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The driver cannot be installed.
• Is the USB cable connected correctly?
→Check the USB cable connection.
→Disconnect the USB cable, then connect it again.
• Is the USB function enabled on your computer?
→When you connect the instrument to the computer for
the first time, if the "Add New Hardware Wizard" does not
appear, the USB function on the computer may be disabled.
Perform the following steps.
1 Select [Control Panel]* → [System] → [Hardware] → [Device
Manager] (for Windows XP/2000), or select [Control Panel] →
[Device Manager] (for Windows Vista).
* Classic View only in Windows XP.
2 Make sure that no "!" or "x" marks appear at "Universal serial
bus controller" or "USB Root Hub." If you see an "!" or "x" mark,
the USB controller is disabled.
• Is any unknown device registered?
→If driver installation fails, the instrument will be marked as an
"Unknown device," and you will not be able to install the driver.
Delete the "Unknown device" by following the steps below.
1 Select [Control Panel]* → [System] → [Hardware] → [Device
Manager] (for Windows XP/2000), or select [Control Panel] →
[Device Manager] (for Windows Vista).
* Classic View only in Windows XP.
2 Look for "Other devices" in the menu "View devices by type."
3 If you find "Other devices," double-click it to extend the tree to
look for "Unknown device." If one appears, select it and click the
[Remove] button.
4 Remove the USB cable from the instrument, and make the
connection again.
5 Install the driver again. (See page 4.)
When controlling the instrument from your computer via USB,
the instrument does not operate correctly or no sound is heard.
• Did you install the driver (page 4)?
• Is the USB cable connected correctly?
• Are the volume settings of the instrument, playback device, and
application program set to the appropriate levels?
• Have you selected an appropriate port in the sequence software?
• On the Clavinova, check whether the Piano Lock is engaged or
• Are you using the latest USB-MIDI driver?
The latest driver can be downloaded from the web site (page 4).
Playback response is delayed.
• Does your computer satisfy the system requirements?
• Is any other application or device driver running?
Cannot suspend or resume the computer correctly.
• Do not suspend the computer while the MIDI application is
• You may not be able to suspend/resume normally, depending on the
particular environment (USB Host Controller, etc.). Even so, simply
disconnecting and connecting the USB cable will allow you to use
the instrument functions again.
How can I remove the driver?
Start the computer and use the "Administrator" account to
log on to Windows.
Close all applications and windows that are open.
Insert the included CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive.
Select [Start]
[My Computer] (for Windows XP), or select
[My Computer] (for Windows 2000), or select [Start]
[Computer] (for Windows Vista).
Right-click the CD-ROM icon and select "Open" from the
pop-up menu.
Select "USBdrvVista_" or "USBdrv2k_" folder →
"uninstall" folder → "uninstall.exe" file and launch the
"uninstall.exe." file.
Follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall the driver.
When using a 64-bit OS, click "uninstall_x64.exe." from the
"USBdrvVista_" folder.
If the "User Account Control" window appears, click [Continue].
Accessory CD-ROM for Windows Installation Guide



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