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Connect The Pedal Cord - Yamaha YDP-88 Owner's Manual

Yamaha digital piano owner's manual
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A voltage selector is provided
in some areas.
• We do not recommend attempting to assemble the
YDP-88 alone. The job can be easily accomplished,
however, with only two people.
• Use only the screws provided or replacements of
exactly the specified size. Using screws of the wrong
size can result in damage to the instrument.
Open the box and remove all the parts.
On opening the box you should find the parts shown in
the illustration above. Check to make sure that all the re-
quired parts are provided.
Attach the side panels (D) to the pedal
box (C).
Place the pedal box on top of the wooden blocks attached
to the side panels (D), align the rear surfaces, and attach
using the four 6 x 35 millimeter round-head screws 1 —
two screws on each side. Make sure the pedals extend in the
same direction as the feet.
Attach the rear panel (B).
With the rough surface of the rear panel facing outward
and the panel angled slightly as shown in the illustration,
lower it onto the screws protruding from the rear of the
pedal box so that the screws fit into the corresponding slots
in the lower edge of the rear panel. Then, while eliminating
any gaps between the rear and side panels, secure the top of
the rear panel to the side panel brackets using the two 4 x
10 millimeter round-head screws 2. Finally, tighten the
screws holding the rear panel to the pedal box.
Install the main unit (A).
Lay the completed stand on its side as shown in the illus-
tration. Stand the main unit (A) on its rear panel and posi-
tion it so that the screw holes on the bottom panel are
aligned with the brackets on the side panels of the stand.
Also center the main unit so that it extends an equal dis-
tance from both sides of the stand, as shown in the illustra-
tion. When the stand and main unit are properly positioned,
screw in and securely tighten the four 6 x 16 millimeter
flat-head screws 3.
Untie and unravel the pedal cord which is coiled and
attached to the bottom of the pedal box with a vinyl tie,
extend the cord and re-fasten it to the bottom of the pedal
box with the vinyl tie (see illustration).

Connect the pedal cord.

Raise the completed keyboard and stand assembly to its
normal playing position. Pass the pedal cord behind the rear
panel and plug the free end of the cord into the connector
on the bottom of the main unit (A). The plug only goes in
one way (the lug on the connector should face the rear of
the main unit, as shown in the illustration) — don't try to
force it in the wrong way around.
• A voltage selector is provided in some areas. To set
the selector for 110V, 130V, 220V or 240V mains
voltages, use a "minus" screwdriver or similar imple-
ment to rotate the selector dial so that the correct
voltage appears next to the pointer on the panel.
Set the adjuster.
For stability, an adjuster is provided on the bottom of the
pedal box (C). Rotate the adjuster until it comes in firm
contact with the floor surface. The adjuster ensures stable
pedal operation and facilitates pedal effect control. If the
adjuster is not in firm contact with the floor surface, dis-
torted sound may result.
• After assembling the YDP-88, check once more to
make sure that all screws have been securely fas-
• If the stand leans to the side, makes unusual noises,
or otherwise seems unstable during use, check and
tighten all screws while following the assembly in-
structions given above.


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