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Troubleshooting - Yamakawa MHD-350 User Manual

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How to change the
HDD disk drive of
When the HDD
enclosure is plugged
into the computer via
the USB no new hard
drive appears.
Hard Drive is making
strange clicking noises
and unit is not working
1.First, you have to format a 2.5" hard drive disk
for fat32 file format.
2.Copy your MP3 files to your hard drive disk.
3.Take out the hard drive disk enclosure from
MHD-350 and exchange the hard drive disk.
1.Check the connection between the unit and the
computer. Ensure the USB cable is fully inserted
into both the HDD enclosure and your computer.
2.Right click with your mouse on the "My
Computer" icon and choose: "Properties", then
go to the "Device Manager". Go to the "Universal
Serial Bus controller" and remove all the drivers
in the USB controllers by clicking the remove
button. Restart your computer without the HDD
enclosure plugged in. After the computer has
loaded all the USB drivers reinstall the
MHD-350's USB drivers and reboot your
computer. Plug the MHD-350 USB cable into
the computer. You should now see the hard
drive appear under "My Computer".
3.If the problem still persists try connecting the
HDD enclosure with a different computer and
see if the problem has been fixed.
This problem happens when the hard drive has
received a severe shock. Contact technical
support immediately for further assistance.



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