Yamaha DRX-2 Owner's Manual

Yamaha DRX-2 Owner's Manual

Yamaha dvd recorder user manual
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DVD Recorder
Enregistreur DVD


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 DVD Recorder Enregistreur DVD DRX-2 OWNER’S MANUAL MODE D’EMPLOI...
  • Page 2: General Information

    For Customer Use: Enter below the Serial No. which is located on the rear of the cabi- net.Retain this information for future reference. Model No. DRX-2 Serial No.__________________________ General information ANTENNA LEAD...
  • Page 3: Laser Safety

    If these corrective measures do not produce satisfactory results, please contact the local retailer authorized to distribute this type of product. If you can not locate the appropriate retailer, please contact Yamaha Electronics Corp., 6600 Orangethorpe Ave. Buena Park, CA90620.
  • Page 4 fire, damage to this unit, and/or personal injury. YAMAHA will not be held responsible for any damage result- ing from use of this unit with a voltage other than as speci- fied.
  • Page 5: Recording Time

    ID3 Tag General information Features Introducing YAMAHA DVD recorder in your home theater environment! Dolby Digital and DTS are supported. You can enjoy super dynamic theatrical sound by connecting to AV receiver/amplifier. Dolby Laboratories standard for transmitting 5.1 channels. Five full-value channels are transmitted in this acoustic playback system.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents A quick preview ...3 The remote control...3 Additional TV functions ...4 Front of the device ...5 Back of the unit...6 The symbols on your DVD recorder display ...7 Messages in the DVD recorder display...7 Introduction ...9 Common questions ...9 Discs you can use...
  • Page 7 Disc feature menu...61 Access control (Child Lock)...62 Child lock (DVD and VCD) ...62 Parental level control (DVD video only)...63 Changing the PIN code...64 Before you call an engineer...65 Appendix ...68 Using DRX-2 remote control for your TV set...68 Specifications...70 Table of contents...
  • Page 8: A Quick Preview

    A quick preview The remote control Switch on or off: Press to switch set on or off, interrupt B /I menu function, interrupt a programmed recording (TIMER) This button lets you switch between the TV receiver (internal MONITOR tuner) in the DVD recorder (TV picture on the TV set) and playback on the DVD recorder A/CH (Alternate Switches to the previous TV channel...
  • Page 9: Additional Tv Functions

    REC MODE Switches recording modes Additional TV functions This remote control can also operate TV set made by different manufacturers. For more information, see “Using DRX-2 remote control for your TV set”. VOL+ Increase TV volume Reduce TV volume VOL –...
  • Page 10: Front Of The Device

    Front of the device Switches the unit on or off, interrupt a function, interrupt a STANDBY/ON programmed recording (TIMER) F F F F (Open/Close) Open/close disc tray Records the current TV channel Plays a recorded disc W W W W Selects previous title/search backwards Selects next title/search forwards Interrupt playback/recording...
  • Page 11: Back Of The Unit

    A quick preview Back of the unit Mains jack: Connection to the mains supply (120V/60Hz) MAINS Aerial input : Connection of the aerial ANTENNA Aerial output : Connection of the TV set Input (IN-EXT2) S-Video input: Connection for an additional device (channel S-VIDEO IN number “EXT2”).
  • Page 12: The Symbols On Your Dvd Recorder Display

    TIMER TV PRO Output (DIGITAL AUDIO OUT) Connection of a digital audio device (amplifier/receiver) using a COAXIAL coaxial digital cable OUTPUT Connection of a digital audio device (amplifier/receiver) using a OPTICAL fiber optic cable OUTPUT The symbols on your DVD recorder display The following symbols may appear on your DVD Recorder display: Multifunction display/text line...
  • Page 13 A quick preview READING Disc being read Once recording has been successfully completed the table of MENU UPDT contents is created The menu structure is created after the first recording has INIT MENU been made on a new disc COPY PROT You have tried to copy a copy-protected DVD/video cassette Please wait until this message disappears.
  • Page 14: Introduction

    Introduction Common questions What is a DVD? DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) is a new storage medium that combines the convenience of the compact disc with the latest digital video technology. DVD video uses modern MPEG2 data compression technology that enables an entire feature film to be stored on a single five inch disc.
  • Page 15: Discs You Can Use

    DIGITAL VIDEO SUPER VIDEO Recordable ReWritable Introduction Discs you can use The following discs can be used in your DVD recorder for playback and recording: Playback and recording DVD+RW (Digital Versatile Disc + rewritable) DVD+R (Digital Versatile Disc + Recordable) Playback only: DVD Video (Digital Versatile Disc) DVD-R (DVD-Recordable)
  • Page 16: Regional Code

    Regional code Because DVD films are usually not released at the same time in all regions of the world, all DVD players are keyed to a specific region code. Discs can be assigned an optional region code. If the region codes of the player and disc do not coincide, playback is not possible.
  • Page 17: Connecting Your Dvd Recorder

    Connecting your DVD recorder Connecting your DVD recorder Preparing the remote control You must install the supplied batteries into the remote control before you can use it. Unpack the remote control and the two AA (LR-6) batteries. Open the battery compartment, insert the batteries in accordance with the polar- ity markings, and then close the battery compartment.
  • Page 18: Connecting Your Tv To Get The Best Picture

    Connecting your TV to get the best picture To enjoy the best picture quality when playing DVDs, you need to connect the DVD recorder to your TV using one of the following connection (the connection you choose will most likely depend on the connections supported by your TV). COMPONENT VIDEO (best picture quality) Component video connections offer the best picture quality, so if your TV has a COMPONENT VIDEO input, use it.
  • Page 19 Connecting your DVD recorder Using an S-Video cable Since S-Video cables carry only video signals, separate audio connections are necessary. Using an S-Video cable (5), connect the DVD recorder’s S-VIDEO output to an S-Video input on your TV. Using the supplied AUDIO L/R cable (4), connect the DVD recorder’s AUDIO L/ R outputs to the analog audio inputs on your TV.
  • Page 20: Connecting A Vcr

    Video camera Connecting a VCR You can connect a VCR to the DVD recorder’s IN-EXT 2 and OUT 2 sockets. If you have an S-VHS VCR, you could connect the DVD recorder’s S-VIDEO output to an S-Video input on the VCR, and connect the DVD recorder’s AUDIO L/R outputs to analog audio inputs on the VCR.
  • Page 21: Connecting An Av Receiver

    Connecting an AV receiver Composite video In S video In Antenna In Component video In Connecting an AV receiver Basic playback connections The following connections allow you to enjoy DVD playback via your AV receiver. Connect an S-Video cable (7) from the DVD recorder’s S-VIDEO output to an S-Video input on your AV receiver.
  • Page 22: Surround Sound Connections

    Composite video In S video In Component video In Surround sound connections To enjoy surround sound (Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG-2), you need to connect one of the DVD recorder’s digital audio outputs to a multichannel AV amp with an appropriate surround-sound decoder built-in.
  • Page 23: Recording Connections

    Composite video In S video In Antenna In Component video In Connecting an AV receiver Recording connections The following connections allow you to record programs from your VCR or set-top box to your DVD recorder via your AV receiver. Set top box If your VCR or set-top box is connected to your AV receiver with an S-Video cable, connect an S-Video cable (10) from your AV receiver’s S-Video output to the S-Video input on your TV.
  • Page 24: Power Supply

    Power supply •) Make sure that all necessary connections are made before connecting the DVD recorder to the power supply. •) Plug the power cable supplied into the Power connector on the rear of the recorder. •) Plug the mains plug into an AC outlet. Always check if the local mains voltage matches the required 100V - 120V.
  • Page 25: Installing Your Dvd Recorder

    Installing your DVD recorder Initial Setup Menu Language English Español Français Press OK to continue Initial Setup Audio Language English Español Français Português Italiano Press OK to continue Initial Setup Subtitle Language English Español Français Português Italiano Press OK to continue Installing your DVD recorder Initial installation After successfully connecting your DVD recorder to the TV set and other additional...
  • Page 26 Initial Setup TV Shape 4:3 letterbox 4:3 panscan 16:9 Press OK to continue Installation Auto Ch. Programming Searching for TV channels 000 Channels found Please wait Select the desired screen format position using w or v. These settings will only be used if you insert a DVD that contains this information. Which screen formats can I select? “4:3 letterbox”...
  • Page 27: Automatic Tv Channel Search

    Installation Auto Ch. Programming Searching for TV channels 000 Channels found Please wait Installing your DVD recorder Automatic TV channel search During installation, all available TV channels are searched for and stored. If the channel assignments of your cable or satellite TV provider change or if you are reinstalling the DVD recorder, e.g.
  • Page 28: Adding And Clearing Tv Channels Manually

    Installation Add/Delete Channels Channel 001 Channel 002 Channel 003 Delete Channel 004 Delete Channel 005 Delete Channel 006 Delete To exit press SYSTEM MENU Adding and clearing TV channels manually After you have performed the automatic channel search you may not agree with the sequence in which the individual TV channels have been allocated to the programme positions (programme numbers).
  • Page 29: Setting The Language

    Language Playback audio English Recording audio Stereo Subtitle English Menu English Language Playback audio English Recording audio Stereo Subtitle English Menu English Installing your DVD recorder Setting the language You can select the country and, for DVD playback, the language for the subtitles and the audio language.
  • Page 30: Assigning The Vcr Plus+® Guide Channel Numbers

    Installation VCR Plus+ Ch. VCR Plus+ Ch. Channel To exit press SYSTEM MENU Select “Stereo” or “SAP” with w or v and confirm with ENTER/OK. To end, press SYSTEM-MENU. Assigning the VCR Plus+ channel numbers ® If you intend to use the VCR Plus+ programming system, you must first assign Guide channel numbers to the TV channels.
  • Page 31: Setting The Time And Date Automatically

    Time/date Automatic PBS Channel Auto. Daylight Saving Time Zone Auto. To exit press SYSTEM MENU Installing your DVD recorder Setting the time and date automatically This function uses the information sent via the local PBS channel to automatically set the time/date. For this reason, you must enter the PBS channel that sends this addi- tional information.
  • Page 32: Manually Setting The Time & Date

    Time/date Manual Time 09:02 AM/PM Year Month Date Daylight Saving To exit press SYSTEM MENU Manually setting the time & date If the time is incorrect, this could be due to a weak or disrupted TV signal. If this is the case, switch off the automatic function.
  • Page 33: On-Screen Information

    On-screen information On-screen information You can check or change many of the functions and settings of your DVD recorder via the system menu bar. The menu bar cannot be displayed during recording. Symbols in the menu bar Press SYSTEM-MENU to open and close the menu bar (main menu). Use t and u to select the relevant function.
  • Page 34: Status Field

    Repeat track Repeat chapter Repeat from A to the end Repeat from A to B Camera angle Child lock enabled Resume playback Illegal action Status field The status field shows the current operating mode (status) of the DVD recorder and the type of disc inserted.
  • Page 35: Tuner Information Box

    On-screen information Operating mode symbols Recording Stop Playback Playback-Pause Record-Pause Search forwards (8x speed) Search backwards (8x speed) Slow motion Tuner information box This field is located in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. The aerial signal, the TV channel and the TV channel name for the selected programme are displayed. Current channel/selected input jack No signal The TV channel is not available/the additional device is not con-...
  • Page 36: Playback

    Playback General notes on playback With this DVD recorder you can play back the following systems: •) DVD Video •) (Super) Video CD Disc •) DVD+RW Disc •) DVD+R Disc •) DVD-RW (video mode, finalized) •) DVD-R •) CD-R •) CD-RW •) Audio CD •) MP3 CD You can operate the video recorder using the remote control or the buttons on the...
  • Page 37: Playing A Dvd Video Disc

    DIGITAL VIDEO Playback A menu may appear when a DVD is played back. If the titles and chapters are num- bered, press a number button on the remote control. You can also use the t, u, v, w buttons or number buttons 0..9 to select a menu item and confirm with ENTER/OK. You can also access the menu using TOP-MENU on the remote control.
  • Page 38: Playing An Audio Cd

    What should I note when playing back different recording types (quali- ties)? The correct recording quality “M1, M2, M2x, M3, M4, M6, FR” will automatically be selected during playback. For more information see the section on “Selecting the recording type (quality)” in the chapter on “Manual recording”.
  • Page 39: Playing A (Super) Video Cd

    Playback Important notes for playback: In accordance with SDMI (Secure Digital Music Initiative), the digital audio output is turned off during MP3 playback. Only the first session of a multi-session CD will play back. Insert an MP3 CD. Playback starts automatically. MP3 CD display If the TV is on, the MP3 CD screen appears automatically.
  • Page 40: Additional Playback Features

    Additional playback features Changing to another title/chapter If there is more than one title or chapter on a disc you can change to another title or chapter as follows. However if there are several chapters within a title, these will be selected.
  • Page 41: Still Picture

    Additional playback features Still picture During playback, press PAUSE to stop playback and display a still picture. It will proceed to a next frame when you press PAUSE Frame advance via menu bar 1 During a still picture press SYSTEM-MENU on the remote control. The menu bar will appear at the top of the screen.
  • Page 42: Repeat Play

    Repeat play You can mark entire sections or the whole disc for endless playback. Depending on the type of disc (DVD video, DVD+RW, video CD) you can select a chapter, title or the entire disc. DVD+RW and DVD+R cannot repeat an entire disc. Select the desired chapter, title or the entire disc and start playback.
  • Page 43: Camera Angle

    Additional playback features Camera angle If the disc contains sequences recorded from different camera angles, the angle box appears, showing the number of available angles, and the angle being shown. You can then change the camera angle if you wish. Press ANGLE.
  • Page 44: Select The Audio Language

    Select the audio language Many pre-recorded DVD discs have more than one audio language. The language ini- tially selected for playback will be the one you selected when you first set up the DVD recorder. However you can change the audio language of the inserted disc at any time. You can change the audio language either using the menu of the inserted disc (TOP MENU button) or the AUDIO button.
  • Page 45: Manual Recording

    Manual recording Manual recording General Question Which discs can I use for recording? With this DVD recorder, you can record on two types of DVD: DVD+RW This disc can be written to and then the contents deleted. DVD+R This type of disc can only be recorded once. If you want to play this DVD in a DVD player it must be finalized using the “Finalise disc”...
  • Page 46: Recording Without Automatic Switch-Off

    Recording without automatic switch-off Switch on the TV set and select the programme number for the DVD recorder. Insert a disc on which the recording is to be made. This disc is then checked for content and system. “READING” will appear on the display. ✘...
  • Page 47: Interrupt Recording (Pause)

    Manual recording Insert chapter markers During recording you can mark scenes so you can find them or hide them later. During recording, press EDIT at the start point. “Inserting chapter marker” appears on the TV screen. In the display, the number of the “CHAPTER” increases by one.
  • Page 48: Recording With Automatic Switch-Off (Otr One-Touch-Recording)

    Recording with automatic switch-off (OTR one-touch-recording) Insert a disc. If necessary, use the MONITOR button on the remote control to switch to the internal tuner in the DVD recorder. Use CH+ or CH- to select the programme number (channel name) you want to record.
  • Page 49: Preventing Accidental Erasing Of Discs

    Manual recording Preventing accidental erasing of discs To ensure you don’t accidentally delete a recording you can protect the entire disc. You can only ever protect the entire disc. You cannot protect individual recordings. Question What happens with DVD+R discs? As long as these discs are not finalised, they can be protected against accidental era- sure in the same way as DVD+RW discs.
  • Page 50: Lining Up Recordings Within A Title (Assemble Cut)

    Lining up recordings within a title (assemble cut) On a recorded DVD+RW disc you can add another recording to an existing title. This recording is added to the title as a “chapter”. The existing information will be overwrit- ten starting from this point. Titles will also be overwritten that follow the current title depending on the length of the new recording.
  • Page 51: Selecting The Recording Type (Quality)

    Manual recording Selecting the recording type (Quality) You can select the picture quality of the recording using the recording quality feature and hence the maximum recording time per disc. You can check the quality by changing the recording mode and then watching the pic- ture from the built-in tuner (MONITOR button).
  • Page 52: Managing The Disc Contents

    Managing the disc contents Charly 1 00:29:59•M1 Fri15/02/2003 Empty title 01:30:01 General When a recording is made to disc, the following additional information is also stored at the beginning of the recording: •) Name of the recording If the TV station does not transmit a name, only the channel number and time will be stored as the name •) Length of the recording •) Record type (Quality)
  • Page 53: Insert Chapter Markers

    EDIT menu Insert chapter marker Press OK Current chapter Visible Delete chapter marker Delete all markers New index picture Divide title Press EDIT to exit EDIT menu Insert chapter marker Press OK Current chapter Visible Delete chapter marker Delete all markers New index picture Divide title Press EDIT to exit...
  • Page 54: Deleting Chapter Markers

    EDIT menu Insert chapter marker Press OK Current chapter Visible Delete chapter marker Delete all markers New index picture Divide title Press EDIT to exit EDIT menu Insert chapter marker Press OK Current chapter Visible Delete chapter marker Delete all markers New index picture Divide title Press EDIT to exit...
  • Page 55: Editing Recording Titles (Name)

    Setting for title Charly 1 Name Charly 1 Play full title Erase this title Setting for title Charly 1 Name Charly 1 Play full title Press OK Erase this title Setting for title Charly 1 Name Charly 1 Play full title Erase this title Press OK Managing the disc contents...
  • Page 56: Disc Settings

    Yamaha 1 00:35:59 used Fri15/02/2003 Locked NTSC DVD playback Edit Settings for Yamaha 1 Disc name Yamaha1 Protection Unprotected Erase disc Make edits compatible Can titles be deleted from a DVD+R disc? Titles on DVD+R discs are only marked as deleted. “Deleted title” will appear in the display instead of “Empty title”.
  • Page 57 Settings for Yamaha 1 Disc name Yamaha1 Protection Unprotected Erase disc Press OK Managing the disc contents Problem ✘ “Make edits compatible” does not appear ✓ Your disc is already compatible. There is no need for conversion. To end, press SYSTEM-MENU.
  • Page 58: Programming A Recording (Timer)

    Programming a recording (TIMER) General Use “Programming a recording (TIMER)”, to automatically start and stop a recording at a later date. The DVD recorder will switch to the right programme number and begin recording at the correct time. With this DVD recorder, you can pre-programme up to six recordings within a period of one month.
  • Page 59: Programming Recordings With The Vcr Plus+ System

    Timer VCR Plus+system PlusCode number - - - - - - - - - Mo-Fr/Weekly To store Press SELECT Press OK Timer VCR Plus+system Date Ch. Start Mode 01/22 001 08:30AM 10:00PM M1 To store Press OK Programming a recording (TIMER) Programming recordings with the ®...
  • Page 60: Programming Recordings Without The Vcr Plus+® System

    Timer Timer programming Date Ch. Start Mode 01/22 01 08:30AM 10:00PM M1 Mo-Fr/Weekly To store Press SELECT Press OK Change “AM/PM” Use the SELECT button to select “AM” or “PM” in the input fields “Start” and “End”. Changing the recording mode Select “RecMode”...
  • Page 61: How To Change Or Delete A Programmed Recording (Timer)

    Timer Timer List Date Ch. Start Mode 01/22 01 04:25PM 06:05PM M2 --/-- ----- --:-- --:-- Total record time: 01:40 To change To exit Press > Press TIMER Programming a recording (TIMER) Switch off with B/I. The programmed recording will only function properly if the DVD recorder has been switched off using the B/I button.
  • Page 62: Problem Solving For Programmed Recordings

    PROBLEM The DVD recorder is not responding “Switch off, timer recording” flashes on the TV screen. Error message: “Insert recordable disc” The error message “Disc locked” appears briefly on the screen. Error message: “Memory full” The “Data error” message appears on the screen.
  • Page 63: User Preferences

    User preferences Picutre TV Shape 16:9 Black level shift Video shift EXT1 video attenuation Optimize video output Interlaced User preferences In this section you will learn how to set your user preferences on the DVD recorder. The symbols have the following meanings: Picture settings Sound settings Language settings...
  • Page 64: Sound Settings

    Sound Digital output Analog output Stereo Night mode ✘ No picture appears on the TV after switching Check the display of your DVD recorder. “PRO”: “Progressive Scan” is on No display: “Interlaced” is on. Switch your TV to the corresponding input jack or select the corresponding connection.
  • Page 65: Language Settings

    Language Playback audio English Recording audio Stereo Subtitle English Menu English Features Status box Standby Normal Display Bright User preferences Language settings You can choose the following settings in this menu: “Playback audio” Playback audio language “Recording audio” A choice between Stereo and SAP “Subtitle”...
  • Page 66: Disc Feature Menu

    Disc features Access cntrol Enter code... Auto resume Disc feature menu In this menu you can make the changes that relate to the disc: “Access control” Please read the next chapter on “Access control (child lock)”. “Auto resume” If playback of a pre-recorded DVD video disc or video CD is interrupted (button STOP or F Open/Close) when the disc is reloaded (disc is started) playback starts at the precise location where it stopped.
  • Page 67: Access Control (Child Lock)

    Access control (Child Lock) Access control (Child Lock) Child lock (DVD and VCD) This feature enables discs to be locked for children. When Child Lock is on, a 4-digit code (PIN) needs to be entered before a disc can be played.
  • Page 68: Parental Level Control (Dvd Video Only)

    Disc features Access control Enter code . . . Auto resume Locking unlocked discs To lock a disc that was formerly authorised follow the instructions below. Insert a disc. Playback starts automatically. If the playback does not start automat- ically, press PLAY Press the STOP button while the “...
  • Page 69: Changing The Pin Code

    Disc features Access control Enter code . . . Auto resume Disc features Access control Enter code . . . Auto resume Access control (Child Lock) Changing the country The set filter values depend on the respective country. It is therefore necessary to enter the country to which these filter values apply.
  • Page 70: Before You Call An Engineer

    You can also call the customer service centre in your country. If the problem is not listed below, or if the instructions fail to help, turn off the power to the unit, disconnect the power cable, and contact the nearest authorized YAMAHA dealer or service center.
  • Page 71 PROBLEM I cannot playback (Super) Video CDs Poor playback on DVD recorder: (distorted picture/distorted sound) No recording possible: Programmed recording does not work: The wrong TV channel was decoded (entered) after you programmed a recording using VCR Plus+ System. There is picture or sound interference on TV reception: Distorted sound coming from a connected hi-fi...
  • Page 72 PROBLEM A DVD+RW disc cannot be played on certain DVD players Other disc errors SOLUTION ✓ If a recording is too short, it is possible that a DVD player cannot detect it: Please observe the following “Minimum recording times”: Recording mode “M1”: 5 minutes, “M2”: 10 minutes, “M2x”: 13 minutes, “M3”: 15 minutes, “M4”: 20 minutes, “M6”: 30 minutes ✓...
  • Page 73: Appendix

    Appendix Appendix Using DRX-2 remote control for your TV set Your DVD recorder remote control can transmit several commands to TV sets of dif- ferent brands. The following keys will operate the TV set: - VOL + increase TV volume...
  • Page 74 White_Westinhouse..1029, 1028, 1030 Yamaha ..... . .1003, 1005 Zenith ....1002, 1012, 1028...
  • Page 75: Specifications

    Specifications Disc Formats Supported Disc type Playback DVD+RW • DVD+R • DVD-RW (Video mode) • DVD-R • DVD-Video • Super Video CD • Video CD • Audio CD • CD-R • CD-RW • Recordable Disc Formats Medium DVD+RW: Phase-Change ReWritable DVD+R: dye-based Diameter 12 cm...

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