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Operating The Heat Pump For Automatic Cooling And Heating; Oper. The Indoor Blower Continuously; Shutting The Heat Pump Off; System Maintenance - Frigidaire Q4SE Series User's Manual & Installation Instructions

Two stage r-410a single package heat pump
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At the beginning of the defrost cycle, both the outdoor
condenser fan and compressor will turn off. After
approximately 30 seconds, the compressor will turn on
and begin to heat the outdoor coil causing the ice and
snow to melt.
noTe: While the ice and snow is melting, some steam
may rise from the outdoor unit as the warm coil causes the
melting frost to evaporate. When defrost is completed, the
outdoor fan motor will start, and the compressor will turn
off again. In approximately 30 seconds the compressor
will start up again and continue normal operation.
operating the Heat Pump for automatic cooling
and Heating
1. Set the thermostat system switch to AUTO and the
thermostat fan switch to AUTO. See Figure 1.
noTe: Thermostat styles vary. Some models will
not include the AUTO mode and others will have the
AUTO in place of the HEAT and COOL. Others may
include all three. Refer to the instructions supplied
with your thermostat for specific instructions.
2. Set the thermostat temperature to the desired heating
and cooling temperature level(s). The outdoor unit and
the indoor blower will then cycle on and off in either
the heating or cooling mode of operation as required
to automatically maintain the indoor temperature within
the desired limits.
operating the indoor blower continuously
The continuous indoor blower operation is typically used to
circulate the indoor air to equalize a temperature unbalance
due to a sun load, cooking, or fireplace operation.
Set the thermostat fan mode to ON (Figure 1). The indoor
blower starts immediately, and will run continually until
the fan mode is reset to AUTO.
The continuous indoor blower operation can be obtained
with the thermostat system mode set in any position,
including OFF.

Shutting the Heat Pump off

Change the thermostat's system mode to OFF and the fan
mode to AUTO. See Figure 1. noTe: The system will not
operate, regardless of the temperature selector setting.
uSeR inFoRmaTion
Shut off all electrical power to the unit before
performing any maintenance or service on the
system. Failure to comply may result in personal
injury or death.
Proper maintenance is most important to achieve the best
performance from the appliance and should be performed
by a qualified service technician at least once a year.
Follow the maintenance schedule and the instructions
below for years of safe, trouble free operation.

Regular cleaning

• Clean or replace the indoor air filter at the start of each
heating and cooling season, and when an accumulation
of dust and dirt is visible on the air filter.
• Remove any leaves and grass clippings from the coil
in the outdoor unit, being careful not to damage the
aluminum fins.
• Check for obstructions, such as twigs, sticks, etc.
If the unit fails to operate, check the following:
• The thermostat is properly set. See Cooling Operation
for air conditioning or Heating Operation for furnace or
air handler.
• The unit disconnect fuses are in good condition and
the electrical power to the unit is turned on.
A warranty certificate with full details is included with the
heat pump. Carefully review these responsibilities with
your dealer or service company. The manufacturer will not
be responsible for any costs found necessary to correct
problems due to improper setup, improper installation,
adjustments, improper operating procedure on the part
of the user, etc. Some specific examples of service calls
which are not included in the limited warranty are:
HeaT PumP mainTenance


waRRanTY inFoRmaTion

Correcting wiring problems in the electrical circuit
supplying the heat pump.
Resetting circuit breakers or other switches.
Adjusting or calibrating of thermostat.


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