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Yamaha EMX212S Owner's Manual

Yamaha powered mixer owner's manual
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Owner's Manual
Owner's Manual
Quick Guide
Pages 6 to 12
Making the Most of Your Mixer
Pages 13 to 19


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 POWERED MIXER POWERED MIXER Owner’s Manual Owner’s Manual Quick Guide Pages 6 to 12 Making the Most of Your Mixer Pages 13 to 19...
  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    Serial No.: The serial number is located on the bottom or rear of the unit. Retain this Owner’s Manual in a safe place for future reference. EMX512SC/EMX312SC/EMX212S Explanation of Graphical Symbols The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated “dangerous voltage”...
  • Page 3 (vents, etc.) If this happens, turn off the power immediately and unplug the power cord from the AC outlet. Then have the device inspected by qualified Yamaha service personnel. • Do not use the device for a long period of time at a high or uncomfortable volume level, since this can cause permanent hearing loss.
  • Page 4: About This Manual

    Yamaha cannot be held responsible for damage caused by improper use or modifications to the device. Always turn the power off when the device is not in use. The performance of components with moving contacts, such as switches, volume controls, and connectors, deteriorates over time. Consult qualifi ed Yamaha service personnel about replacing defective components.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Thank you for your purchase of this Yamaha EMX512SC, EMX312SC, or EMX212S power mixer. Please read through this manual carefully before beginning use, so that you will be able to take full advantage of your mixer’s superlative features and enjoy trouble-free operation for years to come. After reading the manual, please store it in a safe place.
  • Page 6: Basic

    Push the POWER switch in to turn the power ON. The power lamp lights up to indicate that power is on. To turn the power off, push the switch again, so that it pops out. EMX512SC/EMX312SC/EMX212S → → Sound source (external device)
  • Page 7: Getting Sound To The Speakers

    (guitar amp), or an amp simulator. Never connect both A and B jacks to a single speaker. Con- nection of both jacks to the same speaker may result in damage to the mixer. EMX512SC/EMX312SC/EMX212S BASIC Quick Guide...
  • Page 8 BASIC Quick Guide Turn the LEVEL knobs and the MASTER knobs to 0. This position Set the POWER AMP switch to its upper position (to MAIN L-R). For information about this switch, see page 25. EMX512SC/EMX312SC/EMX212S This position...
  • Page 9 ). If you have connected a • Be sure to leave this switch • When using phantom power, • Before turning the PHAN- EMX512SC/EMX312SC/EMX212S BASIC Quick Guide off if you do not need phan- tom power.
  • Page 10 LEVEL meter occasionally reaches the “0” level. Now turn the MASTER knob in the MAIN section again as necessary to adjust the overall output level. EMX512SC/EMX312SC/EMX212S This position It is acceptable for the LIMITER lamps to flash on briefly at...
  • Page 11: Adding Some Reverb

  • Page 12: Using The Compressors To Enhance Vocals

    Adjust the COMP knobs on the relevant channels. Turn the knob clockwise to increase the compression. Avoid setting the value too high, as too much compression may lead to howling. For more information about the compressors, see pages 18 and 21. EMX512SC/EMX312SC/EMX212S (EMX512SC and EMX312SC only)
  • Page 13: Making The Most Of Your Mixer

    Ring-Sleeve, which describes the configuration of the phone plug used. The Sturdy XLR Male Female This type of connector is generally referred to as “XLR- type,” and almost always carries a balanced signal. If the corresponding circuitry is designed properly, however, XLR- EMX512SC/EMX312SC/EMX212S...
  • Page 14: Balanced, Unbalanced-What's The Difference

    Unbalanced lines are fine if you’re in a relatively noise-free environment. Long line-level runs: The ambient electromagnetic noise level will be the ultimate deciding factor, but balanced is best. EMX512SC/EMX312SC/EMX212S Balanced noise cancellation Noise Hot (+) Cold (–) Ground Source Cable degree in the mixer’s high-gain...
  • Page 15: Signal Levels And The Decibel

    But which channel should you start with? Example1: Vocal Ballad Backed by Piano Trio What are you mixing? Is it a song in which the vocals are the most important element? EMX512SC/EMX312SC/EMX212S...
  • Page 16: To Eq Or Not To Eq

    Once again, there are no rules, but these are concepts that have been proven to work well. EMX512SC/EMX312SC/EMX212S The fundamental and harmonic frequency ranges of some musical instruments. Cymba...
  • Page 17: Ambience

    Reverb Level It’s amazing how quickly your ears can lose perspective and fool you into believing that a totally washed-out mix sounds perfectly fine. To avoid falling into this trap start with reverb level all EMX512SC/EMX312SC/EMX212S...
  • Page 18: The Modulation Effects: Phasing, Chorus, And Flanging

    EMX512SC/EMX312SC/EMX212S signal, results in a harmonically rich swirling or swishing sound. The difference between chorus and flanging effects is primarily in the amount of delay time and feedback used –...
  • Page 19 You’re using a high-tech tool to do the mixing, but the mix itself is as much art as the music. Approach it that way and your mixes will become a vital part of the music. EMX512SC/EMX312SC/EMX212S...
  • Page 20: Controls And Connectors

    Channels Channels 1 to 4 5/6 and 7/8 (Monaural) (Stereo) EMX512SC/EMX312SC/EMX212S FCL (Feedback Channel Locating) lamp This lamp is used during setup to identify any channel Channels that might be howling. Check these lamps when setting 9/10 and 11/12 (Stereo) up for a performance.
  • Page 21: Compressors (Emx512Sc And Emx312Sc Only)

    • Signals into LINE L and LINE R jacks are sent independently to the corresponding MAIN L and R buses. • The signal into a MIC jack is sent in equal levels to the MAIN L and MAIN R buses. Controls and Connectors EMX512SC/EMX312SC/EMX212S...
  • Page 22: Digital Effects Section

    FOOT SW jack Parameter This phone input jack can connect to the (separately REVERB TIME sold) YAMAHA FC5 foot switch. With the foot switch REVERB TIME connected, you can use your foot to toggle the internal REVERB TIME effector ON and OFF.
  • Page 23: Main Section

    OUT jacks is not adjusted by the MAIN section’s MAS- TER knob G and graphic equalizer E. Since this output signal is not adjusted by the MAIN NOTE section’s MASTER knob level as necessary at the recording side. EMX512SC/EMX312SC/EMX212S , you should adjust the...
  • Page 24: Monitor Section

    Controls and Connectors MONITOR Section EMX512SC/EMX312SC/EMX212S Graphic Equalizer This 7-band graphic equalizer adjusts the frequency characteristics of the monitor signal that feeds to the MONITOR OUT jack O and (if the POWER AMP switch is down) to the SPEAKERS B jacks V. Each band can be adjusted by ±12 dB.
  • Page 25: Power Section

    MONITOR section’s MASTER knob M adjusts the level to the B jacks. YS Processing switch This switch turns Yamaha Speaker Processing on or off. The processor adjusts the speaker’s bass ranges so as to compensate, for example, for lack of subwoofers. Note however that the resulting frequency balance will vary according to the speakers you are using.
  • Page 26: Rear Panel

    Neutrik Plug 1– 2– A2, B2: Phone output jacks. EMX512SC/EMX312SC/EMX212S AC IN connector Connects to the included power cord. Connect one end of the cord to this connector, and then plug the other end into a standard power outlet.
  • Page 27: Connecting Speakers

    4Ω to 8Ω Connecting Speakers ■ 2-channel parallel connection When connecting speakers in parallel as shown below, use speakers with impedance of 8 ohms to 16 ohms. 8Ω to 16Ω 8Ω to 16Ω 8Ω to 16Ω EMX512SC/EMX312SC/EMX212S 8Ω to 16Ω...
  • Page 28: Horizontal Orientation, Tilting And Rack Mounting

    ■ How to attach the rubber stabilizers Turn the EMX unit upside down. Attach the two rubber stabilizers that were included with the unit. Push each stabilizer all the way in so that they are firmly in place. stabilizer EMX512SC/EMX312SC/EMX212S Turn the EMX right-side up.
  • Page 29: Tilting

    Using the kit’s 4 screws, attach the kit’s 2 metal fittings as shown below. Screws Turn the EMX right-side up. EMX512SC/EMX312SC/EMX212S...
  • Page 30: Setting Up

    CS 3 CS 4 VOLUME ZONE 1 ZONE 2 ZONE 3 ZONE 4 Bass Microphones Rear Panel EMX512SC/EMX312SC/EMX212S NOTE Guitar CD, Cassette, or REMOTE R-AUDIO ARPEGGIO G-MIDI ON / OFF MUSIC PRODUCTION SYNTHESIZER Integrated Sampling Sequencer / Modular Synthesis Plug-in System / Real-time External Control Surface...
  • Page 31: Troubleshooting

    ❑ Check that the speaker cables are not shorted. ❑ If the above checks do not identify the problem, call Yamaha for service. (Refer to the end of this manual for a list of Yamaha dealers.) ❑ Check that the channel LEVEL knobs and the two MASTER knobs are set appropriately.
  • Page 32: Specifications

    5-points LED level meter [MAIN(L,R)], 5-points LED level meter [MONITOR] Level Meters +6, +3, 0, –5, –10 [dB] FCL Sensitivity Input signal level Power Amplifier Protection Power Supply EMX512SC/EMX312SC/EMX212S Conditions 4 Ω EMX512SC 8 Ω 4 Ω Both ch drive, 1 kHz, EMX312SC <...
  • Page 33: Input Characteristics

    *2 Phone Jacks are unbalanced. Specifications and descriptions in this owner’s manual are for information purposes only. Yamaha Corp. reserves the right to change or modify products or specifications at any time without prior notice. Since specifications, equipment or options may not be the same in every locale, please check with your Yamaha dealer.
  • Page 34: Dimensional Diagrams

    Specifications Dimensional Diagrams 66.1 EMX512SC/EMX312SC/EMX212S 442.5 307.8 66.1 Unit: mm...
  • Page 35: Block Diagram And Level Diagram

    Specifications Block Diagram and Level Diagram EMX512SC/EMX312SC/EMX212S...
  • Page 36 For details of products, please contact your nearest Yamaha representative or the authorized distributor listed below. Pour plus de détails sur les produits, veuillez-vous adresser à Yamaha ou au distributeur le plus proche de vous figurant dans la liste suivante.

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