Troubleshooting - Frigidaire Q4SE Series User's Manual & Installation Instructions

Two stage r-410a single package heat pump
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Status leD Description
Module has power
Thermostat demand signal Y
Red "TRIP"
is present, but compressor is
not running
Long Run Time Compressor
is running extremely long run
Flash Code 1
System Pressure Trip
Discharge or suction
Flash Code 2
pressure out of limits
compressor overloaded


Status leD Troubleshooting information
Supply voltage is present at module terminals
• Compressor protector is open
• Check for high head pressure
• Check compressor supply voltage
• Outdoor unit power disconnect is open
• Compressor circuit breaker or fuse(s) is open
• Broken wire or connector is not making contact
• Low pressure switch open if present in system
• Compressor contactor has failed open
• Low refrigerant charge
• Evaporator blower is not running
— Check blower relay coil and contacts
— Check blower motor capacitor
— Check blower motor for failure or blockage
— Check evaporator blower wiring and connectors
— Check indoor blower control board
— Check thermostat wiring for open circuit
• Evaporator coil is frozen
— Check for low suction pressure
— Check for excessively low thermostat setting
— Check evaporator airflow (coil blockages or return airfilter)
— Check ductwork or registers for blockage
• Faulty metering device
— Check TXV bulb installation (size, location and contact)
— Check if TXV/fixed orifice is stuck closed or defective
• Condenser coil is dirty
• Liquid line restriction (filter drier blocked if present in system)
• Thermostat is malfunctioning
— Solenoid plug not connected
— Y2 not wired at Comfort Alert
— Check thermostat sub-base or wiring for short circuit
— Check thermostat installation (location, level)
• Comfort Alert failure
• High head pressure
— Check high pressure switch if present in system
— Check if system is overcharged with refrigerant
— Check for non-condensable in system
• Condenser coil poor air circulation (dirty, blocked, damaged)
• Condenser fan is not running
— Check fan capacitor
— Check fan wiring and connectors
— Check fan motor for failure or blockage
• Return air duct has substantial leakage
• If low pressure switch present in system, check Flash Code 1
Table 8. leD Diagnostics


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