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Terminology - Samsung 400BX User Manual

40" 400bx lcd professional display.
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Dot Pitch
The monitor and screen consist of red, green and blue dots. A shorter distance between the dots
produces a higher resolution. Dot pitch refers to the distance between the shortest distance between
dots of the same color. Dot pitch is measured in millimeters.
Vertical Frequency
The monitor displays a single image many times per second (like a fluorescent light that flickers) to
display an image for a viewer to see. The rate of a single image being displayed repeatedly per second
is called vertical frequency or refresh rate. Vertical frequency is measured in Hz.
E.g. 60Hz refers to a single image being displayed 60 times in one second.
Horizontal Frequency
The time required to scan a single line from the left to the right side of the screen is called a horizontal
cycle. The reciprocal number of a horizontal cycle is called horizontal frequency. Horizontal frequency
is measured in kHz.
Non-interlace Mode and Interlace Mode
Non-interlace mode (progressive scan) displays a horizontal line from the top to the bottom of a
screen progressively. Interlace mode displays the odd number lines first and the even number lines
next. Non-interlace mode is mainly used in monitors as it produces screen clarity and interlace mode
is mainly used in TVs.
Plug & Play
Plug & Play is a function that allows the automatic exchange of information between a monitor and PC
to produce an optimum display environment. The monitor uses VESA DDC (international standard) to
execute Plug & Play.
Resolution is the number of horizontal dots (pixels) and vertical dots (pixels) that form a screen. It
represents the level of display detail. A higher resolution enables more data to be displayed on the
screen and is useful to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
E.g. A resolution of 1920 X 1080 consists of 1,920 horizontal pixels (horizontal resolution) and 1,080
vertical pixels (vertical resolution).


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