player....................... 10....5 Playback.

  • Page 3: Important

    19..If.the.apparatus.should.smoke.or.smell, ...Changes or modifications made to this equipment, immediately.disconnect.the.power.cord.from.the.wall. not expressly approved by Toshiba, or parties outlet..Wait.until.the.smoke.or.smell.stops,.then.ask. authorized by Toshiba, could void the your. dealer. for. a. check. and. repair.. Neglecting. to. do..

  • Page 4: Copyright Notice

    CAUTION: This. Digital. Video. Disc. Player. employs. a. Laser. System. To.ensure.proper.use.of.this.product, BONUSVIEW ™ this.owner’s.manual.carefully.and.retain.for.future. reference. Should. the. unit. require. maintenance,. Blu-ray.Disc™,.Blu-ray™,.BD-Live™, contact an authorized service location. BONUSVIEW™,.and.the.logos.are Use.of.controls.or.adjustments.or.performance.of. trademarks.of.the.Blu-ray.Disc.Association.. procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure.,.do.not.

  • Page 5: Your Product

    2..Your Product Blu-ray™ discs that Region can be played Regions Codes North America, Central America, Both.the.Blu-ray.Disc .Player.and.the.discs. South America, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and, South East Asia. The.Region.Number.for.this.Blu-ray.Disc Europe, Greenland, Blu-ray.Disc .player. French territories, Middle East, Africa, Region DVD discs that Australia and...

  • Page 6: Product.overview

    Product overview Main Unit Control Function Playback/Pause. Open.or.close.the.disc.compartment. USB.jack. Connect a USB flash drive. Display.panel Show.information.about.the.current.status.of.this.unit. IR.Sensor Disc.compartment Control Function AC.power.cord COAXIAL.jack ANALOG AUDIO OUTPUT Outputs audio signals to a connected TV or AV amplifier. jacks VIDEO.OUTPUT.jack

  • Page 7: Remote.control

    Remote Control REMOTE SIGNAL EMITTER • Point remote control to the sensor on the front panel ON / STANDBY To switch the Blu-ray Disc™ Player to ON or • OPEN/CLOSE • Open/ Close the disc tray standby mode SETUP AUDIO •...

  • Page 8: Connections

    3 Connections Option 2: Connect to the HDMI Jack Make. the. following. connection. to. use. this. This.type.of.connection.provides.better product. picture.quality. Connecting to a TV Select. the. best. video. connection. that. TV. Option jack(VIDEO) HDMI IN Option 1..Connect.a.HDMI.cable.from.the.HDMI. Option 1: Connect to the composite

  • Page 9: Optional.connection

    - When you enjoy BD-Live™ bonus content, as your local storage, use a 1 GB or larger USB memory. - TOSHIBA does not guarantee 100% compatibility with all USB Flash devices. - It supports FAT32 and NTFS format. 1..Connect.a.coaxial.cable.from.the - It is not possible to playback a USB device with

  • Page 10: Preparation

    4 Preparation Setting up the player in.sequence. Find the correct viewing channel Note: - Use of controls or adjustments or 1.Press. to.turn.on.this.product. performance of procedures other than herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure or other unsafe operation.

  • Page 11: Playback

    5 Playback sequence: 2X,.4X,.8X,.16X,.32X 2..Press.B/ Playback Functions Basic Playback The.speed.will.increase.through.the. 1..Press. .button.on.the.front.panel.or.the. following.sequence: 2X,.4X,.8X,.16X,.32X. remote.control,.your.Blu-ray.Disc™.player. will.turn.on. 4..Press.B/ warm.up. Instant Search and Instant Replay 2..Turn.on.the.TV, 1..During.playback,.press.and.hold.M button,. setting.on.the.TV.that.matches.the. player. 2..During.playback,.press.and.hold.m 3..Press.OPEN/ button,.you.can.instant.replay.the.content. tray. from.10.seconds.before. 4..Place.a.disc.on.the.disc.tray.with.the.label. Previous and Next facing.up,

  • Page 12

    current.number.of.angle,.and.the.second.“X”. Advanced Playback Not.all.Blu-ray™.or.DVD.has.the.multi-angle. DISPLAY feature..The.screen.will.take.around.5. Press.this.button.and.the.screen.will.display. some.information.about.disc, TOP MENU number,.Chapter.number,.Track.number,.,. Elapsed.Time,.Mode,.Audio,.Angle,.and. and.the.Blu-ray.Disc™ POP MENU/MENU During.DVD/CD.playback,.you.may.edit.the. During.Blu-ray.Disc™.playback,.press.POP chapter.and.track. MENU/,.and.the. REPEAT is.on.the.screen. repeat.modes.. 1..Press.the./// DVD:Repeat.Chapter,.Repeat.Title,.and.All. option, then press OK to confirm. VCD.PBC.Off/CD/JPEG/MP3:Repeat.Track.and. 2..Press.POP.MENU/ All.

  • Page 13

    [Subtitle.Style]™.or. AUDIO, [Bitrate]:.Use./ Blu-ray™.or.DVD.disc. [Still.Off]:.Close.the.Still.feature.of.DVD.disc. The.screen.will.display: For.some.DVD.discs, AUDIO:.X./.XX.XXX.XXXX. frozen as a still picture during the process of playback “X”.-.the.Current.Audio.Stream.Number to.let.the.user.has.a.better.view.of.certain.picture..To. “XX” continue.playback,.select.Still.Off.. “XXX”.-.Audio.Language. [Ins.Search] “XXXX”.-.Audio.Technology [Ins. Replay]:. Replay. the. content. from. 10. seconds. before. Press this button to play media files in the USB. Tip: ZOOM The specified operation for each item will vary with...

  • Page 14: Customizing

    Blu-ray Disc™ player. • [Screen Saver] Turn.On.or.Off.the.screen.saver.mode. Welcome {.On.}.– to the Toshiba Blu-ray Disc Player Setting Wizard. Some simple settings are suggested before you begin. You can also access detailed settings from the Setup Menu.

  • Page 15

    6. Press OK, enter Resolution setting. ..Press.OK,.enter.Resolution.setting.. -.The.system.will.reboot.after.5.seconds.or. Auto Choose Notes: a resolution that fits your TV. 480i/576i - If set [Disc Auto Playback]to [Off], after you Change will be applied immediately, you have 480p/576p 15s to determine whether to save the setting 720p or rollback to prior resolution.

  • Page 16: Closed Caption

    {On}.–,. [Audio] • {Off}.– • [Subtitle] start.playback.from.track1.automatically. Select.the.default.subtitle.language. [Closed Caption] • [Playback] Allow.people.who.are.deaf.or.hearing General Setting impaired, System Angle Mark Language PIP Mark Playback portion. of. a. television. programme. as. text. Secondary Audio... Security Last Memory on.the.screen. Network {On}.–.Display.the.Closed.Caption..

  • Page 17: Display.setting

    1..Press.OK. [Manual].to.input.IP.Address,.Subnet. Mask,.Default.Gateway, password. General Setting Screen Save System Parental Control Disc Auto Playback Language Notes: Playback Enter password: - During [Manual] mode, if the number is entered Disc Auto Upgrade Security incorrectly, press  to erase the number. Load Default More...

  • Page 18: Video Adjust

    [TV] {30 bits}.–.Output.30.bits.Colour. • [TV Screen] {36 bits}.–.Output.36.bits.Colour. {Off}.–.Output.standard.24.bits.Colour. Note: the.TV. -When the colour space is "YCbCr422", even if {16:9 Full}.–.for.a.disc.with.the.aspect. HDMI Deep Color is set to 30bits/36bits, it is not ratio.of.4:3, output with Deep Colour. stretched.into.16:9.full.screen. • [HDMI 1080/24p] {16:9 Normal}.–.for.a.disc.with.the.

  • Page 19: Audio.setting

    [Audio Output] • [Spdif] Select.the.output.mode.of.COAXIAL. Brightness jack,.options.include.Bitstream,.PCM,. Contrast Re-encode.and.Off. {Bitstream}.– Saturation without.any.processing. Change RETURN Exit {PCM}.– processing,.only.two.channels.export. • [Sharpness] {Re-encode}.– Select.the.level.of.sharpness:.High,. Middle,.Low {High}.-.Select.High.sharpness.level {Off}.–.No.output.for.S/PDIF. {Middle}.-.Select.Middle.sharpness. • [HDMI] level Select.the.output.mode.of.HDMI.Out. {Low}.-.Select.Low.sharpness.level jack,.options.include.Bitstream,.PCM,. [Motion Video Process] Re-encode.and.Off. {Bitstream}.– Display Setting signal.without.any.processing.

  • Page 20: System.information

    System Information 1. Press.SETUP [General Setting] 2. Press [System Information]. -.Press  menu. -.Press System Information Software version: V XX MAC: E8-9D-87-XX-XX-XX Move cursor key to select menu option SETUP Exit then use “OK ” key to select...

  • Page 21: Specification

    7 Specification MP3 tracks Playable media • Supported file extension: '.mp3' • •.Blu-ray.Disc™-Video,.BD-R/RE2.0,.BDAV •.ISO.format •.DVD,.DVD-Video,.DVD+R/+RW,. •.Supported.corresponding.bitrate:.8kbps-....DVD-R/-RW,.DVD+R/-R.DL.(Dual.Layer) 320.kbps •.Video.CD/SVCD. • Supported sampling frequencies: 32kHz, •.Audio.CD,.CD-R/CD-RW 44.1kHz, 48kHz •.AVCHD,.AVCREC.disc •...

  • Page 22: Troubleshooting

    8 Troubleshooting If you experience any of the following difficulties while using this unit, check the list below Problem remote.control. Insert.the.batteries.correctly. Turn.on.the.TV. display.device. Set.TV.System.of.TV.correctly. VIDEO.OUTPUT.jack. If the unit is connected to the unauthorized display device with video.signal.on.the.

  • Page 23 Make.sure.that.the.Blu-ray.Disc™.player.supports.the.disc. Make.sure.that.the.Blu-ray.Disc™.player.supports.the.region. code.of.the.DVD.or.Blu-ray.Disc™. For.DVD+RW/+R.or.DVD-RW/-R, finalized. Clean.the.disc.,.ISO9660.or. files from a disc. JOLIET.format. Cannot play MP3 files,.ISO9660.or. from.a.disc. JOLIET.format. Make sure that the bit rate of the MP3 files is between 8 and 320.kbps. Make sure that the sample rate of the MP3 files is 32kHz, 44.1kHz or 48kHz.

  • Page 24: Glossary

    9 Glossary Aspect.ratio Dolby .TrueHD ® ratio.of.TV.screens..The.ratio.of.a.standard,.while.the.ratio.of.a.high optical.discs..Blu-ray.Disc .supports.7.1 definition or wide TV is 16:9. The letterbox multi-channel.surround.sound.output. perspective.on.a.standard.4:3.screen. ® Blu-ray.Disc, Blu-ray.Disc video disc capable of storing five times large capacity makes it possible to benefit DTS,.Inc.

  • Page 25

    JPEG Group, ratio. Files are recognized by their file extension.‘.jpg’.or.‘.jpeg.’ LAN.(Local.Area.Network), school.or.home..Indicates.the.boundaries storing.additional.contents.from.BD-Live™ enabled.Blu-ray.Disc™-Video. A file format with a sound data abbreviation.of.Motion.Picture.Experts Group.1.(or.MPEG-1).Audio.Layer.3..With the.MP3.format,.one.CD-R.or.CD-RW.can regular.CD. navigate.through.a.Video.CD/Super.VCD with.on-screen.menus.that.are.recorded onto.the.disc..You.can.enjoy.interactive encoding.system.

  • Page 26: License Information, under.a.third-party.end-user.license.agreement.or.copyright.notice.(“EULA”). phone.number:.133070,.“”.condition.without. any.warranty,“Warranty”.here.includes,,.an.implied.warranty.for.mar- ketability or fitness for specific uses. All risks associated with the quality or performance of these software compo- incidental expense incurred in connection with a defect found in any of these software components. Unless specified,

  • Page 27

    ..GNU.GENERAL.PUBLIC.LICENSE Also,. for. each. author's. protection. and. ours,. Version.2,.June.1991 .Copyright.(C).1989,.1991.Free.Software. Foundation,.Inc., software. If the software is modified by some- .51.Franklin.Street,.Fifth.Floor,.Boston,.MA. one.else.and.passed.on,.we.want.its.recipients. 02110-1301.USA,. verbatim.copies not reflect on the original authors' reputations. .of.this.license.document, not.allowed. . . Finally,. any. free. program. is. threatened. con- Preamble

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    an.appropriate.copyright.notice.and.disclaimer. of.warranty; is. a. work. based. on. the. Program,. the. distribu- fer. to. this. License. and. to. the. absence. of. any. warranty;and. give. any. other. recipients. of. the. License,.whose.permissions.for.other.licensees. Program.a.copy.of.this.License.along.with.the. extend. to. the. entire. whole,. and. thus. to. each. Program.

  • Page 29

    tion files, plus the scripts used to control compi- conditions. are. imposed. on. you. (whether. by. lation.and.installation.of.the.executable...How- court.order,.agreement.or.otherwise).that.con- ever,. as. a. special. exception,. the. source. code. tradict. the. conditions. of. this. License,. they. do. distributed. need. not. include. anything. that. is. not.


  • Page 31 electronic.and.paper.mail. verbatim. copies. of. this. license. document,. but., [This is the first released version of the Lesser active.mode: Library.Public.License,.version.2,.hence.the.ver- sion.number.2.1.]..Gnomovision.version.69,.Copyright.(C).year. Preamble..Gnomovision.comes.with.ABSOLUTELY.NO. WARRANTY;.for.details.type.`show.w'., By.contrast,.the.GNU.General.Public;.type. Licenses. are. intended. to. guarantee. your. free- `show.c'.for.details.

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    complete object files to the recipients, so that ing.non-free.programs...These.disadvantages. they.can.relink.them.with.the.library.after.mak- are.the.reason.we.use.the.ordinary.General. ing. changes. to. the. library. and. recompiling. it.. . Public.License.for.many.libraries...However,.the. know.their.rights.. . special.circumstances...For.example,.on.rare. occasions, ..We.protect.your.rights.with.a.two-step.meth- encourage.the.widest.possible.use.of.a.certain. od:.(1).we.copyright.the.library,.and.(2).we.of- library,, To.achieve.this,,.distribute.and/or.modify.the. library..,. ..To.protect.each.distributor,

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    The "Library", below, refers to any such parties.under.the.terms.of.this.License.. distributed under these terms. A "work based d) If a facility in the modified Library on the Library" means either the Library or any say, uses.the.facility, of it, either verbatim or with modifications and/,.

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    wish.) under.Section.6.)...Otherwise, copy,,.so.the. a.derivative.of.the.Library,.you.may.distribute. ordinary.GNU.General.Public.License.applies. of.Section.6.Any.executables.containing.that. work.also.fall.under.Section.6,.whether.or.not. they.are.linked.directly.with.the.Library.itself..,.you. ..4..You.may.copy.and.distribute.the.Library. may also combine or link a "work that uses (,.under.Section. the Library" with the Library to produce a work 2).in.object.code.or.executable.form.under. containing.portions.of.the.Library,.and.distrib- the.terms.of.Sections.1.and.2.above.provided.,.pro-

  • Page 35

    d),. License, However, specified materials from the same place. e).Verify.that.the.user.has.already.received. License...Therefore,.by.modifying.or.distrib- able, the required form of the "work that uting.the.Library.( uses the Library" must include any data and Library),.you.indicate.your.acceptance.of.this. utility.programs.needed.for.reproducing.the.,.and.all.its.terms.and.condi-,.as.a.special. tions.for.copying,.distributing.or.modifying.

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  • Page 37,.but.WITHOUT.ANY.WARRANTY;. RECT.OR.CONSEQUENTIAL.DAMAGES,.OR.ANY. without. even. the. implied. warranty. of. MER- DAMAGES. WHATSOEVER. RESULTING. FROM. CHANTABILITY.or.FITNESS.FOR.A.PARTICULAR. LOSS. OF. USE,. DATA. OR. PROFITS,. WHETHER. PURPOSE...See.the.GNU.Lesser.General.Public. IN.AN.ACTION.OF.CONTRACT,.NEGLIGENCE.OR. License. for. more. details.. You. should. have. re- OTHER. TORTIOUS. ACTION,. ARISING. OUT. OF. ceived.a.copy.of.the.GNU.Lesser.General.Public. OR.IN.CONNECTION.WITH.THE.USE.OR.PER- License. along. with. this. library;. if. not,. write. to. FORMANCE.OF.THIS.SOFTWARE.

  • Page 38

    duce.the.above.copyright . *. HOWEVER. CAUSED. AND. ON. ANY. THEORY. .*..notice,.this.list.of.conditions.and.the.follow- OF.LIABILITY,.WHETHER.IN.CONTRACT, . *. STRICT. LIABILITY,. OR. TORT. (INCLUDING. .*..the.documentation.and/or.other.materials. NEGLIGENCE.OR.OTHERWISE) provided.with.the .*.ARISING.IN.ANY.WAY.OUT.OF.THE.USE.OF. .*..distribution. THIS.SOFTWARE,.EVEN.IF.ADVISED .*.OF.THE.POSSIBILITY.OF.SUCH.DAMAGE. . *. 3.. All. advertising. materials. mentioning. fea- .*.=========================== tures.or.use.of.this ============================ . * must. display. the. following. ac- ============= knowledgment: "This product includes software developed...

  • Page 39

    .*.in.documentation.(online.or.textual).provided. LIGENCE. OR. OTHERWISE). ARISING. IN. ANY. with.the.package. .*.OUT.OF.THE.USE.OF.THIS.SOFTWARE,.EVEN. .* IF.ADVISED.OF.THE.POSSIBILITY.OF forms,.with.or.without .*.SUCH.DAMAGE. * modification, are permitted provided that the following.conditions . *. The. licence. and. distribution. terms. for. any. .*.are.met: publically.available.version.or .*.1..Redistributions.of.source.code.must.retain. . *. derivative. of. this. code. cannot. be. changed.. . the.copyright .*..notice,.this.list.of.conditions.and.the.follow-...

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    The FreeType Project LICENSE compliance.with.this.license...We.thus ......2006-Jan-27 Copyright. 1996-2002,. 2006. by. David. Turner,. """ Robert.Wilhelm,.and.Werner.Lemberg ..Portions. of. this. software. are. copyright. ©. <year>. The. FreeType. Project. (www.freetype. Introduction org)...All.rights.reserved. ============ """ archive.packages; ..Please.replace.<year>.with.the.value.from.the. ..some.of.them.may.contain, FreeType.font.engine, butions.which.rely.on,,.the.FreeType.

  • Page 41

    IS'.WITHOUT..WARRANTY.OF.ANY,. EITHER. . EXPRESS. OR. IMPLIED,. . IN- CLUDING,.BUT.NOT..LIMITED.TO, tising..materials:.`FreeType.Project',..`FreeType. ..WARRANTIES..OF..MERCHANTABILITY...AND. . Engine',.`FreeType.library',.or.`FreeType.Distri- FITNESS..FOR..A..PARTICULAR bution'. ..PURPOSE...IN.NO.EVENT.WILL.ANY.OF.THE. AUTHORS.OR.COPYRIGHT.HOLDERS . . As. . you. have. . not. signed. . this. license,. . you. ..BE.LIABLE..FOR.ANY.DAMAGES.CAUSED..BY., . THE.USE.OR..THE.INABILITY.TO,.

  • Page 42

    use,. copy,. modify,. merge,. publish,. distribute,., sublicense,.and/or.sell.copies.of.the.Software,. a.copyright.holder.shall.not and. to. permit. persons. to. whom. the. Software. is. furnished. to. do. so,. subject. to. the. following.,.use.or.other.dealings conditions: in this Software without prior written authoriza- tion.of.the.copyright.holder. The.above.copyright.notice.and.this.permission. tial.portions.of.the.Software. THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITH- 1..

  • Page 43

    unmodified library. If you use our work, you To. avoid. entanglement. with. the. Unisys. LZW. patent, been. removed. altogether,. and. the. GIF. writer. has been simplified to produce author' uncompressed. GIFs.. . This. technique. does. not. use.the.LZW.algorithm;.the

  • Page 44

    Software. components. as. distributed. by. the. under. any. other. license.. The. requirement. for. Copyright.Holder(s). ply. to. any. document. created. using. the. Font. Modified Version refers to any derivative made Software.,.deleting, or. in. whole. --. any. of. the. components. of. the. TERMINATION Original.

  • Page 45: Limited Warranty Statement

    TO.DO.SO,.THIS.PRODUCT.MAY.NOT.FUNCTION.PROPERLY.OR.MAY.SUFFER.OTHER.DAMAGE..ADDITIONALLY,.FAILURE.OF.THE. PRODUCT.MAY.RESULT.IN.LOSS.OF.DATA..TOSHIBA.STRONGLY.RECOMMENDS.THAT.YOU.BACK.UP.YOUR.DATA.REGULARLY. General Terms This.warranty.against.defect.(“Warranty”)“product”. or.“goods”)“Toshiba”.or.“Manufacturer”)’s. Authorised.Resellers,.Retailers.and.Distributors.(“Supplier”), Australia.or.New.Zealand, proof.of.purchase.’s,.its.Authorised.Service.Provider’s.(“ASP”).or. the Supplier’s rates and terms then in effect. Toshiba recommends that you confirm these rates and terms prior limit.the.product’s.features.and/.or.functions., Consumer Guarantees (Australia only),.in.,.and. where.the.goods.are.normally.used.for.personal,.domestic.or.household.purposes.

  • Page 46

    Zealand, and support files. Additionally, you can register your product and obtain a list of ASPs nearest to you. Toshiba Support Centre Toshiba provides setup assistance in the first 90 days of purchase and telephone analysis of warranty related,.5.days.a.week..If.appropriate,.this.may.

  • Page 47

    (including but not limited to loss of profits and incidental or consequential.loss.or.damage). STATUTORY RIGHTS AND EXCLUSIONS – NEW ZEALAND ONLY’s.Authorised.Resellers.and.Distributors.for.the.purposes.of.a.“CGA”),.Toshiba.excludes.,.including.consequen- tial loss or damage, or loss of profits, and loss or damage arising from the negligence of Toshiba’s employees purchaser.(although.the.purchaser,.in.some.circumstances,.may.have.rights.under.the.Consumer.Guarantees. Act.1993.or.the.Sale.of.Goods.Act.1908)’ out.of. PRIVACY STATEMENT

  • Page 48

    72- 1200KY- 750B1...

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