Optional Humidistat; Optional Electric Heater Kits; Optional Outdoor Thermostat; Ambient Sensor Mounting - Frigidaire Q4SE Series User's Manual & Installation Instructions

Two stage r-410a single package heat pump
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optional Humidistat

The optional humidistat may be installed in the return air
duct to provide excellent humidity control when needed
and maximum system capacity and energy efficiency
when humidity levels are normal. The humidistat senses
when humidity in the return air stream is above a preset
level (field adjustable) and sends a signal to the motor
to reduce the airflow so that more moisture may be
removed until the humidity level drops. The packaged heat
pump unit is pre-programmed for humidistat operation.
noTe: Remove the jumper connector installed between
the two terminals marked Hum on the circuit board.
Install the humidistat in the return air duct as directed
in the installation instructions included with the kit. Wire
the humidistat through the low-voltage wire entrance
in the packaged heat pump unit to the quick-connect
terminals marked Hum. Wire the humidistat to open on
rise in humidity.
To avoid personal injury or property damage,
make certain that the motor leads cannot
come into contact with any uninsulated metal
components of the unit.
Check all factory wiring per the unit wiring diagram (Figure
11 or 12, pages 18 & 19) and inspect the factory wiring.
Verify none of the connections loosened during shipping
or installation.

optional electric Heater kits

Optional field-installed electric heater kits are available in
5 kw through 20 kw heating capacities. Single Package
Heat Pumps are designed to allow optional electric heat
to be field installed as required by the building's particular
heating load. The options available for each unit are shown
in the heater kit installation instructions. A 3-stage heat
pump, 24VAC thermostat should be used when an electric
heater kit is installed. As previously noted, a field installed
circuit breaker kit is available as a means of electrical
disconnect for the unit.
Install the heater kits as directed by the instructions
supplied with the heater kit. Follow all cautions and
warnings as directed.
noTe: If installing a 10kw heater kit in the 2 or 3 ton
capacity units, the 145° limit in the heater kit must be
replaced with the 170° limit that is shipped with the unit,
inside the literature packet.

optional outdoor Thermostat

An outdoor thermostat can be installed in the field with
2-stage electric heat. To install the outdoor thermostat,
remove the orange wire from the e terminal on the terminal
block, and connect to the outdoor thermostat. Connect
the other side of the outdoor thermostat to w2 from the
thermostat. See Figure 10 (page 17).

ambient Sensor mounting

For optimum performance of the heat pump system, the
ambient sensor must be mounted on the outside of the
unit. See Figure 7.
1. Remove the mounting bracket wire tied to the control
bracket and all hardware included in the packet.
2. Remove star bushing from 7/8" hole in corner panel
of the unit. See Figure 8.
3. Route the ambient sensor through the 7/8" hole in the
corner panel of the unit, and then through the 7/8"
hole in the mounting bracket.
4. Route the sensor through the star bushing. Use the
star bushing to secure the mounting bracket to the
5. Secure the ambient sensor inside the plastic clip and
secure it to the mounting bracket with the screw and
nut provided.
6. Install one spacer nut between the plastic clip and
mounting bracket.
7. Bend the mounting bracket into position and screw
the mounting bracket to the corner panel.
Figure 7. ambient Sensor location
Ambient Sensor
Plastic Clip
Figure 8. ambient Sensor mounting
Star Bushing


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