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  • Page 1 MP3 Car Stereo System MHD-350 User Manual...
  • Page 2 Carry photos, presentations, documents etc. with you, the harddisc of the MHD-350 is seen as a removable hard drive by your PC. Think of your MHD-350 as a superb jukebox that also functions as a car digital audio studio! MHD-350 provides audio source from MP3 format and FM radio channel (with 6 memory keys for channel and fuzzy logic channel searching).
  • Page 3 2. Do not open the top or bottom covers of the unit, this will void the warranty. 3. Do not install MHD-350 in places where it may be exposed to extremes of heat and cold, dusty and damp environments. Cleaning: Do not use hard cloths, paint thinner, alcohol or other volatile solvents.
  • Page 4: Operation

    COPYRIGHT INFORMATION: Please note that the MHD-350 is to be used only as a car audio studio for authorized content only. Copying, downloading and transferring music or any other files without permission from the artist or holder of copyright is expressly forbidden.
  • Page 5 Back Side of MHD-350...
  • Page 6 Install the MHD-350 in your car...
  • Page 7 Installing the MHD-350 HDD Above figure shows the exploded drawing of MHD-350. If you have to change the HDD, you have to read the chapter and be careful to complete the installation step by step. Limited Warranty does not apply to damage that occurs HDD...
  • Page 8 Remove HDD 1.Push the “EJECT” button to eject the front panel. 2.Hold the front panel and push to right side, and remove the front panel. 3.Press the left side of the HDD enclosure and take it out.
  • Page 9 4.There are power and USB port on the backside of the HDD enclosure. Now, you can connect it to your computer and download all your favorite music! Display...
  • Page 10 Keypad lock – Press “Program” and hold on a moment If you have to keep MHD-350 operating mode without any changing, you can press “program” and hold on a moment until MHD-350 show “keypad locked” on the display, keypad is locked. In the same way, you can unlock...
  • Page 11: Audio Settings Menu

    Equalizer Features (EQ) EQ Press [EQ] one short press and the screen will show "EQ" flash. Press [UP] and [DOWN] to adjust EQ mode. Sequence of EQ mode are Rock, Pop, Jazz, Classic and User. Audio Settings (MENU) Balance Press [MENU] the screen will show "Bal:". Press [UP] and [DOWN] to adjust the balance of left and right speaker.
  • Page 12 Playing MP3 Music (SELECT) Users can easily access the MP3 music files stored in your MHD-350. The first time you use your MHD-350 it will automatically detect any songs contained inside the hard drive (this may take a few moments).
  • Page 13: Connection And Installation

    Press “Stop” to stop the current song in current directory. “Standby” function To put the MHD-350 in sleep mode, press the "Stop" key for over two seconds. To resume normal operation, press the "Stop" key for over two seconds again.
  • Page 14 When you plug in the USB connector to USB Port, your computer will recognize the HDD enclosure as a removable hard drive. IMPORTANT NOTICE! Please plug the adapter to the HDD enclosure before you connect it to the computer USB port.
  • Page 15 Install the MHD-350 USB driver 1.Install driver floppy disk, Run A:/setup.exe to install the driver 2.Press “Next” 4.Press “Next” Important! Windows 2000 & Windows ME Supported by Microsoft default driver Windows 98 & Windows 98 SE Supported by USB Storage driver. Mac OS 9.0 Supported by Apple default driver, Mac OS 8.6 Download supplement driver from www.apple.com...
  • Page 16: Troubleshooting

    MHD-350? 2.Copy your MP3 files to your hard drive disk. 3.Take out the hard drive disk enclosure from MHD-350 and exchange the hard drive disk. When the HDD 1.Check the connection between the unit and the enclosure is plugged computer.
  • Page 17: Bios Updates

    All specifications are subject to change without notice. Bios Updates The MHD-350 is capable of using flash bios updates. These updates can be used to add features and functionality to the player in the future. The bios update process is very easy and will take approximately one minute.
  • Page 18: Limited Warranty

    If the failed product has been modified in any way without the consent of Yamakawa or if the failure is the result of misuse, abuse, or misapplication, Yamakawa has no obligation to repair or replace the failed product.

Table of Contents