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Important Safety Information - Frigidaire Q4SE Series User's Manual & Installation Instructions

Two stage r-410a single package heat pump
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imPoRTanT SaFeTY inFoRmaTion

Safety markings are used frequently throughout this
manual to designate a degree or level of seriousness and
should not be ignored. waRning indicates a potentially
hazardous situation that if not avoided, could result in
personal injury or death. cauTion indicates a potentially
hazardous situation that if not avoided, may result in minor
or moderate injury or property damage.
improper installation, service, adjustment, or
maintenance may cause explosion, fire, electrical
shock or other hazardous conditions which may
result in personal injury or property damage.
unless otherwise noted in these instructions,
only factory authorized kits or accessories may
be used with this product.
This unit uses refrigerant R-410a. Do noT use
any other refrigerant in this unit. use of another
refrigerant will damage the unit.
Shut off all electrical power to the unit before
performing any maintenance or service on the
system. Failure to comply may result in personal
injury or death.
These units are fully charged with R-410a
refrigerant and ready for installation. when
a system is installed according to these
instructions, no refrigerant charging is required.
if repairs make it necessary for evacuation
and charging, it should only be attempted by
qualified, trained personnel thoroughly familiar
with this equipment. Some local codes require
licensed installation service personnel to
service this type of equipment. under no
circumstances should the homeowner attempt
to install and/or service this equipment. Failure
to comply with this warning could result in
equipment damage, personal injury, or death.
inSTalleR inFoRmaTion
Do not place combustible material on or against
the unit cabinet. Do not place combustible
materials, including gasoline and any other
flammable vapors and liquids, in the vicinity of
the unit.
The safety information listed below must be
followed during the installation, service, and
operation of this unit. unqualified individuals
should not attempt to interpret these instructions
or install this equipment. Failure to follow safety
recommendations could result in possible
damage to the equipment, serious per sonal
injury or death .
• The installer must comply with all local codes and
regulations which govern the installation of this type
of equipment. Local codes and regulations take
precedence over any recommendations contained in
these instructions. Consult local building codes and
the National Electrical Code (ANSI CI) for special
installation requirements.
• This equipment contains liquid and gaseous refrigerant
under high pressure. Installation or servicing should only
be performed by qualified trained personnel thoroughly
familiar with this type equipment.
• All electrical wiring must be completed in accordance
with local, state and national codes and regulations
and with the National Electric Code (ANSI/NFPA 70)
or in Canada the Canadian Electric Code Part 1 CSA
• Installation of equipment may require brazing
operations. Installer must comply with safety codes
and wear appropriate safety equipment (safety glasses,
work gloves, fire extinguisher, etc.) when performing
brazing operations.
• Install this unit only in a location and position as specified
on page 6. This unit is designed only for outdoor
installations and should be located with consideration
of minimizing the length of the supply and return ducts.
Consideration should also be given to the accessibility
of fuel, electric power, service access, noise, and shade.
• Follow all precautions in the literature, on tags, and
on labels provided with the equipment. Read and
thoroughly understand the instructions provided with
the equipment prior to performing the installation and
operational checkout of the equipment.


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