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Installation - Honeywell HR 40 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

Radiator controller
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Steps to Completion ...
It only takes a short time to install the HR 40:
• You remove the old thermostat.
• If necessary you install an adapter on the valve.
• You install the valve lantern.
• You attach the operating unit ... FINISHED!
1. Removing the old thermostat
1. Loosen the mounting of the old thermostat.
2. Pull the thermostat off the valve.
2. Mounting the valve adapter (optional)
1. Select the right adapter from the table.
2. If you need an adapter: Open up the adapter and push it onto the valve
as far as the stop. Turn it while doing so until you feel it click into place.
3. For the Danfoss RAV adapter: Insert the adapter pin in the valve rocker.
4. If provided on the adapter: Tighten the adapter with the screw.


Table of Contents

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